Porcelain and glass decoration (washable)

Here you will find materials for porcelain and glass decoration that are dishwasher safe. Try, for example, our glass and porcelain markers, which all can be machine washed after fixing in the oven. You can also decorate with our various glass and porcelain paints, which, depending on the type, can either be washed by hand or machine washed.



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Decorate porcelain and glass with paint

If you love to paint, then you should love painting on porcelain and glass with good quality acrylic paint. If you’re mostly used to painting on canvas or paper, it can be fun to try something completely different. When you paint on porcelain or glass, a world of possibilities opens up. It's also something that everyone in the family can try their hand at.

Our paint is suitable for both porcelain and glass decoration. So if you’re dreaming of painting on a cup or a vase, you’ll find everything you need here at Creativ Company.

You can apply porcelain and glass decorations to almost anything made of these materials. If you have a porcelain piece that you think looks a little boring, you can spice it up with a motif in paint. You can also buy glass plates or glass jars that you can paint something decorative on. Both children and adults can enjoy painting on plates, vases and much more. If you have a good idea, then just give it a try.

Design your own cups and plates

Cups and plates are something we all have at home and use every day. When you sit down to enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea, for example. If you want to make your cups, plates and other dishes more personal, you can paint on them to give them an original look.

For example, it can be fun to paint a cup for each family member, so that it's easy to recognise whose is whose. It's also a fun activity for a workplace or after-school club. Paint your own personal design on your cup and you can always recognise it. You can do the same with plates. You can write a funny or heartfelt quote on a plate, or paint something on it that describes the plate's purpose. If it's a dish that's intended for putting candy in, for example, you could paint caramels on it or write something sweet.

There are many things you can paint on to add a personal touch. Try painting something interesting on a vase, for example. You can paint abstract patterns or realistic motifs. You can take your inspiration from nature or from things in your own home to create a look that you like.

Porcelain and glass decoration can lead to a wide range of exciting projects. Make sure you have a good selection of different colours so you can paint any motif you like.

Give the gift of a personal mug

Homemade gifts are always a hit. They don't have to be completely homemade, however. A mug or a cup that you have painted something on can make a really special present. For example, a homemade mug painted by a grandchild is something Grannie will surely cherish.

When you paint a mug yourself, you have the opportunity to create a personal design that says something about the person you're giving it to. For example, if it’s for someone who likes nature, you can paint flowers, trees or plants on the mug. You can also write a quote on the mug or the name of its intended owner.

Porcelain and glass paint presents a great many opportunities to be creative. Simply sit down with a brush in your hand in front of your piece and let your imagination take the lead, and the ideas for what to paint while soon come.

Paint on a glass jar and use it as a candle holder

Along with cups and plates, glass jars are perfect for craft projects. Try painting on glass jars to create all kinds of decorative objects for your home.

For example, make some homemade candle holders by painting beautiful patterns and designs on some old, cleaned glass jars. Place a tealight in the glass jar and you have a beautiful and unique candle holder. You can also make the jars into hanging lamps by adding a strong piece of cord. Painting on glass is something you can invite the whole family to enjoy. Create your own unique candle holders that can be decorated both inside and out. You could try making candle holders and lanterns to match the seasons. For example, paint a skull or a pumpkin onto a glass jar for Halloween and get into the spooky spirit.

Glass jars are always practical to have sitting around. They can be used as drinking glasses or storage jars. Storage jars such as mason jars or pickling jars are also ideal to use for glass decoration. For example, if you'd like to use the jar to store something in particular, then you can paint a matching design on the outside of the jar. This makes your motif practical as well as decorative.

You can also make beautiful hanging decorations by painting on small glass plates. Once you've painted your design on the glass plate and given it a chance to dry, you can attach a cord and hang it up. And voila, you've got the perfect gift.

Paint on anything, from paper to stone 

It’s not just porcelain and glassware that's fun to paint on. You can paint on almost anything. For example, take a walk into the countryside and find some stones or branches in an unusual shape that you could paint something interesting on. Painting on stones or shells is so much fun. You can paint both realistic designs and abstract patterns on stones. Attach several stones or shells together with glue to create a small sculpture. Once the paint is dry, you can use the stones as decoration in the garden or inside your home. You can also make fun characters and glue eyes on them.

There are a lot of opportunities to be creative. Be inspired by your surroundings and you're sure to come up with some ideas you can bring to life. If you're looking for further inspiration, we have a huge idea catalogue to help you get started. You're bound to find something that catches your interest. Here at Creativ Company, we have a wide range of materials for porcelain decoration, glass decoration and many other creative projects. There's something for the whole family, for both beginners and experienced crafters.

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