Gypsum casting

Broad assortment of everything you need for plaster casting. You'll find mixes for making plaster casts, moulding compounds, model plaster and plaster gauze in a range of sizes. Use plaster in your creative craft projects to make casts of animal tracks or baby hands and feet. You can also use it to make masks and much more.

Gypsum casting
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How does plaster casting work?

Have you ever tried to play and be creative with plaster casting? If not, then we’re really happy to bring this exciting and creative world to you. This is what will happen when you first invest in plaster casting and moulds for casting. Before you can start casting exciting figures and wonderfully decorative interiors, you need to buy a casting compound, which we of course have a large selection of here at Creative Company.

Casting hobby plaster is both entertaining and exciting. It's easy to get confused when browsing casting compounds – however, you need be aware of curing time, which is dependent upon which compound you choose to get creative with. In our range, you can find different plaster compounds, and select the hardness you want.

But back to the question – how does plaster casting actually work?

  • First of all, think about what you want to cast. You can find a wealth of casting moulds with fun and beautiful shapes in our webshop.

  • The casting compound is then mixed with water. The mixing ratio can be found in the product specifications, or in the user manual when you receive the product from us.

  • Before the plaster becomes to thick, pour it into the mould. Remember to use gloves to avoid getting a lot of dirt on your fingers during the process.

  • The product must then be allowed to dry. Drying time may vary from product to product, but is approximately 30 minutes. The casting will be cured after about five to eight days. If you want a completely smooth result, you may want to sand the surface with fine sandpaper.

  • And so the fun begins! Decorating the casting compounds. Remember to buy a wealth of different paints and colours, so you can colour the plaster in colourful shades that can be used to decorate your home.

Of course, it is also possible to undertake various creative projects using plaster gauze, which you can also find in our range. Working with plaster gauze is a bit easier and does not require as much patience.

On the other hand, are you interested in casting with concrete? Then click here, as we have a large selection of that as well.

Create unique plaster casting creations

Are you ready for a creative and exciting project? Then try some plaster casting, which gives you endless creative possibilities. We have gathered everything you need for plaster casting right here on this page – this includes casting compound, plaster gauze and casting plaster.

The possibilities with hobby plaster are countless. You can cast candlesticks, bowls, figures and decorative objects that will provide some personality to your home decor. Feel free to explore our extensive catalogue of ideas, which provides one good hobby plaster idea after the other. There are several levels of creative projects using plaster casting – whether it’s the first time you’re throwing yourself into plaster casting or whether have tried it countless times before, there will be a project just for you.
Homemade plaster creation gifts
Many people add various interior decor items, such as figures, vases, bowls, etc. to their wish lists year after year. But what about going the extra mile and making your own creations for the recipient? This surprise will give them so much joy.

You can personalise your creations and decorate them based on the recipient’s interests, favourite colours, and much more. One good idea is to write a sweet quote on the vase or candlestick describing your friendship, mother-daughter bond, or relationship. This will be an incredibly beautiful keepsake to keep on display forever.

Of course, it is also possible to purchase casting compounds and moulds for casting for the recipient themselves. In this way, the person in question has the opportunity to express his/her own creative abilities.

The perfect creative project together with others

Plaster casting is primarily a project aimed at adults and creative people, but children can of course always help to paint and decorate afterwards.

In towns and restaurants, more and more creative workshops are popping up, where you can book a table. These spaces allow you to get creative together with other people. Fortunately, you also have the opportunity to do this at home within your own four walls. Prepare a cosy evening for family, friends and colleagues, where you can cast plaster and decorate together using materials from our webshop.

You can let yourself be inspired by each other, and in this way also challenge one another. Typically, you will tend to choose the same colours and patterns over and over again. But perhaps you will be inspired by the others around the table and create something you had never imagined or dreamed of producing.

You will also soon find that some interesting conversations will be held during the process. You have completely different conversations when you sit down and immerse yourself in creative projects and hobby plaster. There will probably be fun, silly and deep conversations at the table.

Take a break from the stresses of everyday life

Working with plaster casting requires a certain amount of patience, as it is a process that can extend over several days, as it must be both dried and cured. This is a creative development that requires contemplation.

One of our visions here at Creativ Company is to show our customers – you included – the great thing about creativity and hobby projects. Creativity provides peace and value in everyday life. It's the perfect excuse for taking a break from our stressful everyday lives at times.

When you’re sitting and decorating plaster, you go right down into first gear and concentrate exclusively on what you have in your hands. All your thoughts are removed, and you find your inner peace. Buy your new plaster cast now and get it delivered within a few days, so you can quickly get started on your creative project and get stuck in.

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