Office supplies

Make office work a little easier with, for example, clips, stapler, staples, ruled paper, pens and laminating equipment. Also, remembering small things like using your post-it notes.

Office supplies
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Get an overview with the right office supplies

Today, most of this is digital. This is where we save our most important documents, keep an overview of our calendar, and create our shopping list. But from time to time, it may also be necessary to have a comprehensive overview on your paper block. There are several claims that say that we strengthen our memory when we write by hand rather than on the computer keyboard.
Here at Creativ Company, we have all the office supplies you need for your home office, workplace, or hobby room. You can click on the specific sub-categories such as rulers, label machines, ballpoint pens, staplers, and much more. All of these office materials can help to create a more structured workplace, in which nothing you need is missing.

Keep track of loose papers

We often print out our most important documents, which is why it is also important to keep control and have an overview of these loose papers. On this page, we have a large selection of different folders that will ensure that your loose papers don't end up curled up at the bottom of your bag.

Our range includes the following:

  • Art Portfolio Files. A heavy duty folder in various sizes, often with a handle. These are often used for work that you need to present at meetings, conversations, and the like.

  • Elasticated Files Available in different colours, and very useful for school work. Buy some in different colours and use them for different school subjects.

  • Work Folders. Here, the loose papers can be put together in an A4 folder, which is made from sturdy cardboard. Also often used for school work.

  • Plastic presentation folders. Plastic folders with a clear front, so you can quickly get an overview of the contents. Available in many different colours.

If it’s just a single sheet of paper that you need to keep track of, then you can click on our range of hole punches and staplers, where you will also find foldback clips and clips that can quickly and easily keep track of your papers.

The range also includes laminators. With these, you can seal important documents or images using plastic. This provides a protective element that can withstand water and other liquids. This is an especially good idea if you need to hang a note outdoors. Lamination is also excellent if you want to print out recipes. Messy fingers can quickly get all over recipes, but fortunately lamination is quick to wipe with a damp cloth.

Writing utensils for every situation

Despite the fact that most of us carry a smartphone on us at all times, it is still useful to always carry a ballpoint pen or pencil in our bags. Of course, our range includes everything within writing utensils. Get an overview of our range below:

  • Ballpoint Pens. We have a wealth of different ballpoint pens in many thickness options and colours.

  • Pencils No further presentation required. One thing to note, however, is that we also have child-friendly pencils with optimal ergonomics, which make them the perfect beginner’s pencil.
  • Highlighters. Can be used for both study and work. Available in a wide range of colours.

  • Decorative marker pens These are available in different colours, and some even have glimmer and glitter– which is great for writing birthday cards, place cards, and the like.

  • And much more... Of course, you’ll also find pencil sharpeners and other accessories that you can use for your newly purchased writing utensils.

There is also plenty of opportunity to find the writing utensils and office items that you are looking for in our range.

Strengthen your organisation with a label machine

If you have many different folders in the office, finding the right folder can quickly become a challenge. It is therefore highly recommended that you invest in a label machine. With such a smart machine, you can quickly sort through all your cases – and get a good overview.

The label machine does not need to be limited to office use – but can also be used in the kitchen, your children's rooms, and much more.

  • Get an overview of your spices. A label machine can be very useful in the kitchen, where you probably keep a lot of jars and pots. If you put a label on the jars of flour, pasta, rice and spices, you can quickly find what you are looking for. Which means no more mistakenly putting cardamom in your casserole.

  • Help your children get started. Keeping track of children’s toys and clothes can be challenging – especially when they start learning how to tidy up. Here, labels can help children get started. Have different boxes and baskets for each category of clothes, teddy bears, toy cars, and much more.

Once you have brought a label machine into your household, you will find it difficult to do without it again. Suddenly, all your things will be marked with a label, and it will be much quicker to find things – all in all, a label machine will make your everyday life much easier and less stressful.

Everything for the pencil case and home office

As you’ve probably already noticed, we have everything you need for your pencil case and home office on our page. Although you might not use a ruler every day, it’s always a good tool to have lying around, as it can quickly become very useful.

Not having the right office tools can quickly become frustrating, and can significantly delay your work. You are able to buy several of our products in bulk. These bulk packs contain many ballpoint pens, pencils, and the like. In this way, you can buy in bulk for your home office or workplace. You've probably already experiened this situation: the way that you can magically lose one ballpoint pen after another. Therefore, it is a good idea to always keep some extra ballpoint pens and pencils around.

Now that you’re already shopping for your pencil case or office, don't forget to go through our full range. Maybe you need an extra post-it block or batteries in your basket before you click on purchase? Remember that we deliver within a few days, so you can quickly benefit from your new office supplies.

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