Figures, eggs and animals for decorating

A dog in papier-mâché, a heart of glass or a nutcracker figure in terracotta. Here you will find a mix of wonderful animals and figures for decoration in many different materials. All suitable for creative decoration – or perhaps as a toy for the kids.

Figures, eggs and animals for decorating
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Unleash your imagination and creativity

In this category, we have gathered a wealth of different decorative figures and ornaments. You can click on the different rows of subcategories, which makes the search more manageable. Whether you’re looking for a big beautiful heart or a pretty little snowflake for your Christmas decoration, you will find it in our range.

Explore the wide range, and get inspired by new creative ideas.

Decorative Easter eggs

In the range we have a large selection of various egg shapes made from different materials – e.g. wood, clear plastic and polystyrene. These eggs are the obvious choice for creating Easter decorations. Buy paint in all kinds of colours to decorate the eggs. For example, paint small patterns on the eggs, such as stripes, circles or cute Easter bunnies. Feel free to buy eggs in different materials and patterns, so that you can mix and match them.

Make it a cosy Easter tradition, in which the entire family sits and paints Easter eggs together. Egg painting is suitable for all ages, and you can decide how difficult you want your creations to be. You can easily spend a whole afternoon painting, and then you have something nice to decorate your home with afterwards. 

The eggs can be used to decorate windows and twigs, or used for cosy and fun egg hunts in the garden for the youngest children (the adults are of course always welcome to join in). Once they have found all the pretty eggs around the garden, they can be rewarded with an edible egg. A cosy event that can quickly become a regular tradition during Easter.

Christmas shapes, snowmen and stars this December

You can buy an incredible amount of Christmas decorations in various supermarkets and interior design stores. But wouldn't it be more cosy to make your very own Christmas decorations for your home? In our collection, we have everything you need to create your own cosy elf scenery. This includes elves, snowmen, angels, reindeer, and of course Christmas trees.

Not only is it an incredibly cosy project, but it also provides your own unique and personal Christmas decorations. This is not a Christmas decoration that you’ll find in someone else’s home. You can decorate your Christmas ornaments with , beads and glitter – however you wish. Who said a Christmas tree has to be green – or that an elf hat must be red? Play with shades and colours to create your own unique Christmas decorations that stand out from the crowd.

The range also includes several Christmas baubles that you can paint in your favourite colours. This also gives you the opportunity to make some personal Christmas baubles for e.g. your girlfriend or grandmother. You can also add a cute little Christmas quote, the year, or paint a cute little Christmas shape on it. This is undoubtedly a cosy little December gift that will excite the recipient.

Animals and insects for play

Through play and learning, children can gain a greater understanding of our world, human beings and, not least, animals. Make it a fun learning experience by incorporating play and creativity. In our range, you will find a wealth of different decorative figures from the animal world – mammals, birds and creepy crawlies.

We have the regular pets like dogs, cats and rabbits, as well as more exotic animals like elephants, lions and hippos. The figures are available in different materials, such as wood, papier-mâché, and ceramics.

Arrange a cosy day where the children in the family or neighbourhood can gather and decorate animals and insects. Let them paint, cut and stick as they wish. Afterwards, your children can use the figures for many hours of play, or as decorations in their rooms.

When children are allowed to play with animals, they gain greater awareness and understanding of the entire animal kingdom. It’s the perfect way for them to learn more about animals from all corners of the world. When children play with, and decorate, animal figures, it's the perfect opportunity to teach them everything about the animals in question – such as where they live and what they eat. This will really open your little one’s eyes to the big and amazing animal kingdom that we have around the world.

Make your own personal puppet theatre

In our range, you will find a wealth of different decorative figures that you can decorate as you wish. This allows you to create your own unique and personal puppet theatre. You can attach things and decorate these figures exactly as you wish. If you have some old leftover fabric, this is great for creating outfits for each individual figure. Feel free to make a few different outfits so that the figures can also be used as dress-up dolls.

You can make your own puppet theatre relatively cheaply  – preferably together with your children, so that it becomes a cosy creative project for the whole family. Things you need for the Puppet Theatre are as follows:

Of course, you can find all of this in our extensive range. There’s free rein, and you can create your doll house in any way you like. Take a look at our extensive catalogue of ideas for more inspiration.

Give DIY kits as gifts

Homemade gifts are always a pleasure to receive. But how about giving your friend, child, or grandmother a DIY kit to enjoy?

In our range you will find a selection of DIY kits, in which everything has been made easy – we have gathered everything into one package that you can use to make e.g. cute eggs for your Easter decorations or pretty angels for December. This means that you don't have to walk around finding different materials in many different shops. This is the perfect gift for the creative soul who loves to take on new challenges. Give a DIY kit to your loved one and surprise them with a special gift.

Immersing oneself in creativity can create a lot of peace and contemplation in one’s everyday life. It can function as the perfect break from a busy day.

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