Glitter, foil and seals

Let your creativity shine with our collection of glitter foil and seals, that gets a lot of attention. Try for example our many sequins and rhinestones or create a wow-effect with our decorative foil and gold leaf. We have of course also tons of glitter and glitter glue together with lacquer and seals for example for letters and cards.

Glitter, foil and seals
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Lots of possibilities using glitter, foil and seal

Our webshop has more than 12,000 product numbers within many different categories, sub-categories, and specific product groups. That’s why we have divided the products into several levels. On this page, we have gathered all products related to glitter, foil or seal.

As the products are so wide-ranging, there are almost no limits to what you can use them for. Glitter is perfect for colourful and festive occasions, and foil is perfect for personalising your DIY projects. Seals are ideal when you want to put your own mark on letters, souvenirs, and other items with affection value.

Our webshop is full of great products that are both versatile and ideal for creative projects, and at good prices. Since the 'glitter, foil and seal' category is a main category, it offers many different products. All the items fall under basic items and tools, which is precisely because you can use things such as glitter glue, foil, seals, rhinestones, sequins, and leaf metal for many different things.

Browse among the products above. There are probably some products that you just have to have. If you see some items that you particularly love, it may be a good idea to buy several at a time. Things like glitter and rhinestones don't get too old to use, so there’s no need to wait with buying them.

Explore all our products in several ways

A main category is characterised by dividing the products into a specific group but, as this category is so broad, we have made it easy for you to find what you are looking for. You can review the products on this page in several ways.

You can either start from one end and look through everything in glitter, foil and seal, or you can choose a specific sub-category. For example, you can select the sequins sub-category. The category focuses on all products of this type, but it can also contain related items. The sequin category also includes sequin foil, etc.

The categories that you can click to are:

Depending on our specific range at any given time, the products in each sub-category will vary. There may be seasonal fluctuations, and there may also be products that are discontinued, or that are added but not immediately mentioned here.

What products can you find on this page?

Looking at this category as a whole, it includes very different things. This is a wonderland if you are searching for decorations, such as glitter, foil and glitter glue, but you can also find other products on this page.

There are lots of items you can be creative with. Unleash your creative abilities with everything from gold leaf to marble-like foil, glitter, rhinestones, glitter glue, bioglitter, half-beads, tub sets of both glitter and sequins, self-adhesive foil, mini glass balls, Cricut Transfer Foil sheets, lacquer on its own, and sets of both lacquer and seal, as well as many other things.

Regardless of which products you would like to purchase, we are ready to process your order. If the item is in stock, you can expect to receive it within a few working days.

Many of the products with glitter are available as small shakers/pots, and are shaped like spice jars. If the can contains several different colours or types of glitter, you can easily open the can and sprinkle glitter out.

Glitter is versatile, just like so many other products on this page. The same goes for the sequins and rhinestones, and you decide whether you want to create a DIY project for Christmas, Easter, Shrovetide, birthdays, special occasions, or something else.

What can you use glitter, foil and seal for?

Whether you call glitter glimmer or glitter, they are tiny, colourful pieces or shapes of plastic, or another durable material. It is an advantage to choose glitter from something that won't expire easily, as you can then enjoy the finished result for many years to come.

If you search for glitter in our catalogue of ideas, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration. You can also search for glimmerand it will give you many results, but you will be greeted by a wider selection by searching for glitter. Some of the ideas in the two searches will overlap, as glitter and glimmer are basically the same and used for many of the same things.

If you are looking for inspiration for using foil, you will easily find great ideas in our catalogue of ideas. A search for foil will also give you both products and ideas, but you can choose to only view the ideas. You can easily do this by clicking or tapping away the checkmark next to the products. The ideas range from Christmas baubles to invitations and place cards.

You can also search for seals, rhinestones, sequins, and many other items in this way on our webshop, which then allows you to choose whether you only wish to see the inspiration and not the products.

Another option is to click on the individual product and then scroll or swipe down a little. The ideas that the product may be included in will then be shown.

Many good reasons to buy products from Creativ Company

If you want to shop from a company that takes social responsibility seriously, and which is otherwise interested in good products at competitive prices, then buy your goods from us. We take responsibility for both customers and employees, and we make every effort to protect the environment.

In addition to being passionate about craftsmanship, we are also passionate about good customer service, and you can expect to receive an immediate answer if you call us. Our phones are open every weekday from 9 am to 3 pm, and we will reply to emails as quickly as possible. You can write to us on . You can reach our customer service agents by telephone on +45 96133010.

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