Air drying clay and modelling compounds

With air drying clay and modelling compounds kids and adults can make all kinds of figures and decorations, that hardens at room temperature. Try for example our popular modelling compounds Silk Clay, Foam Clay and Pearl Clay or our papier-mâché pulp – these can also be used to cover items with.

Air drying clay and modelling compounds
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How can you use self-hardening clay and modelling compound?

Self-hardening clay and modelling compounds are simply great materials for those who love to immerse themselves in creative projects for hours. The fact that they are self-hardening means that, in practice, they can dry at normal room temperature. This typically takes 1-2 working days, but depends to a large extent on the thickness of the clay. When you feel the clay and it is cold, it means that it still emits water – therefore it typically needs to dry for longer before it is finished and ready to be painted.

In self-hardening clay, you will find natural clay in different colours and packages, while the self-hardening modelling compound is typically available in small packages with many colour combinations. The modelling compound is therefore particularly suitable for children who can mould and experiment with the compound in small quantities. It is also recommended for coating and modelling, while self-hardening clay can be used for larger projects such as bowls, pots, or many place cards for wedding parties. Alternatively, you can also find non-self-hardening modelling compound in our webshop, which can be shaped and modelled over and over.

The advantage of self-hardening clay and modelling compounds is that they do not fade. You can therefore model freely, even with your younger children, while unwinding and enjoying a relaxed time.

Open the door to new, creative DIY projects with self-hardening clay

But what can you actually make from self-hardening clay and modelling compounds? The possibilities are almost endless.

  • Pot holders - pretty pot holders can be both expensive and difficult to find in exactly the diameter you need. With self-hardening clay, you can easily make your own pot holders and saucers, and paint them in pretty pastels and earthy colours to fit your home decor perfectly. You can also paint on them using a stencil if you want certain motifs on your pot.
  • Bowls - using self-hardening clay, you can form your bowls into shapes like rolls, fruit, or candy. In addition, you can also make a wire basket from woven clay. After the drying time, you can paint your bowl or keep it in the natural clay colour. You could also decorate it with markers or paint in a specific pattern.
  • Key rings - you can easily design your very own key ring and give it the shape you want. You can write something on the clay or just decorate it with paint, beads, etc.
  • Place cards and decorations - homemade place cards and table decorations are easy to make using self-hardening clay. The advantage is that you can design decorations that perfectly match the party theme or occasion. Create your own wedding or christening place cards and decorate them as you wish. For a christening, you can also make beautiful figures, such as animals, baby bottles, etc. The place cards can be laid down as part of the napkin holder or on top of the wine glass.
  • Hanging decorations and ornaments - thanks to the light weight of self-hardening clay, you can make pretty hanging decorations and ornaments that can be hung up in the windows. Remember to make a hole in the figure so that you can hang it up after drying.

A good tip is to use cutters when you want uniform and stylish figures – e.g. for place cards or hanging decorations on the window sill. It is also a good idea to add attractive frames and edges to your self-hardening modelling compound using a fork or a knife.

Fun activities with self-hardening modelling compound for children of all ages

By nature, children are very creative, and many find it very enjoyable to model and create their own figures from scratch. This is where the self-hardening modelling compound is perfect. In our webshop you will find lots of mini kits for children, which allow you to make your very own mermaid universe, various polar animals, and much more with very few resources. A ready-made set of self-hardening modelling compound can be the perfect entertainment for long journeys for excursions and holidays.

On the other hand, if you want to create an entertaining day for your children during school holidays or a random weekend, self-hardening modelling compound can certainly give rise to hours of fun and play for children of all ages. Self-hardening clay can be used for many cosy hobby projects at your children’s level.

  • Boardgame pieces - with self-hardening modelling compound, your children can create their very own boardgame pieces and paint them in all the colours of the rainbow. After drying, you can enjoy the pieces over and over again.
  • Homemade Christmas decorations - self-hardening clay is very light after drying, which is why it is ideal for making homemade Christmas decorations that can be hung on the Christmas tree or windowsill. You can make your own shapes or use cutters. The clay also works well for shaping Christmas elves, which can then be “dressed up” and have their faces and hats painted.
  • Dollhouse accessories - for even more fun when playing with their dollhouse, your children can make their own dollhouse accessories out of self-hardening modelling compound. The accessories can, for example, be food for the kitchen, a tea set, porcelain or cutlery. Only your own imagination can limit you!
  • Themed party decorations – create your very own scallop shells, animals, cars or candy decorations to decorate the table for the next children’s birthday party. Your child is sure to find joy in helping to make decorations for their big day.

Check out our catalogues of ideas for inspiration

At Creativ Company, we love to be creative and spend many hours finding new ideas for fun, creative and decorative DIY projects. With our wide range of self-hardening modelling compounds and clays, you can therefore be sure that you will find what you are looking for here in our webshop. You can also find more catalogues of ideas on this page, where you will find plenty of inspiration for how to use self-hardening clay for your hobby projects.

Are you looking for a specific type of self-hardening modelling compound for you and your children? Or do you have questions about how to treat or use your newly purchased self-hardening clay? Either way, we are always ready to guide you here at Creativ Company.

Order your self-hardening clay now and get it delivered within 4-6 business days.

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