DIY Kits

Would you like to add more creativity, calm and quiet family moments to your everyday life? Our many creativity sets, inspiration boxes and "all-in-one" kits make it easy and accessible for you and your family to dive into a world of creativity. The wide range of creative activities ensures hours of immersion for both young and old, experienced crafters and beginners – and everyone in between. It couldn't be easier to kickstart the many joys of creativity.

Craft Kits make it easy to be creative

Do you want to get started on a creative project, but have got no idea where to start? Then a DIY kit might be perfect for you. A Craft Kit is a material kit consisting of various hobby items. A Craft Kit can consist of many different articles, depending on what you want to create. Buying a Craft Kit is an easy way to get creative, as you don't have to worry about getting hold of lots of things. A DIY kit contains everything you need for a cosy and fun creative session.

Creativ Company offers a very large selection of Craft Kits – from Mini Craft Kits and Maxi Craft Kits to the populare Starter Craft Kits. We have many different variants, so you'll definitely find something to suit your taste. They can be made by both children and adults, and the contents of the kits make it easy to find out how to get started with the activity.

Craft Kits suit everyone, no matter their creative skills or knowledge. They are something experienced people can throw themselves into, but they can also be a good place to start if you want to introduce a little more creativity into your daily life.


Creative activity for the whole family

If anything can bring the family together, then creative activities will. Both children and adults enjoy cutting and sticking activities that result it.

At weekends or during the holidays, it’s always fun and cosy to gather around a creative activity. Anyone can use a Craft Kit. For example, you can immerse yourself in our Craft Kits or Mini Craft Kits designed for a particular holiday season. When Christmas is approaching, it’s the perfect time to get creative with elves and angels. It’s certainly something that will bring out the Christmas spirit, and maybe you can also enjoy some tasty Christmas treats and hot chocolate at the same time. Craft Kits make it easy to create cosy times with your family. Perhaps the Craft Kit might even inspire you to make other decorations. Once you’ve started being creative, it can be hard to stop again.

Fortunately, if your family gets hooked on making Craft Kits, there are many possibilities to try different things. You can decorate your home with all the objects you create. If it's Christmas time, you can make decorations to hang on the Christmas tree when it’s time bring it into your living room.


Craft Kits in a wealth of formats

Whether you’re into Christmas, Easter, nature or animals, we've got the perfect  Craft Kit to suit your needs. There are many different kinds of Craft Kits – fx Mini Craft Kits, Starter Craft Kits or Maxi Craft Kits. They consist of a material set with selected hobby items that enable you to create an entire project. Some Craft Kits consist of more materials than others. The Craft Kit's content depends on what kind of project it is.

You can get many different Carft Kits with many different parts. They can include felt, beads, fabric, coloured pencils and much more. Some Craft Kits come with ideas for creating something specific with the hobby items included in the kit. Other kits contain lots of exciting materials that allow you to explore your own creativity.

It totally depends on what you prefer when it comes to Craft Kits. A Starter Carft Kit with an instruction manual that shows you all the different steps in the creative process can be a good start if you are not used to making hobby projects. On the other hand, a set of materials with lots of different items in it can give you a good challenge, allowing you to explore the materials, and thus come up with your own creative ideas.


DIY for every day and seasonal holidays

It’s always nice to have a home that's decorated with homemade hobby projects. It helps creates a more personal interior design when you have decorations that other people don't have. Craft Kits give you plenty of possibilities to make some lovely decorations for your home. The whole family can join in a Craft Kit, children and adults alike.

As previously mentioned, Craft Kits are available in many different variants, and you can even get kits specially designed for different occasions and holidays. There are Craft Kits for Christmas, so you can make lots of beautiful Christmas decorations for your home and tree. You can also get Craft Kits for Easter. These sets can be fun to make with the whole family, for example when you’re gathered for a Christmas or Easter lunch.

Fortunately, hobby projects and Craft Kits aren't just reserved for seasonal holidays. They are something you can make every day if you want. If you have a Craft Kit with lots of different materials, then you just need to start exploring the materials and let your creativity take over. There are so many possibilities for creating something special and totally unique.


Craft Kits for both large and small projects

Whether you’re looking for a small cosy project for a Sunday morning, or a project that will take several days, all Craft Kits are fun to do. You can get Craft Kits that are suitable for both small and large projects. In this way, a DIY kit can be easy to navigate for everyone, so both experts and beginners can join in the creative activity.

If you know someone who loves doing DIY projects, then a set like this can also be a perfect gift idea. You can also use the things you make out of a Craft Kit as a gift. People always love getting homemade gifts and they have a great personal value.

If you're interested in getting creative, a Craft Kit can be a good place to start. If you need further inspiration on what to create, at Creativ Company we have a huge catalogue of ideas where you can find lots of inspiration for your hobby project.

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