Specialist and special effects paint

Explore our wide selection of special paints and effect paints for your craft projects. You can buy everything you need for creative art and design, from crackle lacquer, relief paint and structural paint to chalkboard paint and terrazzo flakes.

Specialist and special effects paint
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Special paints with effects for all your exciting projects

When you are working on a creative project, you'll often need to paint it. Perhaps you already have a good stock of acrylic and oil paints, or maybe some water colours. These types of paint can go a long way, but acrylic paint alone cannot make a difference to all projects.

In cases like this, you may need to turn to special paint or paint that gives a cool effect, in order to get your project to look the way you intended. Fortunately, Creativ Company has a large selection of special paints with effects, so roll up your sleeves and get inspired.

If the paint does not provide enough inspiration, we also have a huge inspirational catalogue, which is packed with ideas and guides for all kinds of exciting projects and creative elements. The hard part is choosing only one project at a time.

If you need to paint something special, use our special paint

If you need to paint something for outdoors, such as flower pots or concrete figures, you'll need to get hold of our outdoor paint. We have a wide range of beautiful colours just waiting to decorate your project. The outdoor paint is durable and can withstand rain, sleet and sunshine without wear, tear or loss of colour.

Window colour is also one of our special paints. You can find window colours in many different colours, both in a bottle with a drawing spout and for use with brushes. The window colour adheres to the glass and provides the most beautiful light when the sun shines in through the window.

You can paint pretty motifs and patterns using window colours, by drawing on top of a piece of plastic. For example, a piece of plastic file holder. Then you can place the motif you want to trace under the plastic, or you can draw freehand. Let the paint dry, and when it is completely dry, remove your drawing from the plastic and hang it on the window. You can also find window colours that you can paint with directly on the window.

Effect paints give your projects special effects and quirky edge

Effect paint is paint that gives a very special effect when used. Normally, paint provides a flat surface that becomes one with the canvas or paper you have painted on. With our 3D effect paint, you can create works of art in which the paint emerges from the paper or canvas.

The 3D paint is available in bottles with drawing nozzles, so when you draw with it, it will lie on the surface as a small, high line instead of flattening out. This can create really cool effects that are completely out of the ordinary. 

At Creativ Company, you will find a large selection of chalk markers. Our chalk markers look like regular markers, but are far from it. They write with a kind of chalk that can be washed off a blank surface when you don't want to look at it anymore.

The chalk markers are available in many pretty colours, and serve as a mixture between a marker and chalk. It is a good idea to draw on glass and porcelain with the chalk markers, and if you draw on a smooth board, you can simply wash off the marker using a wet cloth. Be aware that if you draw on whiteboard lacquer or other surfaces that are rough, it will take a little more work to get the chalk marker off.

Crackle lacquer make the new look old

Retro and old are trendy. But not everything we own is actually old or retro. So it’s fortunate that it doesn't take much to make it look old, retro and super pretty. With our crackle lacquer, you can make all surfaces look old and cracked. You just paint the item you have in mind with the clear varnish, and when it dries, it will crack in the prettiest way.

You can also paint using our Chalky Vintage Look paint. It will make your new item look really old and vintage in the right way. Add some Inka Gold for sparkle and romance, and you’ll have really created something beautiful.  

Pouring and marbling – two lovely new trends

The latest hot trends at the moment are pouring and marbling. It may look difficult, but it’s not at all. All you need are the right materials and tools, and you’ll get a great result.

When pouring, you need to get hold of some of your acrylic paints and then mix them with pouring-fluid. This is a liquid that makes your acrylic paint more liquid, so it can flow out more easily onto your canvas. You need to mix the colours and fluid individually, and then carefully pour them together into layers in a cup, and thereafter out on top of your canvas. You can also use silicone oil to create beautiful cell patterns in your painting. Remember to protect the floor, furniture and your clothing before you start your pouring project.

If you’re more hooked on marbling, we can help you with this too. Buy a set of marbling colours to match your project. And then you just need to get hold of a tub of water that is deep enough for your item to be completely immersed in water. Now drop the marbling colour into the water and make beautiful stripes in it with a stick. Avoid mixing the colours together too much. Dip your item slowly and carefully all the way into the water and then remove it carefully. Now it just needs to dry, and then your project has actually been marbled.

If you've got the taste for these activities and need more guidance on the projects mentioned here, take a look at our big inspirational catalogue, where you will find the guide to these and many, many more fun and exciting projects. 

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