Painting supplies

Get ready to play with colours with our various painting supplies. They are handy to have nearby when drawing and painting. Here you will find mannequins, easels, disposable gloves as well as painting coats and aprons for both children and adults.

Painting supplies
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Everything that helps when painting

In addition to paint, brush, canvas and everything you already know, there are a number of tools and articles you can also benefit from when painting and drawing.

Some of them are artistic aids that can elevate the entire experience and introduce new perspectives in the visual work.

Others are purely practical, but they are just as important. These include aprons and masking agents that protect your own or your children’s clothes, or the floor or furniture in the room. There is a whole range of unnecessary worries that can be easily avoided with simple tools and a few minutes of preparation.

All the products have in common that they support and simplify the entire creative process and everything associated with it. These are things that all young and less young painters can benefit from – practical tools for preparation for working in brush or pencil.

To draw is to see

If you are interested in the visual arts and creativity, you may have heard this phrase: "To draw is to see." It seems quite obvious, but in fact it implies more than you might think. It also reflects the developmental and educational experience of drawing or painting.

The model figures and the easels in this assortment are aids to make painting more physically pleasant and ultimately more fun, especially if it is a project that will take a while. But in fact, they also support the visualisation and the many experiences you can gain with perspective, light and design.

Support for eyes and neck

We have easels in many different versions, including the classic floor easels, which are available both for adults' and children's heights, so everyone can participate. Small easels are commonly called table easels, but in reality it is an arbitrary designation. The only important things are that the easel be the right height and be placed where it fits best.

This is crucial, because an easel must be of both artistic and purely ergonomic assistance. When you avoid sitting hunched over a tabletop, drawing on paper, you avoid neck and shoulder problems, and it makes it easier to transfer your impression of whatever you are painting to the image

Our smallest easel is 25 cm high and the largest is almost two and a half metres, so there are many to choose from. Our blackboard easel is also a great supplement, and it has its own smart tray for sponges and chalk.

For both veterans and newbies

The small model figures or mannequins used for drawing and painting studies may at first seem rather professional and intimidating. Maybe you think it’s not something you dare to throw yourself into when you’re just drawing and painting for fun,

but it is actually something that everyone can enjoy, and without a doubt benefit from when they draw. No matter how experienced you are, drawing and studying the figures in the right proportions is a developmental skill, as is the application of light, shadows and shapes.

In fact, it’s not just mannequins of people you can draw from. We also have a hand and a full horse mannequin with anatomical proportions and articulated joints.

Simple and ready

You probably know the feeling. You really want to paint or throw yourself into a nice creative project. But then the idea of the clean-up afterwards looms, and you just don't get started.

Simply put, we’ve put together everything you need to protect clothes, hands and equipment so you can get up and running quickly.

When children and adults waving brushes wet with paint, it is impossible to avoid some of it dripping or landing where it shouldn't. It shows that you have had fun and been preoccupied with the creative act.

The good news is that these are concerns that can be completely eliminated. With a minimum of preparation, thoughtfulness and simple tools, the issue can be resolved in an instant.

When worries are out of the way in advance, it also makes the entire painting experience more fun, easy and free. It's not a problem when something gets painted on the side.

We have the remedies

This type of equipment falls into two main groups: things we use personally and things we use for the room, floor and fixtures. In either case, the key word is coverage.

The assortment includes both disposable gloves and aprons and painting gowns in all imaginable sizes.

The disposable gloves, for example, are in latex, and they come from size small and all the way up to extra large. The aprons can be for both single-use and long-term use. We have both, and here too, almost all sizes are included.

The white painting smocks are suitable for avid and experienced painters and givevery good coverage. The same applies to the children’s smocks, which we have in black. For each model, you can see the exact size we have and the age group it typically fits.

We mostly know plastic covers from DIY, and house-painting. But of course, it’s logical to use it for creative painting, too. If you are using a floor easel, it may be a necessity. We have plenty of solutions for both small and very large surfaces.

Most of our accessories can be purchased in quantities that are well-suited to associations, schools and institutions, where there must always be enough, and everyone must have some stain protection.

If you’re looking for creative aids or accessories for your home studio or your workplace, you might also consider the practical floor model paper towel holder. The tear-off edge is durable and the holder can carry a very thick roll, so you never have to worry about where the roll of paper is.

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