Tin casting

Cast beautiful tin figures and tin jewellery with our materials for tin molding. Here you will find both tin and accessories – eg. a melting spoon. Tin melts at just over 230°C, so it's easy to work with.

Tin casting
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Many creative possibilities with pewter casting

You’ve probably heard of plaster castings and concrete casting, which can be used for a wealth of exciting things by you creative souls. But have you heard of pewter casting? If you love to cast, and if you love the many creative possibilities you get with casting, you should also explore your possibilities for making beautiful things with pewter casting.

Pewter casting is just as easy as plaster or concrete casting, while giving you completely different options than those materials. Pewter is a metal with a number of advantages. As a metal, it becomes very strong once it has hardened, allowing you to create a lot of small, fine details in your castings, which will be strong and durable.

With pewter, you can cast small objects with small details in a completely different way than with plaster and concrete, which is an advantage in many projects.

Pewter is also a beautiful material, which in turn makes it a perfect choice for creative projects. Pewter is a beautiful shiny metal that keeps its attractive surface when it has been recast, and you therefore have ample options for creating some wonderful things by casting in pewter.

With With pewter you can cast almost everything you can imagine, so only your imagination sets the limits for the beautiful shapes you can make with it. Best of all, it is easy and straightforward to get started with pewter casting.

If you would like to start casting inpewter, you should start with a pewter casting starter kit, which you can buy right here on the page, where you can also buy individual pewter casting items, for example a melting spoon or some more pewter to melt.

With a pewter casting starter kit, you get everything you need to get started. You get clay to make your moulds, a melting spoon, a good portion of pewter to get started and a few tools you can use to process the finished casting , in other words, everything you need to cast in pewter.

How to cast with pewter

You might think it must be hard to cast in pewter, given the hardness of it and other alloyed metals. This is not the case, however, because the great advantage of pewter compared to other metals is that it only needs to be heated to a temperature of a little over 230 degrees before melting.

That is a temperature you can easily reach on the hob in your kitchen, which is why everyone can to melt and cast pewter at home.

To make a pewter casting, you must start by making a mould, into which the molten metal will later be poured. For this, use the clay included in our pewter casting starter kit. Specifically, roll out a small piece of clay into a flat pancake about 2 cm thick, and you can now make a mould in the clay. You can do this by cutting out a template of the desired figure in wood, as this will make it easier to create a beautiful figure according to your wishes. Alternatively, you can also etch your figure directly into the clay.

Once your mould is in place, it’s time to melt your pewter. You need to use your melting spoon for this. It can be done on a normal stovetop by placing the melting spoon with a lump of pewter directly on the high heat. Once your pewter lump has melted, pour it into your mould and wait for it to harden.

When your pewter casting is cold and hard, you can take it out of the mould, and it is a good idea to sand away any unevenness and unwanted sharp edges with the tool you get in the pewter casting starter kit.

Make your own beautiful jewellery with pewter casting

Pewter casting is an obvious choice for those who love to make their own jewellery. As a creative soul, you have many options for making beautiful, personal jewellery, and if you also want to make  pendants for a necklace, for example, then pewter casting is the perfect choice.

You can easily make a pewter casting for a necklace or earring through the process described above, and once your pewter casting has hardened, you will be left with a jewellery piece of robust quality with a beautiful, shiny surface.

There are many options when it comes to pewter casting your jewellery; it is a good way to create hearts and other beautiful shapes, for example.

Custom-made pieces for your creative projects

By casting in pewter, you can create the exact shape you have in mind. This is an advantage in many creative projects that require a special part in a hard, attractive and shiny material.

Here you can find your moulds and pewter, and then you can immediately begin to cast the exact shape or figure you need.

Be inspired for your next pewter casting project

If you would like a good idea for your next pewter casting project, you are always welcome to check out our idea catalogue, where you will find plenty of inspiration for projects using pewter. As all projects come with comprehensive guides, everyone can be involved, regardless of experience.

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