Paper crafts

Love paper crafts? Here you will find a wide variety of materials for being creative with paper. Among other things various types of paper and cardboard, calendars, notebooks and coloring books - just as you find paper ornaments as well as various tools for embossing and cutting paper.

Paper crafts
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Everything to be creative with paper

Paper is one of the most popular materials to be creative with as it is found in many shades and can be used widely for many different craft activities - both by children and adults. In fact, it is so popular that all creative activities with paper can be gathered under what is called "paper craft".

Huge selection of card, paper, knives and cutting machines

At Creativ Company you will find a huge selection of different materials in paper craft. And if you are into the classic paper craft, our Paper and card , is definitely for you. Here you will find everything your heart desires from cardboard and paper in different colours, sizes and types. For example, Plain card and paper , Patterned card and paper , Tissue paper , Corrugated cardboard , Glossy paper , and many other types of paper. All of them can boost the creativity of your hobby projects. Working with paper crafts often requires you to cut the cardboard or paper. To that end, we have a large selection of different Blades and cutting machines , that make cutting work faster, easier and more accurate. The cutting machines are available for both A5, A4 and A3.

Stationery in many shades

Paper is also greatly used to create lots of fantastic decorations. Therefore, of course, we also have a large assortment of Paper decorations and paper figures , - including Quilling paper , Braided Christmas hearts , Star strips , Origami paper , and more. However, our range of creative paper items covers much more. Among other things you'll also find Calendars, notebooks and colouring books , all of which are made of paper, as well as several exciting products in our popular Leather paper , category.

Toys in cardboard

If you are looking for toys that children can easily DIY themselves, we also have lots of Toys made from paper and cardboard, in eg. Cardboard, for kids to colour in. For example, try different Memory games and jigsaw puzzles , which are perfect for colouring with Acrylic markers . If it should be extra easy, try our Creativity in a Box , which contains toys in cardboard as well as materials for colouring - such as markers. Or how about giving children the opportunity to decorate their own Cardboard Masks , that they can use for example for dressing up for different occasions? If you love to be creative with paper, then remember that you will find lots of free ideas for Creativity with paper and card . Here are lots of ideas with detailed step-by-step guide and product list. However, it is here on this page that you can dive into our paper items and find the materials for your next paper craft project.

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