Door signs, information signs, sandwich board signs. Browse our selection of various signs, all of which can be decorated and used to display information or simply as a decorative item. Here you will find both standing and hanging signs.

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Signs for all your creative projects

If you want to try something other than cardboard and paper when starting a creative project, then get a sign. With a sign in your hand, you will discover that you have many opportunities to be creative and create something unique on the flat and hard surfaces, which offer completely different possibilities to paper.

Signs can be many different things, which is why you also have many opportunities to be creative when you take a look at our selection on this page. Here you will find wooden signs in a wealth of different shapes that can be used for a variety of different things, and which all provide the natural and warm expression that only wood can give.

You can also try one of our plastic signs, that offer some completely different options. For example, you can choose a clear sign that is transparent, which gives you ample opportunity to decorate windows in a completely new and fun way. You can paint your plastic signs with a or paint, which will give a great look on the transparent surface.

You’ll also find many other signs and deco signage on this page, where we’ve put together everything you need to get started on a creative project that includes some sort of sign in wood or plastic.

You can use deco signage for all kinds of creative projects, in which you want to include some sort of message. For example, this could be in a Christmas decoration, where you would like to write 'merry Christmas’ on a small wooden sign, or on a homemade doll that you would like to make more lively with a speech bubble or by placing a message in its hand. 

Deco signage gives you the opportunity to personalise your decorations and other homemade projects with cosy and appropriate text, which gives your home more life and soul.

Make your own beautiful door signs

If you need a nice door sign at your front door, or if your children have requested name tags for their rooms, you can make beautiful and unique wooden door signs. On this page you will find a wealth of different wooden signs, all of which come with a bare surface just waiting to be decorated.

You can write family names on door signs with a wood burning tool, to create a stylish and cosy sign, or you can choose to paint on the names if you love colours. On your door sign, you can also decorate using small and cute drawings of the family or other motifs, which is why a personal wooden sign is a good opportunity to create a unique and personal welcome to your home, which is something that money can't buy.

Making door signs is also a fun project to do with children. Your children will definitely love making their own signs for their rooms, and it is a safe and easy process to start painting a wooden sign, or even using an electric burner if your child is a bit older.

Your children can also add their own personal touch to the family’s front door sign, so no visitors will be in doubt that creative children are part of the family.

Attractive signs for storage

You can also make wooden signs for places in your home other than your front door. If you need to organise things in boxes and on shelves, for example in your workshop, hobby room, or somewhere else in your home, our small signs offer ample opportunity to organise and name your boxes, drawers and shelves.

You can organise by naming things using a wooden sign with a fun shape, you can choose a small board with a peg, or you can choose one of our other signs in small sizes, all of which are good choices when you want to make it easier for yourself to navigate and find the right things in e.g. your workshop or hobby room.

Our selection on this page allows you to create unique, attractive and practical signs, which are also easy to write on using e.g. a marker or electric burner, so that you can always make new signs when necessary.

Double-plate holders and boards

On this page you will also find a selection of the smart double-plate holders and normal boards. These differ from other products on this page, as you use normal chalk to write your messages. It also means that you can always change your messages, erase them and write new ones, which is why a double-plate holder or a classic board is a good choice to put in a place where you often need to change the text.

For this reason, a double-plate holder or a classic board can be used  to keep your shopping list, or to write messages to family members who wake up after you've left for work.

A double-plate holder or a classic board is also a fun toy for a child who loves to draw, or who may have just started to learn how to write. Here, a double-plate holder or a classic board offers hours of fun and learning, as it is of course more fun to write with chalk on a board than it is to write on a normal piece of paper.

Get inspired for your next creative project

At Creativ Company, we have compiled a large catalogue of ideas that is bursting with inspiration for creative projects. Many of the projects in our catalogue of ideas also include the use of signs, and is therefore a good place to look if you lack inspiration for your next project using a wooden sign, deco signage, or the like.

You will find ideas for many different projects. Some are simple and others are more sophisticated. However, all projects contain a comprehensive guide on what to do, so it’s always easy to get started on being creative.

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