Textile decoration

Large selection of everything you need for dyeing and decorating clothes, fabrics and textiles. You'll find textile and batik dyes, textile and silk paints as well as iron-on foil, transfer paper and textile markers for textile decoration.

Textile decoration
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Decorate fabrics and get great results with textile colors.

If you look around your house, you will find that you are surrounded by textiles. The kitchen has plenty of dishcloths, tea towels and pot holders, while curtains, bedding, pillows and much more can be found in many of the other rooms in the house. Of course, there are all the fabrics that you put on your legs and body every day as your daily outfit.

Common to them all is that they can be decorated with our beautiful textile colours. Textile colours provide a wealth of opportunities for the creative soul, because there is no fabric that cannot be decorated with beautiful colours. Therefore, textile decoration is a fun hobby for all those  with creative fingers who love to do things themselves and create attractive, personal items for the home and the body.

For example, with textile colour you can decorate your T-shirts and create a unique look, or you can buy plain T-shirts to create an artwork from scratch that you can jump into when you want to make your outfit more personal.

Textile decoration can cover many different things, for example, using textile paint, a textile marker or batik dye. extile decoration is also something you can involve your children in, and they will certainly love painting and drawing on their own T-shirts, or turning some of the kitchen’s dull tea towels f into beautiful  with patterns and colours.

Textile decoration offers many opportunities for the creative soul, and with our wide range of different textile colours on this page, you have every opportunity to get started on a fun project that will put a little more life into colourless textiles, or make your wardrobe a little more personal.

You can navigate through the wide assortment by clicking your way around the different categories, which will allow you to find precisely the type of textile colour or decoration you need.

Many options with batik dyes

Batik dye is a different way of colouring your textiles than you know from textile paints and markers. Batik dye can be used for dyeing cotton textiles in a dye bath by just adding water, table salt and fixing salt. You will then be left with a beautiful new colour-fast T-shirt that can withstand the washing machine without fading. Batik dyes can also be used to dye textiles in the washing machine.

Batik dyes also gives you ample opportunity to be creative. If you want to create other than a uniform colour over your entire T-shirt, you can use different types of batik techniques.

Batik dye allows you to create beautiful effects on a fabric, where some parts will have more colour than others. You can do this by putting a T-shirt in the washing machine with batik dye, but first roll it with a string, tie elastics or put clips around different parts of it.

This will give beautiful shades with uneven colour distribution, affording you every opportunity to be creative with batik dye. With batik dye, you can create your own unique designs on T-shirts and tote bags, making it a perfect activity for those who love to wear clothes with lots of style and personality.

Other types of textile decoration

If you think about it, you will find that you have a lot of opportunities to be creative when it comes to textile decoration. First, many different types of textiles can be decorated, and with the many different types of textile colours on this page, your options will be virtually endless.

You can draw and paint on tea towels, T-shirts and much more with textile markers and textile paint, or you can decorate bags, pencil cases, etc. with lovely textile decoration stickers.

If you want beautiful figures and patterns on your textiles, you can also take a closer look at the smart transfer paper. You can add transfer paper to your printer, print out a nice pattern or a beautiful figure on and then decorate it with different types of textile colours. When you have painted the pattern or figure on the transfer paper, you can scan your creation onto a garment, which will now take colour from the pattern.

Iron-on foil, textile chalks and much more can be used to create almost everything you have in mind when it comes to decorating clothes and textiles throughout the home. You can also use different types of fabric colours in your creative projects when creating decorations, etc.

Find inspiration for textile decoration

Your options are virtually endless when it comes to textile decoration with dyes and other colouring tecniques. You can always create something new and exciting when you want to be creative with beautiful colours and boring fabrics.

You may also choose to look in our idea catalogue when you need a good idea for a textile decoration project, or when you are just looking for a new challenge for a creative project. In it, you will find a  large selection of many different projects involving some kind of textile colour.

You will find a lot of exciting techniques that you can use to personalise your clothes and other textiles, such as pencil cases, along with a number of good ideas for creative projects involving textile decoration.

In our idea catalogue, you will discover how many options you actually have when it comes to textile decoration. You will definitely find a project that suits you! All projects also come with detailed guides and procedures, and you always get a shopping list for the project so that you can buy all the necessary items together.

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