Exercise books, notepads and paper

Exercise books, notepads and paper
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Notepads, pads and paper – the necessary equipment for writing

On this page you will find different types of paper in the form of pads and notepads. Even though the computer has taken over a lot of our writing, there are still a number of things that are written by hand. And we’re happy about that. Handwriting can do something special that numbers and text on the computer cannot. It is also more personal to use paper to write letters than to send something that is printed.

You are better able to immerse yourself in your creative work, schoolwork, or work when you have a pencil or ballpoint pen in one hand, and some good paper to write on.

We sell pads of paper that are lined, and we also sell school notepads with either lines or squares. Whichever type of paper that you prefer from our webshop is entirely up to you.

In some other categories in our webshop you can also find items such as cardboard, crepe paper, glazed paper, etc.

A large selection of notepads

If you are specifically looking for notepads in our webshop, you will benefit from clicking on the subcategory called school notepads. However, no one says that you can't use school notepads for something other than schoolwork.

The small notepads with either lines or squares are perfect for many other things. For example, you can draw floor plans for houses on the lined paper, and you can use the lined notepads to write down everything from poems and lyrics to recipes.

The notepads typically have either numbers or letters on the front. This indicates whether they have squares or lines inside. The school notepads, as well as other pads and notepads, are often available in both A4 and A5 format, so we hopefully have what you need.

If you search our other categories, you will also find items such as calendars and notebooks. So if you don't find the notepad or pad you want, you might find it in another category.

Pads of paper and other paper products for many purposes

Some of the stationary items you can find on this page include pads of paper. The pads are typically lined and perfect if you just want a handy pile of lined paper to take notes on, or use for all kinds of other things.

Some of the things you can use lined paper for are writing letters, making notes, writing poems, short stories, lyrics, novels, recipes and to-do lists, as well as checklists for packing when you go on holiday.

The pads also typically have four holes in the margin, which is perfect if you want to place the entire pad or just some of the sheets in a ring binder. If you write something that is not just to be thrown away, it is nice to have a ring binder in which you can insert your sheets.

A pack of paper pads is handy, as you can use one small pad at a time and take it with you, so you always have something to write on. As the sheets can be torn off, the pad only becomes easier to transport and store.

Do you want to choose notepads, pads of paper or contact books?

On this page you will find several sub-categories, and it is up to you whether you want to click on each of them to see the products that belong to that category, or whether you want to look through all the products on this page.

It's not up to us whether you choose school notepads, paper pads, contact books, illustration pads, meeting minutes, or something else. It all depends on what your needs are, whether you want something with lines or squares, or whether you want something where you or someone else can write their name and potential grades on the front.

Hopefully we have notepads and pads for every need, but if there is something you think should be on this page but you can't find it, please contact us to find out if it’s something we have or can get for you.

There are many ways to be creative with pads and other stationary

The products we sell on this page often have one primary purpose, but you can easily use the paper products for whatever suits you. For example, you could purchase meeting minutes even if you are not a teacher, and then give it to your child so that he/she can play school with friends, and then they can have fun keeping minutes of who is attending or not attending their fictitious school.

When it comes to things such as pads and other notebooks, think outside the box and consider what else it can be used for. Exercise books, calculation books, illustration books, and the like can easily be used for other things. For example, you can draw geometric shapes in the calculation books, and you can write anything you like in the notebooks with lines.

Pads and notepads with squares are also perfect for making mazes. On each sheet or page, you can draw an outer frame and then create lines from a starting point, which can then end up in the target field.

Creativ Company is more than just a paper pusher

At Creativ Company, we are crazy about paper and many other creative items, tools, materials, etc. Since we love paper and want to make it easy for you to shop with us, we hope that you have found one or more items that you would like to buy. We strive to be your favourite hobby shop, and we are so much more than just a paper pusher.

If you buy for a certain amount, you get free delivery, and you can expect to receive your goods within a few days. If you have any questions or comments, please call or write to us. You can do this by calling +45 9613 3010. If you send us an e-mail, please write to . We look forward to hearing from you.

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