Creativity with paper and card

One of the most popular activities is creativity with paper and card. This is because anyone can do it….from cut-outs, to origami from scrapbooking to card making. Here is where you’ll find all our ideas.



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Creative ideas for all age groups

Paper and cards are a relatively easy materials to work with, and you can decide on the difficulty of your creative projects. Paper and cards are therefore some materials that are perfectly suited to all ages – and different levels of creative skills.

In our extensive catalogue of ideas, you will find ideas that are suitable for your younger children – as well as ideas that are aimed at adults. If you click on our range of paper hobby, youwill find all kinds of papers and cards in different thicknesses, lengths and patterns, as well as colours.

Remember that you get free shipping for purchases over DKK 399, so it’s worth buying a large batch of card and paper for your household, so you always have some creative projects to do. Now that you’re already stocking your shopping cart, remember to also buy stickers, tapes, glues, and other hobby tools that you can use for creative projects.

Explore your little one’s creativity

It is very beneficial for little ones to be included in creative projects. Creative activities can help children to express their feelings – both  big emotions, as well as smaller and more specific emotions. Children can be difficult to read from time to time (as can adults). But this is where creativity comes into the picture. You can really benefit from seeing how children develop through their choice of colours, patterns, and the like.

Card and paper are perfect starter pieces for little ones' creative projects. Firstly, it is a cheap material, so it doesn't matter if it anything breaks during the project. Plus, there are a wealth of options of card and paper to choose from. Children can help to make their own toys or pieces of decoration for their own room

If you’re looking for creative projects for the little ones, check out our catalogue of ideas, which contains creative ideas for cutting stickers. Encourage your child to engage in creative projects, which in the end can provide a breeding ground for many good skills over the course of their life.

Let your creativity bloom with paper flower sets.

Right now, it’s a big trend to use dried flowers and paper flower sets. The flowers can look incredibly real if the work put into them has been really focused. Not only are the flowers beautiful to look at, but naturally they also a lot longer than fresh flowers. In our catalogue of ideas, we have a lot of good tips and tricks for creating paper flower sets that give your home decor a very special look. The paper flower sets be put in a vase, or be attached around a wreath and used as table decorations. The paper flower sets also serve as the perfect hostess gift.

It is best to keep the paper flower sets in dark and humid rooms, such as the bathroom and bedroom, where there is no natural light. The paper flower sets can handle all kinds of environments, which is a great advantage.

In our range, we have several pretty templates that provide you with inspiration for creating incredibly beautiful paper flower sets. For example, the flowers can be created using crepe paper and silk paper, which give an incredibly beautiful and natural look. The paper flower sets require a little more technical ingenuity, as they are made using relatively sensitive materials. Fortunately, our comprehensive step-by-step guides and video clips give you some good insights, making the process much easier – even for beginners.

Keep your memories safe

Today, most of us keep all of our pictures on our smartphone or computer. But there is still something incredibly cosy about photo albums and scrapbooks. On this page we have gathered all our good ideas on how you can create your next book of memories – either for yourself or for someone you love. The perfect idea for a Christmas or birthday gift.

There are no fixed rules for scrapbooking. Everything is allowed, and you can mix colours, materials and patterns as freely as you wish. A scrapbook is very personal, and the look of the book should also reflect this.

Going on a long journey? Then put together your own pretty scrapbook with great photos, souvenirs, concert tickets, and much more. A scrapbook can also be made after a wedding, a round birthday, or just life in general. Take a look at all our great ideas right here.

A scrapbook is also an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift that can be given to a close family member or a good friend. Paste in the memories, good photos, and private jokes that you both share. It’s a gift that will create incredible joy. A scrapbook is a cosy object to keep in your home – and it's always exciting to look through and reread it year after year.

Make decorations and cards for all occasions

More and more festivals and holidays are now celebrated in our country. We have the traditional, big events like Easter, Shrovetide, Christmas and New Year. But over time, more holidays from abroad have arrived in Denmark, such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween. All these different festivals allow you to decorate your home –  almost all year round. And this naturally gives us reason to dive into creative projects and create a lot of beautiful decorations to decorate our entire home. In our catalogue of ideas we have gathered all our ideas for Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, and much more.

There is something very special about homemade decorations. You get the experience of creating something beautiful that you can immerse yourself in – and at the same time you have something that can decorate the entire house.

In our catalogue of ideas, we also have a large selection of make-them-yourself-cardsthat can be used for Christmas, birthdays, and much more. Here you have the opportunity to design your own personal card for the birthday child. Select the recipient’s favourite colours, motifs and the like, and create a unique card. 

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