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EVA foam is a soft foam material that is ideal for punching and cutting of various shapes and figures, which you can sew together. Dive into our selection of EVA foam, available here as sheets of various sizes and thicknesses, and in many colours - both with and without glitter.

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EVA Foam is the perfect material for the creative soul

If you love to cut and paste with regular paper, glossy paper and cardboard, you are sure to love clipping and making figures with this EVA Foam. EVA Foam gives you the same possibilities that you have with cardboard, for example, while the foamy material can add a whole new dimension to your clippings.

EVA Foam can be cut and pasted in exactly the same way as paper and cardboard, but it is more fun to work with and softer to touch, which is why it has become the preferred choice for many hobbyists when it comes to making cute and fun figures for the window or anywhere else in your home.

At Creativ Company, we have gathered a large assortment of EVA foams, giving you ample opportunity to find the right piece for your project. We have EVA Foam in all the colours of the rainbow, while many of our products also offer special effects such as glitter.

This is why EVA Foam is the perfect material for the creative soul, and with the soft material, you can create exactly the home decoration you have in mind.

What exactly is EVA Foam?

EVA Foam comes in sheets, as do paper and cardboard, but it is not made from wood pulp. Instead, EVA is a foam, yet gives you the same durability and characteristics that you know from cardboard, for example.

As mentioned, EVA Foam can be cut with scissors and cut with a hobby knife, just as you can in cardboard, but it is softer and more delicious to work with, and it has a completely different look than cardboard.

Therefore, EVA Foam is also the obvious choice for creative projects when you usually use cardboard, but would like to try to make a figure more alive than is possible with cardboard.

Create your own unique EVA Foam characters

When making figures or similar, EVA Foam is the right choice. It is a durable material that you can combine with glue to create figures with more layers than you can get with cardboard.

EVA Foam offers more possibilities than cardboard. Because it is relatively thick, your figures will not appear as flat and two-dimensional as do those made of cardboard.

In other words, EVA Foam is the right choice when you want to create a unique 3D effect with the beautiful foam. When EVA Foam is glued together, it has the potential to appear more lively when you make figures of a flower, bee or elf, for example.

You might also think of a chicken. For example, if you glue a pair of orange EVA Foam feet onto a yellow EVA Foam chicken, the two elements will not collapse, as there will be a clear difference in level between the two, so that it looks like the feet are actually sticking out from the chicken’s body.

Plus, the soft foam is fun to touch once your figure is finished, and it doesn't curl as easily as cardboard or paper. Therefore, an EVA Foam figure will keep its beautiful shape for a long time, so you can leave it hanging in the window, for example, or wrap it up and take it out year after year during festive times.

Adorn any holiday with EVA Foam

EVA Foam is the perfect material for those who love to be creative and make seasonal decorations on their own. EVA Foam gives you the same possibilities as the cardboard you have probably made many Christmas figurines and hearts from over the years.

But EVA Foam also provides other decorative options than cardboard, as the soft foam has a completely different look and can be glued together to create a lively 3D effect in a way that cardboard cannot.

Thus, EVA Foam decorations are a good addition to the classic Christmas hearts in glossy paper or Easter bunnies in yellow cardboard.

EVA Foam can be put to use in all seasons, and with creative fingers and good ideas you can create beautiful, unique decorations for the entire home.

Fun decorations for the kids’ room

With EVA Foam, you can create a wealth of fun, lively,  soft figures that your children will love. That is why EVA Foam is also the perfect choice for those wishing to decorate their child’s room with small, cute figures that can be hung in the window, peek out behind the dresser or climb up the wall.

With EVA Foam, you can bring life, joy and personality to any child’s room by creating fun figures of dragons, birds, flowers and much more. In the child’s room, your beautifully fun characters will help spark the child’s imagination, and boys and girls alike will definitely love lying in bed and looking up at a ceiling or a mobile with your lovely, homemade figures in child-friendly motifs.

Find inspiration and guides in our idea catalogue

At Creativ Company, we are pleased to offer a wide range of EVA Foams that you can use to create tprecisely the figures you envision. But if you need a little inspiration to get started, or if you are looking for new challenges, you can always check out our idea catalogue, where you will find plenty of inspiration and good ideas for what to do if you have a pile of EVA Foam lying on the table in front of you.

In our idea catalogue you will find beautiful figures with unique details, and as each figure comes with a comprehensive guide, you can easily make some really nice decorative figures with EVA Foam.

All our guides contain detailed steps that you can follow to reach your goal, and as we have also compiled a material list together with our guides, it is very easy to get started on creating beautiful and lively EVA Foam figures.  

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