Jewellery making tools

Here you can find a big collection of jewellery making tools, that are either necessary or nice to have, when you are doing DIY jewellery. For example you will find jewellery tongs, needles and other tools for jewellery making, that make easy to get to your goals with DIY jewellery.

Jewellery making tools
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Jewellery tool for creative and professional jewellery making

If you want to adorn yourself in unique and beautiful jewellery, the best way, of course, is to make them yourself. There are many opportunities to make beautiful jewellery on your own that looks very professional, which is why jewellery making is such a good choice for anyone who loves being creative and has trouble finding anything they like from the jewellery on offer in the stores.

Making your own jewellery lets you create a style that fits precisely to your personality, which is why you don't need to wear standard jewellery that looks like everyone else's. With homemade jewellery, you can dial up the brightness of your favourite colour and make whatever you dream of. What's more, you can make pieces for all parts of the body, from hair bands to earrings, yourself.

In order to make your own jewellery that looks beautiful and professional however, you need some attractive jewellery elements as well as the right tools to fit it all together. Jewellery elements can be found here at Creativ Company, where you'll find a wide selection of pieces for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and much more. Of course, we also sell good-quality jewellery tools that will make the work of making jewellery much easier.

Our selection of jewellery tools is gathered right here on this page, where you can find everything you need to make beautiful jewellery.

Jewellery pliers for all the small parts

One of the most important tools in jewellery making is a pair of jewellery pliers. Jewellery pliers can handle a wide range of different tasks in jewellery making, and they're often essential for making small details and performing different tasks.

That’s why a selection of jewellery pliers is an important part of the toolbox for anyone who's serious about making their own jewellery. Jewellery pliers aren't just jewellery pliers however, as there are a wide range of different types used for a range of different things.

It can be confusing with so many types of pliers, and it can be hard to figure out which type of jewellery pliers you actually need. If you're new to jewellery making, you might want to start with a very small selection of jewellery pliers, for example a pair of universal pliers. Universal pliers are multi-purpose tools that can handle a variety of tasks, and can take on the role of flat-nose pliers, cutting nippers and more.

If you're serious about making your own jewellery and you want all the options that are available for making beautiful and special jewellery, it's worth choosing a set that includes a range of different jewellery pliers. Because although a pair of universal pliers can handle many tasks, it's easier to carry out these tasks to perfection by selecting the type of jewellery pliers that are designed for that particular purpose. 

At Creativ Company, you can buy jewellery pliers individually, so you can choose the type of pliers you’re looking for. Our pliers sets are also a popular choice, as these give you a range of pliers, for example cutting nippers, end cutters, flat-nose pliers and round nose pliers, all in one set.

And what are all these different jewellery pliers used for? It's worth learning a little bit more about these tools, as it will expand your creative possibilities in jewellery making. So here follows a brief summary of what the most important jewellery pliers are used for.

Cutting nippers 

Cutting nippers can give a good, hard nip if you press down on them. Cutting nippers are extremely handy for any creative soul who wants to make jewellery. The pliers come with a small head with two sharp parts that allow you to cut into hard materials with ease.

Cutting nippers can be used to cut floral wire or other metal wire that you wish to use in your jewellery project.

End cutters

End cutters are good for pinching, which makes them practical to have in a range of jewellery projects. End cutters have a flat head with two flat teeth that can be used to pinch a workpiece that you can then pull on.

Flat-nose pliers

Flat-nose pliers are long, flat tools that can also be used for many different tasks in jewellery making. Flat-nose pliers have two long prongs and a flat shape that makes them good for holding objects that are too small for you to hold neatly with just your fingers.

You can also use flat-nose pliers to bend materials, while the flat teeth are also practical when pressing a round jump ring together, for example. 

Round nose pliers

Round nose pliers have long, round teeth, which makes them a good tool to bend metal wire around, for example. You can pinch the wire with your round nose pliers and then bend the wire around the pliers to create a beautiful round shape for your jewellery.

You can use the same method to make eyelets with a pair of round nose pliers, which you can then use with a jewellery clasp.

A treasure chest of ideas and inspiration for your next jewellery project

With different jewellery elements and some quality tools for making jewellery on the table in front of you, you have plenty of opportunities to make some gorgeous jewellery in many different variations. It’s a process that's both enriching and fun, and of course there’s nothing better than standing back with a lovely piece of jewellery that you’ve made yourself.

That’s why it’s all about unleashing your creativity and giving jewellery making a go. But maybe you need a good idea to get started? If you're looking for some inspiration for your next jewellery project, you can always look in our idea catalogue, where we've gathered a wealth of exciting projects that you can throw yourself into.

Here, you’ll find ideas for all types of jewellery making, so you can find a project that’s right for you. All projects also come with detailed guides that you can easily follow to reach your homemade jewellery goals safely and quickly.

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