Make creative and beautiful sculptures with our sculpting materials. Here you will find different Paverpol fabric hardener and pavercolor. In addition, we also have a selection of plaster bandage, which is usually used for cladding sculptures.

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Create your own unique sculptures with sculpting medium

If you have creative fingers and love to make beautiful things from scratch, then you've probably tried to throw yourself into sculpture on several occasions. Sculpting is one of the things where you can really let your imagination loose and create exactly what you have in mind, and in this way sculpting is a fun and meaningful activity for all creative souls who love making things.

In connection with sculpture, however, the all-important question is always: what material should you use for your sculpture? There are many different materials that you can use for sculpting, and how your finished project will look depends greatly on what material you use.

You could start with the classic clay and try to shape and cut the soft material into a satisfying shape or figure. But if you’ve tried working with clay, you'll also know that clay has its limitations when it comes to sculpting.

Clay is heavy and not very strong in its wet state, which can make it hard to sculpt small, fine details such as a thin arm or similar. The same applies to other sculpting materials such as plaster, which is why it may be time for you to try something new. You could give our sculpting medium a go, as this material provides some completely new and exciting opportunities for anyone who enjoys making their own sculptures.

The possibilities are many with sculpting medium

With sculpting medium, you can create unique and elegant figures in a relatively simple way, and you have the opportunity to make some things that are not possible with plaster and clay. With sculpting medium, you can make stylish figures and forms that you can give as a gift or decorate your home with. Once you've gained some experience in working with sculpting medium, you'll find that you can make some really beautiful things with this practical material.

Sculpting medium gives a really beautiful finish to the final form, and as the medium hardens quickly, you have the opportunity to create a lot of small, fine details in your sculpture. 

What's more, working with sculpting medium is a great way to reuse old sheets, T-shirts and other worn textiles. You don't need to use any special or newly purchased textiles to make beautiful figures or anything else with sculpting medium, as the result is guaranteed to be beautiful even if you use an old and worn-out T-shirt or similar. 

Sculpture is thus an obvious activity to try for all creative souls who love homemade figures. That’s why we’ve put together everything you need to get started with sculpting medium right here on this page.

In addition to a selection of sculpting medium products, you can also find paint and cladding material for your sculptures.

How to use sculpting medium to make sculptures

It’s really easy to get started with sculpting medium, because all you need is the medium and some textiles. You make your sculpture by modelling the sculpting medium into various textiles, which you then affix to a skeleton that you've made in advance.

So your sculpture with sculpting medium starts by making a skeleton in the shape you want. You can make the skeleton with metal wire, which is an easy material to work with and which you can quickly shape into a doll from, for example. Once you have the body of your sculpture in place, cover it with a material such as aluminium foil, and finally cover it all with a layer of masking tape<. You don't necessarily have to shape the sculpture into its final shape at this point, as you can always bend and adjust your metal wire skeleton at a later stage.

Now it’s time to get out your sculpting medium. First, pour your sculpting medium into a regular transparent plastic bag. Place the textile item you're planning to use for your sculpture into the plastic bag of sculpting medium. Massage the textile well with your hands on the outside of the bag until it's completely covered in the sculpting medium. Then, remove the item from the bag and, as you push it out, smooth off the excess sculpting medium in the bag. Once your textile is out of the bag, you can drape it onto your skeleton. Then it's just a matter of repeating this process until your sculpture is complete.

Once you've finished draping your sculpture, you can continue to shape it until the sculpting medium dries. For example, you can now decide whether your sculpture should be lying, standing or sitting.

You can also choose to colour your sculpting medium before you start, if you want to give your sculpture a bit more life.

The same method can also be used for many other things than just homemade sculptures. It’s all about being creative and digging out those old textiles from the back of the cupboard. For example, you can use sculpting medium and old textiles to drape around a vase. The possibilities with sculpting medium are many, and it can be used for all kinds of decorations to create a beautiful and stylish finish.

Find sculpting ideas in our idea catalogue

The possibilities of sculpting with sculpting medium are almost endless, and you can also find other options using these clever materials that have nothing to do with sculpting. Because not only is sculpting medium ideal for your homemade sculptures, it can also be used in many other contexts.

If you love sculpting medium and are looking for more good ideas for what you can make with it, take a look at our catalogue of ideas. Here, we've gathered together loads of exciting ideas for projects that are easy to start when you want to try something new.

In our idea catalogue, you'll discover how many fun things you can actually use sculpting medium for. And, since all the ideas come with detailed guides, it's very easy to get started on creating beautiful homemade objects with sculpting medium.

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