Calendars, notebooks and colouring books

Calendars, notebooks and artbooks are perfect for a creative break from the digital world. Keep track of meetings and lists with our calendars, journals and planners, or use our notebooks for notes, scrap or sketches. Artbooks are an ideal way to de-stress in an otherwise stressful time.

Calendars, notebooks and colouring books
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Creativity and order with calendars, note books and colouring books

If you love things like structuring, organising, drawing, painting, keeping a diary or making bullet journals, the products in these categories are most likely a wonderland for you. We stock almost anything you could ever imagine within stationary here in our webshop.

Many of the products are ready to use, such as calendars and colouring books. But you can also find things that are require you to personalise them. When you explore all of our products, you will soon find that we have products in soft colours, as well as more colourful paper goods.

Therefore, you can find products that are suitable for use in the office, whether you work in a town office or from home, and you can also find products that are perfect for creative hobbies.

Browse all products on this page or select a sub-category

Paper products are an essential part of our product range, which is why this category of calendars, note books, colouring books, etc. is very extensive. If you would like to see everything we offer in this main category, you are more than welcome to browse through all the products. If you know what you’re looking for in advance, you can click on one of the subcategories instead.

The subcategories on this page are:

  • Journals, planners and accessories
  • Calendars and Christmas calendars
  • Colouring books
  • Note books

The number of products in the different subcategories varies, but regardless of the number, we have chosen to divide the products in a way that makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. When we group the items for you, it saves you time. You can spend that time on fun things like using your new calendar, Christmas calendar, bullet journal, planner, colouring book or note book.

Take a closer look at our exciting calendars

In the calendars and Christmas calendars category, you will find regular calendars that follow the year from January to December. Calendar products also include family planners and eternity calendars.

This category also offers Christmas calendars, which is especially useful in the months leading up to December. Several of the products within this calendar category are calendars that you or a child can make on your own. Some Christmas calendar packs will contain several pieces, as there will presumably be a motif on the front for you to colour in, and 24 doors with corresponding squares for you to make a small drawing in.

You may also be lucky enough to find Christmas calendars with a blank front. Then you or a child can create a big, beautiful picture.

Note books for many different purposes

A note book can be used for taking notes. Like the name tells us. But besides the obvious, note books can also be used for drawing (especially if they are sketchbooks without lines), or for writing poems, lyrics and short stories. A note book can also easily function as a yearbook or diary, and so it can combine several things.

In the note book category, you will find common A5 note books with lined pages, as well as find counter books, sketchbooks, scrapbooks, exercise books, inspiration folders, documentation books and spiral note books.

In addition to the classic A5 format, which corresponds to half an A4 sheet, you will also find note books in other formats. This includes a square format in the size 14x14 cm, and an A6 format.

Be creative through colouring books

Many of the note books in this main category page are based on something you need to achieve, or something you need to remember to do. Thus, they are focused on chores and practicalities, and help you to remember things. But in order to have a good memory, you need to get enough sleep. And it's easier to fall asleep when you’re relaxed.

You can de-stress by slowing down your pace a little. One really good way of doing this is to immerse yourself in painting. That’s why we also sell colouring books. Colouring in colouring books is not reserved for children. But if you would like some more 'mature' motifs, there are plenty of Mandala and mindfulness colouring books to get you started.

Examples of what you can make on your own

Of course, you are always welcome to personalise all the products you buy from us, but there are some items that are more obvious to personalise than others.

However, please note that if you start using a product, you will not be able to exchange it and get your money back. This is especially true if you have made any changes to the product. Even though your changes may be beautiful and make the product completely unique, it does not hold much resale value for us.

Calendars are ready to go, and are just waiting for you to start using them. But other things, such as note books and journals, can easily be personalised by painting the cover, and adding stickers and other decorations to the pages.

A bullet journal is a good example of something you can make on your own. We sell both covers and sheets that fit perfectly into certain folder sizes. You are also able to purchase beautiful post-its and index dividers to personalise your bullet journal even more.

You can find more inspiration in our catalogue of ideas.

Creativ Company shares your passion for paper goods

We are also nerds when it comes to calendars, note books, sticker books, colouring books, bullet journals, and the like. We sell many other paper products that you can find in other categories on our webshop, but here on this page we have focused on some selected products.

When you are in control of both your working life and your private life, you can better balance your tasks and have time for creative hobbies. We hope to help you do this with our products. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments.

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