Creative Christmas

"What Christmas things should I make?"
Here's inspiration for the most beautiful, creative homemade Christmas decorations, both news and the biggest favourites. You'll also find everything you need for gift wrapping and suggestions for gifts you can make yourself or products that all creative people would love. We have inspiration for this years Christmas card, and an entire area for you if you're looking for inspiration for Christmas crafts for kids.

Fill the holiday season with creativity

Christmas is characterised by a cosy family time. So. what better reason to engage in a variety of cosy creative activities together with your family and friends? On this page we have gathered a great overview of all our creative ideas that you might be looking for. 

For example, one good suggestion is to set aside all Sundays of advent for creativity, in order to create a cosy feeling. Make it a tradition with your family, friends, or colleagues. Below, we have provided our suggestions for how you can use the four days of Advent. Remember to put all those sweet Christmas treats on the table while you take on your creative projects.

  • First Sunday of Advent.

Of course, it is a lovely idea to spend the day making pretty Advent wreaths that can be used to decorate your home throughout December. You will find a wealth of inspiration on how to design your Advent wreath in our catalogue of ideas. You can choose a classic version with spruce and elf motifs, or a more modern version with LED lights and dried flowers. And yes, you can even cast your own tea light holders in concrete or plaster. There are so many options. Now that you're on your way, remember to make Advent candle decorations so that you're ready when 1 December comes around.

  • Second Sunday of Advent.

If you want to get your Christmas cards out in time, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started. Today, it is becoming increasingly rare to receive a Christmas letter – but when you do, there is nothing more cosy, and it gives the recipient enormous joy. A Christmas card can be made in countless ways and in different materials – only your imagination sets the limits. They can be decorated in watercolours, with stickers attached, or embroidered on origami paper.

  • Third Sunday of Advent.
    Homemade decorations can add the final touch to your Christmas decorations. As we are already halfway through December, you have probably already decorated your home with various elves, Christmas hearts and stars. But what about the Christmas tree? Here the obvious choice is to create some woven Christmas hearts that can decorate the tree. If you have the courage to take on several challenges, you could also start making cones, which can then be filled with various delicacies and treats.

  • Fourth and last Sunday of Advent.

We are now fast approaching Christmas Eve, and gifts will be placed under the tree. But before this can be done, the gifts must of course be beautifully wrapped. We often end up having a stressful Christmas morning of wrapping up the last presents. Set aside plenty of time for the last Sunday in Advent, so that you can beautifully wrap some gifts that will delight the recipient.

The timing of the days of Advent differ from Christmas, so move these ideas around to suit your schedule!

Create a cosy Christmas atmosphere for your children

Most children love Christmas very much, and can hardly get enough of Christmas elves and Christmas coziness. Therefore, make sure to involve your children in the fun at all times. Almost all of our creative activities can be adjusted to suit both children and adults.

When children throw themselves into creativity, they activate their senses, and learn more about both themselves and the outside world. So there are only good reasons to involve your children in creative activities during the Christmas season.
On this page, we have gathered all the creative ideas that are most suitable for the little ones. These are all tasks that are relatively easy to approach. But of course, you’ll find some creative ideas that are harder than others – which is why, no matter the age of your child, you’ll find helpful tips on our site. Below we have outlined some of the projects that you and your children can get started on:

  • The cutest snow globes with Christmas characters made of beads. A project that sounds more difficult than it actually is. Follow our patterns right here and make the prettiest Christmas decorations for your children's rooms.

  • Cute and pretty Christmas figures made from papier-mâché tubes with Christmas decorations. An activity that can include all ages. A pattern that can be designed on different levels.

  • Make different figures out of – e.g. cute little snowmen. Foam Clay has a fun and quirky texture that makes it fun for the children to play with.

Cosy togetherness alone – or with the family

Spending time with family and close friends can be incredibly enjoyable – especially during Christmas. There’s just something extra idyllic about Christmas. Most of us are free from school, leisure activities, and work. This gives us extra time with our loved ones. A great way to spend time together is to be creative. Here, you can inspire each other and work together on a creative project.

As harmonious as Christmas time can be, it can also be just as stressful. So sitting alone with your creative projects might help you to find some peace from the hectic Christmas season. Creativity can give you some much needed peace and quiet. Create your own little free space with cosy, creative projects this Christmas.

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Keep a regular eye on our range, as we update it from time to time. There’s plenty of opportunity to find what you’re dreaming of. 

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