Metal embossing

Emboss unique words, numbers, and symbols in a long row of metal tags/jewellery parts with our impress art quality tools for metal embossing. Here is both metal tags and plates and of course embossing tools and embossing stamps with different motifs and letters. A fun activity for jewellery lovers

Metal embossing
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Metal stamping tool for all your creative projects

If you want to make your jewellery or other home-made metal items more personal and unique, metal embossing is the way forward. Even though metal is a hard material, it can still be shaped with the right tools, and you therefore have ample opportunity to decorate with your name or similar on a piece of metal with embossing tools.

That is why we’ve put together our assortment of metal embossing equipment right here on this page, where you’ll find everything you need to personalise jewellery and other items with your name, for example.

We sell embossing tools with all the letters of the alphabet, and with numbers, while you will also find other types of stamps with beautiful patterns that you can use to decorate jewellery and other items.

On this page you will also find a large selection of tools that you can use for metal imprinting to make the entire process easier and more precise, e.g., hammers and holders for your embossing tool, so it is easy to get the right force in the blows.

This page therefore contains everything you need to get started with metal embossing, allowing you to unleash your creativity and customise jewellery or other items with your own figures and text.

How metal embossing works

Embossing tools are small stamps, used to hammer their design into the surface you want to decorate. At one end of the embossing tool you will find the shape with which you can adorn a piece of jewellery, for example; it could be a letter, a number or a figure.

When you want to make a metal stamp, just hold your stamping tool where you want a heart or a letter, for example, and then give the stamping tool a solid blow with a hammer.

The embossing tool’s figure will now be stamped onto the metal surface, thus immortalising the number or letter.

Stamping tools are made of hard metal, so you can easily stamp hard materials, such as aluminium, which is softer than the tool, which will easily emboss it.

Embossing tools can thus be used for a bit of everything, and it is therefore just a matter of being creative and keeping your eyes open for opportunities to use them.

You can use embossing tools to make personal metal door signs to hang on your front door; you can make dog tags with your dog’s name its collar; and you can write names and text on any imaginable metal surface that you would like to personalise.

You can make beautiful, personalised metal tags for storage boxes in your hobby room or name tags for other types of storage.

Finally, it is also a good idea to use embossing to make unique, personalised key rings, embossed with your name on a small metal plate that you can hang together with your keys.

Create unique jewellery with embossing tools

There is nothing like making your own personalised jewellery that cannot be bought in stores. What is more personal than making a piece of jewellery with your own name? You can do this by investing in metal embossing tools.

With metal embossing, you can create a classic tag necklace, where you attach a small plate to a thin chain. The popular tags are inspired by the military, who all wear a tag with their name so that they can be easily identified.

But the attractive tags are also relevant for civilians, as they are modern and beautiful to look at. With a metal stamping tool, you can easily write your own name or any other text on a small metal plate that you can hang around your neck.

We sell several different types of metal tags that come with blank, glossy surfaces, so you can get started with your embossing tool. You will find metal tags in different shapes – the classic square, or a heart or a circle, for example.

Our assortment also includes metal tags in different colours and materials, so you can choose a silver-coloured aluminium tag or a gold-coloured one.

A metal tag can be attached to a chain as the sole element of a stylish modern necklace, or you can  incorporate a tag into another jewellery design you are working on.

There are many options with metal tags and metal embossing, so it’s just a matter of unleashing your imagination and getting started.

That’s why metal embossing on tags is also the perfect activity to start with with children, as they will definitely love making their own personal jewellery with their own names.

It is also a fun activity to hit the small hammer and see how stamping tools can shape the otherwise hard  

Find inspiration for your jewellery here

If you want to start making jewellery or other creative projects involving the use of embossing tools, it’s all about putting on your creative hat and getting started. But if you need a good idea, why not start by looking through our idea catalogue, where you will find plenty of inspiration for using your embossing tool.

Here you will find good ideas on how to get started with metal embossing, and since our ideas contain detailed guides on how to proceed, it is very easy to get started embossing.

In our guides you will also find a list of the things you need for the different projects, so you can easily buy everything together and get started quickly.

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