Paper decorations and paper figures

With our selection of paper decorations and paper figures you can easily decorate with paper. Here you will find punched card and paper figures for decoration, Christmas cornet decorations, braided Christmas hearts, star strips, origami paper etc.

Paper decorations and paper figures
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Make your own paper for Christmas stars and other decorations

Paper can be used for a wide array of creative projects. Holidays like Christmas and Easter make the ideal occasions for gathering together the family for a day spent cutting out, sticking and making decorations. You can make many different types of paper decorations to hang around your home to mark the holiday and get everyone in the festive mood.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there are plenty of options for making something nice to hang on the tree, for example. Here at Creativ Company, one option is to get a lot of different weaving paper strips to make your own Christmas stars. We stock weaving paper strips in many different colours and patterns, so we're sure you'll find something you like. You can hang the finished stars wherever you want. Stars look great hung over a window, for example. You can also suspend them from lamps or the ceiling. Naturally, the Christmas tree is also ideal for displaying your creations.

Braid Christmas hearts and cones using paper

Besides Christmas stars, Christmas hearts and cones are two other classic Scandinavian Christmas decorations that are easy to make yourself. All you need is a few sheets of paper. Of course, it's best if you have some really nice paper in gorgeous colours or attractive patterns. Here on our site, you can find lots of different paper that's ideal for using to weave Christmas hearts. Woven Christmas hearts are perfect for the Christmas tree, and you can even fill them with little ginger biscuits or 'peppernuts' or other treats. Christmas hearts can be braided in many different ways so you get a beautiful design on the heart.

Decorative cones are also synonymous with a Scandi Christmas. They're super-easy to make and something the whole family can enjoy working on. If you make a handle for the cone, you can hang it on the Christmas tree. Just like the Christmas hearts, you can also fill your cone with sweet treats.

Create funny paper figures and paper decorations

It’s not just Christmas decorations that you can make with paper. You can make all kinds of fun and beautiful paper figures to decorate your home. Paper decorations are something everyone in the family can help make. You can cut out hearts and stars from paper to draw or paint on. Paper garlands of rings or other shapes are also fun to make, and they're great for hanging on the Christmas tree.

You can also use paper to make your own boxes. Once you have assembled your box, you can use it for a whole host of purposes. For example, you can store small things like beads, brushes, pencils or even toffees. A homemade box of paper is also ideal for sowing cress. You can paint the box or decorate it with glitter or beads.

When it comes to creative projects with paper, you're only limited by your own imagination. So get out the sheets of paper and let your creativity run wild.

Get creative with origami

Origami is the art of folding paper. If you're good at origami or would like to master it, you can make some really beautiful paper figures using this technique. You can fold everything from simple shapes to complex figures. Here at Creativ Company, we stock paper that's especially suitable for origami. It comes in many different colours and we also have paper with patterns on if that's what you prefer. With origami paper, you can fold everything from boxes to paper animals. Place the finished figures around the home on shelves and bookcases. Some figures may be suitable for hanging from the ceiling. If you want to hang the figures up, you can use some sewing thread. If you make lots of small paper figures, you can also make your own mobile with them. For example, small butterflies or balls.

Nice colours and patterns

If you’re looking for paper for making beautiful figures and decorations, you’ve come to the right place. We have a large and attractive selection of paper products that give you every opportunity to get creative. There's plenty of paper that's suitable for Christmas decorations, but naturally, you can also use the paper to make all kinds of adornments. You can cut your own figures out of paper or you can buy pre-cut designs that you can then decorate with paint, glitter and much more.

If you want to make Christmas decorations, you’ll find lots of paper in various shades of red. Silver and gold are also ideal colours for making Christmas or New Year’s decorations.

Christmas cones and Christmas stars can look really nice if they're made of paper with beautiful patterns on them. Fortunately, we also stock a wide selection of patterned paper. Patterns add an extra touch to your homemade decorations. A plain-coloured star or cone makes a simpler design if you prefer a more minimalist look.

Supplies for making paper decorations and figures

If you're planning on making things out of paper, it's important to have plenty of quality supplies. In addition to the paper, you'll need scissors, some glue, tape and perhaps a stapler. The equipment you need depends mainly on what kind of paper decorations you're planning to make. If you and your family pull out the craft supplies box regularly, it can be a good idea to ensure you always have plenty of quality supplies in stock, both paper and scissors. Then you're always prepared when the urge to make something arises.

You can also get punched paper figures that just need decorating. This is a good activity for both children and adults who want to paint, draw or otherwise decorate paper. It can also help to inspire you with what else you can make from paper figures. You can find even more inspiration in our extensive idea catalogue, which is packed with inspiration and ideas for what you can make yourself using a variety of crafting techniques. Let yourself be inspired and don't hold your creative side back.

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