Tube beads

Fuse Beads are a giant hit – especially amongst kids. The pearls that look like tubes, can be used for motifs or patterns on pearl plates or can be strung on a string bracelet. Here on the site you can find big fuse beads, medium fuse beads, photo pearls and more – all of them from NABBI pearls.

Tube beads
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Find inspiration for hobby projects with beads in rainbow colours

Beads offer plenty of opportunities for small and large projects, especially for those who love to immerse themselves in the creative universe. With beads for children, you can easily start creating pegboards with your children or find templates for new and slightly more difficult designs using one of our many different peg boards. On a pegboard, you can also easily experiment by designing your very own designs based on the beads you have at your disposal.

However, beads and children's beads can be used for much more than peg boards. The colourful perler beads can also be used to add colour to your everyday life with other beautiful DIY projects:

  • Key rings - create your own key rings from peg boards! A key ring makes it easy to find your keys in your bag, while also adding a personal touch to your key set. Create your very own favourite motifs, such as animals, emojis or a car. You can also give a key ring as a gift and personalise it with a specific date, title, or nickname.
  • Earrings - Make your own earrings using beads. Perler beads let you easily combine any colour you want, to create crazy and colourful motifs for your next party theme. Fun beaded earrings can also be used as a fun gift pack or for dress up parties.
  • Decorations and table ornaments - perler beads are perfect for creating unique decorations for the dinner table, and can be made to fit specific themes. For example, make your very own place cards from on beads that can be personalised with different icons, such as pets or businesses.
  • Invitation motifs – Beads allow you to create pretty motifs on iron-on peg boards and glue them to invitations later on. In this way, you can give your invitations a personal touch and adapt them to a specific party theme.
  • Trivets for mugs - use a round peg board to make your very own set of trivets for mugs that you can enjoy or give as a gift. Many of our perler beads are available in toned-down pastel and earthy colours that will blend in perfectly with modern interior design. You can make them unicoloured, multicoloured, or with motifs such as daisies.

Online you will find lots of templates for patterns to use when creating peg boards. You can follow them slavishly or use them as inspiration to create your very own motifs.

DIY projects for children using beads

Many children love to play with beads, and you most likely also tried working with beads when you were a child. One of the great advantages of beads is that they are easy to work with and are available in several different sizes, so they can be used by children of all ages. Therefore, if you have children or grandchildren in several different age groups, you can still sit together with each of your bead projects and enjoy a good cup of tea. During the calendar year, there are plenty of school holidays and weekends, where it’s a good idea to relax and enjoy using beads for children.

But what DIY projects can you enjoy that are also child-friendly? With our beads for children, there are plenty of opportunities to create all kinds of fun hobby projects.

  • Peg boards - one of the most obvious DIY projects is pegboards. With beads for children, you can get beads in child-friendly sizes that make it easy for even the youngest to make peg boards. Peg boards make an ideal gift for grandparents or other members of the family, and with beads in all the colours of the rainbow, only your imagination can limit the motifs and choice of colours.
  • Jewellery - with a simple elastic cord and beads for children, your child can make their own jewellery. The classic beads can easily be combined with other forms of beads, such as our delicate rocaille seed beads or charms. With an elastic cord, you can make bracelets, necklaces and even a finger ring in customised lengths, so that both young and older children can enjoy their new jewellery.
  • Figures for fun and play - you can make almost anyting from beads. With perler beads, it makes sense to make different characters that your children can then play with. Using beads, you can make different animals together and pretend that you're at the zoo. A good tip is to make a stand for the figures in the shape of a cross, so that the figure can be placed on that and moved around.
  • Board game pieces - using perler beads, you can make your own pieces for board games. Your children will definitely find it fun to design their own board game pieces. In addition, it is not very time-consuming, which is why it is a great way to keep your youngest children busy.

On our webshop you will find a large selection of beads for children. We also have peg boards in several shapes and sizes.

Get new ideas on how to use perler beads

Perler beads are ideal for ironing, and at Creativ Company we cannot get over how many opportunities there are to create unique peg boards, jewellery pieces, and many other fun DIY projects. That’s why we have gathered all of our good ideas into several catalogues of ideas, which you can find here on our website. Several of our catalogues are inspired by changing seasons and holidays, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest ideas for hobby projects involving perler beads.

Looking for a specific type of beads for children? Or do you have any questions about how to use our perler beads? We are always ready to help you and guide you through the maze of possibilities, so that you can get the most out of your beads.

Remember that we offer nationwide delivery within 4-6 business days. You can therefore easily order beads for children and adults directly from home.

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