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Large selection of glue sticks for both school and hobby use. We carry many different brands of glue sticks, with both white and clear glue. Shop for glue sticks in bulk for schools and institutions.



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Our glue stick range

Not all glues are created equal. The glue stick must be of good quality, and we guarantee that, here at Creativ Company, they are. We are committed to ensuring that our customers get the best of the best – and that they successfully achieve their goals with all their creative projects. And you can't get escape the fact that the glue stick is an indispensable part of most creative projects.

Fortunately, we have an extensive range of glue sticks. And not only that, they are also affordable. In other words, you will quickly be able to buy a good and cheap glue stick from us. We sell several different brands. Click through our range and find your new favourite glue stick for your drawer , pencil case, and creative workshop. The incredibly clever thing about the glue stick is that it can be adjusted, so that only the right amount of glue comes out.

A hobby glue stick is very practical, and you can use it for a multitude of creative projects. The packaging of the glue stick makes it incredibly easy to use for both children and adults, and you won't get glue on your fingers. Here at Creativ Company, we sell glue sticks both individually and in bulk packs – so that you have enough for the entire school class. Remember to purchase a glue stick holder so that you always know where your glue sticks are.

If you’re one of the many people who love to take on DIY projects, you should always have glue stick at hand. Because glue is often what makes everything come together.

Glue stick selection

Not an expert in glue sticks? And do you struggle to know which type of glue stick to choose? Don't worry, because here at Creativ Company, we’re not afraid to call ourselves genuine glue stick experts.

  • Will you be glueing right out to the edges? Then we recommend that you buy one of our triangular glue sticks, which ensures that you can hit all corners without getting glue outside the paper.

  • When you click on some of our glues, you will see the following sentence in the product description: can be washed with water. This means that you can quickly remove the glue again with water if you have glued the wrong area.

Don't be afraid to choose the wrong hobby glue stick, as we have carefully selected the glue sticks in our range and can guarantee that all the glue sticks live up to their product description and are of good quality. Of course, some are more powerful than others – and this will also be disclosed when you click on the actual product description.

But are you still in doubt about which glue stick to choose? Then remember that our skilled customer service is ready to help you with both big and small issues.

Indispensable for every cutting and sticking day

Glue sticks are a type of glue that is completely harmless to children – and therefore you can easily leave the children alone to cut and paste with a glue stick in their hand. The smart glue stick ensures that there won't be a glue mess everywhere – and at the same time the glue is not too strong, so it's easy to wash off your fingers should an accident happen. The glue stick also has the clear advantage that it dries relatively quickly, so you don't have to sit and twiddle your thumbs, waiting to carry on with your creative project.

Glue sticks are something that we can't do without – both in ordinary households, as well as in different schools and day care institutions around the country.

Children can create the most amazing artworks using just a few materials, such as cardboard, paper and a school glue stick.  Are you struggling to think of creative ideas for your children? Then click on our large catalogue of ideas, which contains great instructions for creative projects using paper and cardboard– and not least the classic school glue stick. Here you will find detailed guides and instructions, so that you and your children have something creative to immerse yourselves in next weekend.

The history of glue

The glue stick has an unbelievably long history, and we have to go back many years for the invention of glue. More than 200,000 years ago, the first people started using glue when designing tools, weapons, and the like. But back, then it wasn't the same glue that we know it today – but rather tar from birch wood bark. Thereafter, glue was made from boiled horse teeth, egg whites, and many other quirky things. The one thing that all these had in common was that they could form an adhesive that could join different objects together.

So we can tell that humans needed a sticky material quite early on. But it wasn't until 1750 that the glue that we know today was created. And we need to look even more recently to find the first glue stick – which only arrived in the mid-1900s. This was when the first glue stick was invented, and since then it has become an object we struggle to do without in our everyday lives.

Have a look at our range – glue gun or tape?

If you click further in our range, you will find a large selection of different types of glues, lacquers, and waxes. We simply have it all, whether you are looking for power glue, beeswax, glue guns, or something else entirely. Find our full range of glues right here.

Our glue guns are extremely popular and can also be used by children if you buy a low temperature version. The advantage of a glue gun is that it is very precise, easy to use, and dries quickly. In addition, the glue from the glue gun is often more durable than the classic glue stick.

The choice of glue depends a lot on which project you will be using it for. Therefore, it is worthwhile to click on the different product categories and get acquainted with the different types of glue. In addition, you are of course always welcome to contact our skilled customer service, who can help you choose the glue you need. 

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