Leather paper

Leather paper (a mix of paper and fabric with a leather-like texture) has many creative purposes – you can both sew, iron, paint and wash it. Here you will find both sheets and ready-made items made from vegan leather (as it is called as well) as well as different material sets with leather paper.

Leather paper
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Use faux leather paper for all kinds of creative projects

Faux leather paper is a robust material that can be used for a wide range of hobby projects. We sell faux leather paper in several different colours and patterns, which can be purchased in rolls or strips – ready to use immediately. We also sell several ready-made hobby sets, where you can make your own Christmas decorations from scratch, for example. These sets are ideal for those of you who want to experiment with faux leather paper for the first time.

But what can you actually do with faux leather paper? We’ve put together an inspiration list for you, so you can get new ideas for using our vegan leather for:

  • Decorations and practical accessories - You can iron, glue, colour, sew and paint your faux leather paper, so there are plenty of options for making home decorations. For example, you can make practical things like a decorative bread basket for your home baking, a trivet or a key charm. The fine faux leather paper will give a nice finish and can therefore also easily be used for table decorations and other home decor, e.g., as nice details on a tea light holder or as a handle for your homemade pot holders. Many also choose to make pots or lampshades out of vegan leather.
  • Place cards - to make the table setting even more festive, you can make your very own place cards of faux leather paper. You can easily decorate the place cards with accessories, which you can also find here on our website. You can either sew, braid or cut out your place cards and make them look exactly the way you want them to. In addition, you can also use vegan leather as a napkin holder with a name on it to create a different place card.
  • Clipping-sticker projects - faux leather paper is easy and straightforward to cut and use, so you can use it to create home decorations using templates that you can make yourself or download, for example, snowflakes or Easter eggs.
  • Decorate for the holidays - Among our selection of faux leather paper you will find striped paper, which is ideal for making Christmas stars or braiding Christmas hearts. You can weave them into a single colour or combine multiple colours. In addition, we also sell ready-made sets, where you can make your own Christmas tree or cone with individual parts of faux leather paper. It is a perfect project for those of you who want creative immersion on a busy working day. Last but not least, surprise your loved ones with beautiful homemade to-and-from cards in faux leather paper. Decorate them with glitter, snowflakes or other Christmas motifs.

Surprise family and friends with unique faux leather paper invitations

Nothing is as happy as accepting a nice, old-fashioned invitation through the letterbox. If you need inspiration for making your invitations so that they stand out in the crowd, you can use faux leather paper. Our faux leather paper is made from vegan leather, so you can send it around to your acquaintances with a clear conscience.

But how can you use faux leather paper in practice? There are many possibilities. Whether you’re making invitations to a wedding, baptism or birthday party, you can incorporate faux leather paper elements to personalise your invitations. For example, you can cut out faux leather paper according to a specific template – your child’s favourite animal, a dummy, two hearts in different colours, a church bell, etc. – but you can also choose to use it as an edge binding around the invitation or a bow that can be the finishing touch to the overall design. It is also possible to burn a name in the faux leather paper or use it as decoration on the envelope instead. There are many options, and on our website you can find further inspiration from the wide range of accessories you can use to decorate your invitations.

Vegan leather with sustainability in mind

Traditionally, leather is a natural material made from cowhide. But with the increasing focus on sustainability, there are now alternatives to traditional leather, namely, vegan leather. All the faux leather paper that you find on our website also goes under the name vegan leather and is, as the name suggests, 100% vegan.

Vegan leather is a material with endless possibilities, which is why it has become particularly popular in the hobby world. Because you can paint, sew, iron, glue and dye vegan leather, there are virtually no limits to how you can use it for your DIY projects at home. Faux leather paper with its soft form is easy to handle, as when you braid things for baskets or decorations, while it is made from a more robust material with a better durability. It therefore combines the best of both worlds into a unique product.

In addition to being sustainable in itself, vegan leather can also be ironed, which means you can use it again and again. You probably know far too well about the crinkled paper Christmas hearts, that are taken out of the storage box every year in November. With vegan leather, once and for all, you can say goodbye to crinkled decorations and simply press the leather lightly with an iron and enjoy it for many years to come.

Find inspiration in our idea catalogues

At Creativ Company, we want to give you the best framework for being able to immerse yourself in the creative universe. That’s why in addition to vegan leather, we also make a lot of other good quality products available. But in addition to this, we also regularly publish idea catalogues where you can find plenty of inspiration for your future DIY projects. We have several catalogues based on seasons and holidays – they are all freely available here on our website.

Are you looking for a specific type of faux leather paper? Do you have questions about how to use it for your hobby project? You are always welcome to contact us so that we can help you in the best possible way. We, too, want you to get off to a good start with your DIY projects.

Remember that we at Creativ Company always offer easy, fast delivery, so you can get off to a good start with your next hobby project. Order now and have your faux leather paper delivered to your doorstep within 3-5 business days.

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