Stone painting

Painting on stone is a great activity for the trip to the cottage during the summer holidays. Stone painting provides a great opportunity for your children to unfold artistically and unleash their creativity. We have made a number of ideas for you who want to paint on stones.

See all our ideas for painting on stone and find the best markers you can paint on stone yourself. Use Posca markers or Plus Color acrylic markers to paint on stone.

Stone painting
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Be inspired by our creative ideas

The best markers for stone painting

Plus Color markers

Do you need a marker for stone painting, then Plus Color is a solid choice. Plus Color markers consist of water-based craft paint, which makes it really easy to paint fine details and patterns on stone. You'll find lots of different colours for stone painting, and because of the high pigment content you can easily paint lighter colours on dark rocks for instance.

Posca markers

Posca markers are known worldwide and have many loyal fans among professional artists. What makes Posca markers special is the acrylic paint which is both light-resistant and has a strong colour pigment. This means they can be used on all kinds of surfaces, like stones and rocks.

Painting on stones

Why paint on paper when you can paint on stones? Nature is full of them, and they won't cost you a thing. You can find stones in so many different shapes and sizes that decorating them will never be boring. Some stones already look like things we know, while others require a little paint, markers and decorations. Painting on stones is a cosy activity that can keep the whole family busy – whether you're a child, young or old. This activity is especially fun in the summer, when the whole family can look for stones in the lovely summer weather. You're bound to find some nice-looking stones on your beach tours. So fill up your pockets, hurry home and try painting on stones!

If you need materials to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Very few tools are required to paint on stones, and we carry all of them – including stone lacquer, markers for stones and stone paint. If you'd like to know more about the individual products, simply keep reading.

Stone paint

Painting on stones is one of the easiest activities in the crafting domain. But what do you really need to remember when painting on stones? We've gathered the most important tips right here:

  • Wash away dirt

It is easier to paint on stones when they're free of sand and soil. That’s why you should wash them first. Feel free to wash them under the tap so that the surface is completely clean. If you've opted to take your stone paint and markers outside, you can wipe the stones with wet wipes to remove the worst of the dirt.

  • Choose good-quality stone paint

Before you start painting the newly washed stones, you need to choose the right stone paint. You can always use our craft paint to paint on stones. Here, we recommend our Plus Color craft paint, which is quick-drying. Find good-quality Plus Color craft paint here.

  • Choose good-quality stone lacquer

Once your painted stones are completely dry, there's one thing left to apply – stone lacquer. Our stone paint ensures that your beautiful stone creations can stand outside in all kinds of weather. Neither rain nor sleet can wash away the paint once they've been coated with our stone lacquer. Find good-quality lacquer for stones here.

Markers for stones

You can paint on stones, draw on stones and write on stones. There are many ways to decorate stones, but they all require quite different tools. If you want to draw or write on stones, we recommend using Posca markers, as these are the best markers for stones. The world-famous Posca markers are popular for several reasons. Firstly, Uni Posca markers work on all kinds of surfaces. And they're particularly good on both rough and smooth stone surfaces. Secondly, the markers provide excellent coverage, which is a must when painting on stones.

In addition to Posca markers, we also have other markers for stones. It's hard to avoid our Plus Color markers if you're planning on drawing or writing on stones. They have fantastic coverage and are also quick-drying. If you want to draw motifs and extra fine details on your stones, we recommend our extra thin markers.

Browse our wide selection of markers for stones and find both Posca markers and Plus Color markers. If you're looking for special offers on Posca markers, you can sometimes find our stone markers at particularly affordable prices.

Lacquer for stones

If you give your painted stones a coat of varnish, they'll last much longer. Our stone lacquer is both weather-resistant and water-repellent, which makes your stones extra resistant to all types of weather. This makes stone lacquer a really smart idea if you plan on placing your painted stones outside – either in the garden or in front of the door.

Ideas for painting on stones

You’ve probably strolled past many colourful stones on your walks. They've often been painted to look like animals, while other times, sweet messages have been written on them. Seeing these small treasures placed around the countryside can bring some joy to passers-by like yourself. And perhaps it's got you thinking that you'd like to paint on stones yourself, but just need some inspiration.

Fortunately, our idea universe is filled with creative stone projects that you can try. Some of the most popular motifs for painting on stones are animals such as ladybirds, fish and birds. For example, you can try making tortoises out of painted stones with Plus Color markers and Silk Clay®. The soft, foamy modelling compound acts as glue and helps you hold the stones together. Please note: Stone figures made with Silk Clay® should not be left outside, as the material is not waterproof.

If you need more inspiration for what you can use your painted stones for, here are a few suggestions:

  • Paint on stones and use them as small welcome signs next to your front door
  • Paint on stones to make personal greetings beside gravestones
  • Paint on stones and place them around your garden
  • Paint on stones and play noughts and crosses with them
  • Paint on stones to make decorative plant signs in the vegetable patch or herb garden
  • Paint on stones to make fun characters for the kids’ room, such as trolls, elves or cats

Is drawing and painting on stones not enough for you? Then you could go one step further and build figures out of your painted stones. Paint the rocks first and then build some adorable stone trolls – the idea can be found right here.

FAQs about stone decoration

  • Where do you find stones to paint on?

It's important that you find the right stones. Luckily, nature has a myriad of stones in different shapes and sizes that you can collect. When you’re on a walk in the garden, in the forest or on the beach, look down and see how many stones are just waiting to be turned into small works of art.

  • What kind of paint is best for stones?

You can paint on stones using the world’s best Plus Color paint. It's quick-drying, covers really well and has a consistency that's easy to work with. That’s why Plus Color paint is the perfect paint if you want to make some beautiful and colourful stone crafts. See our wide range of Plus Color paints right here.

  • Where can you collect stones?

You can collect stones from just about anywhere in nature. Denmark is lucky enough to be surrounded by some fantastic stone beaches that are lined with beautiful stones, so they would be an obvious place to look. Here, you can easily find the right-shaped stones with a smooth, flat surface that's ideal for painting on.

  • Which markers are best for painting on stones?

You can't use regular markers to draw on stones. You need markers that are specially designed for stones, and here Posca markers are the best. Posca markers are some of the best-known acrylic markers you can find, and they work perfectly on surfaces such as stone. Posca markers have a strong colour pigment and draw clean and precise lines. If you look through our extensive range, you can find Uni Posca markers in different variants, thicknesses and colours. See our Posca markers for stones right here.

  • Which lacquer should I use for my painted stones?

Choose a water-repellent and weather-resistant lacquer, which means that you can safely place your finished decorations outside, regardless of the weather. Neither rain nor sleet will wash off the stone paint, as the lacquer protects it completely.

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