Stencils and stamps

Stencil and stamps are ideal for beautiful motifs and patterns on creative projects. Make for example your own motifs with our stencils and stencil colors or use our stencils with motifs. We also have stamps and stencils that can be dipped in paint to make pretty prints.

Stencils and stamps
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Unleash your creativity with stencils, stamps and stamp pads

For all creative souls, there is no greater feeling than being able to make your own beautiful things for everyday use, or to give away as gifts to family and friends. That’s why there’s nothing better than new and exciting tools and smart accessories that provide you with new opportunities to be creative and make personal decorations, clothes, jewellery, and much more.

These include stencils, stamps and stamp pads, which are just some of the things that give you so many opportunities to be creative and make personal and beautiful things. With stencils, stamps and stamp pads, you can decorate existing items in your life, such as pencil cases, pot holders and T-shirts. Templates, stamps and stamp pads can also be used to decorate various ornamental items that you make for e.g. Christmas.

That’s why templates, stamps and stamp pads are a great choice for those who want to create unique patterns, sharp text, etc. on different items they own. This means that you can take a dull and worn-out object, such as an old box or pencil case, and give it new life with a beautiful print or patterns.

On this page we have gathered our large selection of templates, stamps and stamp pads, thus giving you ample opportunity to be creative. Here you will find tools for a wide range of different projects that can be used with many different materials, so that you always have plenty of opportunity to try something new and realise the great idea that's in your head.

Make beautiful prints with stencils

If you have started a project that involves decorating a T-shirt with textile paint, or if you have decided to make your tea towels and pot holders a little more attractive and personal, you can use our templates for this. 

Because even though freehand painting is fun, it can be really difficult to achieve the same details that you get if you use a stencil. Stencils allow you to create sharp lines and small details on e.g. a T-shirt, a pot holder, etc.

Simply place your stencils on the item you would like to decorate, and then paint by dabbing colour over the stencil. When you remove the stencil, only the stencil’s pretty design will remain on e.g. your pot holder, and when the paint is dry, the beautiful pattern will be a permanent part of the pot holder.

Thus, it is very easy to use templates to create beautiful and professional prints on e.g. textiles, and it is a fun way to give new life to T-shirts, pot holders, and much more.

At Creativ Company, we have gathered a wide range of different templates – also called stencils. Our templates are available in a variety of shapes and patterns, giving you ample opportunity to find a motif that suits you.

Create beautiful and personal cards with stamp pads and stamps

When Christmas is approaching, or when you want to write a sweet message to a family member or good friend, it’s a good idea to wish a Merry Christmas or write the lovely words down on a classic card. In this modern era of phones and the internet, sending a pretty card is a special way to show your friends and family how much you care.

Of course, it’s also about making some nice cards that can set the right mood for what you are writing. Stamp pads and stamps are a great choice for this, as they will allow you to add unique and beautiful text to your cards and letters.

Stamp pads are small cushions with colour that you dab your stamps on. You can find stamps with all the letters of the alphabet, and you can find stamps with beautiful characters and motifs, such as a heart.

To make beautiful stamps on your cards, simply dab the chosen stamp on the stamp pad that has the the right colour, and press the stamp down on your card. The stamp will leave a beautiful impression that has a completely different, and much more original, look than anything you can print from your computer.

This technique will make your Christmas cards and other letters special, which the recipients will appreciate and keep secure in a drawer.

This same stamp and stamp pad technique can also be used in many other contexts. You can also make beautiful stamps in a journal, scrapbook or the like, where the beautiful stamps can be used to write e.g. names and make your book both beautiful and unique.

Stamps and stamp pads can also be used to decorate pieces of wood and clay figures, while an old T-shirt or tea towel can also be given a new lease on life with a beautiful stamp in a gorgeous colour.

Get great ideas for creative projects using templates, stamps and stamp pads

With stencils, stamps and stamp pads, you have plenty of opportunities to be creative and make unique things to give away, or to decorate yourself and your home. With stencils, you can create beautiful prints on all surfaces you want to decorate and give a new lease of life to, while stamps and stamp pads allow you to write beautiful text and create beautiful figures on almost as many surfaces.

In other words, the options available when using templates, stamps and stamp pads are close to endless, so it can be nice to have an idea of how to get started. Fortunately, many good ideas can be found in our catalogue of ideas, in which we have compiled a lot of projects.

You can browse these whenever you like and get inspirated for creative projects containing templates, stamps and stamp pads. Here you will always find something new to do and, as all ideas contain comprehensive guides, it is easy for everyone to get started.

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