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The art of cooking has never been more popular. This can start at an early age, even if it is 'just playing'. You can help the children experience the joy of a creative play kitchen by encouraging them to make their own play food and storage spaces for creative materials. Explore our handpicked ideas for homemade additions to the play kitchen, which children and adults can work on and immerse themselves in together. When you make the toys yourself, they become more valuable – and the play seems even more fun.

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The Cheerful Play Kitchen is filled with creative moments, where children can make their own delicious clay treats – sweet, creative and colourful. In the play kitchen, it's absolutely fine to play with your food. In fact, this is where children’s curiosity about food starts. Our creative ideas make it easy for children to create cakes and sweets in different colours and shapes – all made possible with self-hardening clay. Silk Clay® and Foam Clay® are perfect for making the play food we use in the play kitchen, as all it takes to form and make the treats are the child’s own hands. The direct contact with the clay increases the child’s tactile sense, strengthens fine motor skills and makes great entertainment on dreary rainy days – and doesn't stop once the culinary creations have been made. The preformed food quickly becomes part of the play kitchen, and becomes the start of many role-playing activities for the kids to enjoy: Perhaps you’ll be invited to a tea party in the play kitchen, where you’ll get to play at taste testing all kinds of beautiful cakes, muffins and cookies together.


Children are naturally full of curiosity when it comes to the adult world. They can spend hours imitating their parents cooking in the kitchen, and a play kitchen allows them to do just that. So, let the little chefs pull on their aprons and watch the homemade play food be used for imaginative role-playing games. Children can play at being in the ice cream parlour with homemade ice lollies from Foam Clay or in the sweet shop with the colourful lollipops and sweets that you've made together. The play kitchen can also quickly transform into a mini bakery, where the child can serve up their many unique cakes. With play food, the child quickly develops a natural interest in food and soon the small kitchen assistants will be ready to help you make dinner for real.


Children love sweet treats, and our many ideas for homemade cakes and candy made from self-hardening clay are sure to be a hit with the youngest members of the family. But don't forget the healthy kitchen, which is also a big part of children’s everyday life. Kids watch Mum and Dad as they prepare the day’s packed lunches and chop the vegetables for dinner, so it's natural for them to want to imitate this in their own little play kitchen. For example, try making fried eggs from felt or fruit and vegetables out of Silk Clay, so that the child also has the healthy food they know from the grown-up kitchen in their own play kitchen.

Interest in the foods they eat increases in line with the different foods they create. This gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to your child about the colours, shapes and names of various foods – because it's even more fun to learn about food when you've helped to make it yourself!


Creative moments are some of the best times you can have with your children and grandchildren, because children are usually completely free of inhibitions and can let their imagination have free rein. Fortunately, the oven is full of creative moments in the Cheerful Play Kitchen, when the main ingredients are Silk Clay and Foam Clay. These two related materials complement each other very well. The only difference is their consistency. As the name suggests, Silk Clay is silky, and has a soft, supple consistency that makes it easy for small hands to work with. Foam Clay contains lots of tiny polystyrene balls that give it a coarser mass. This makes it perfect for attaching to different objects. Check out our exciting range of colourful and self-hardening clay, and get ready for lots of cooking fun without the mess that usually accompanies it.    

Add even more creativity to the play kitchen by decorating an apron with your child's name and fruit motifs or decorate tea towels with fruit motifs – both super-sweet details for the stylish mini-chef!

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