Flower arranging and basket weaving supplies

Make beautiful bouquets and decorations with our flower arranging supplies, or weave a nice basket with our weaving items. Here you will find wood discs, pine cones and natural elements for Christmas decorations, as well as oasis, metal rings and wire. You will also find rope, stringing materials and tools for basket weaving.

Flower arranging and basket weaving supplies
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Create gorgeous things using floristry and basket-making supplies

By focusing on doing creative things together with the people closest to you, you can live more in the moment and enjoy using both your head and hands. Creativity is a universal language, and while some people prefer a raw, rough aesthetic, others gravitate towards a soft, refined expression.

Whether you’re into one or the other, you can immerse yourself in creative pursuits and make decorations for the year's different holidays. The summer sees an abundance of flowers to enjoy, which in dried form can help colour your home during the winter months.

Here at Creativ Company, there are many different products to choose from, for example, in binding/flower arranging and basket weaving.

Our range of creative accessories and decorative products

As our selection of creative items and accessories is very broad, there should be at least one or two things that cover what you're looking for. Here on our website you can find a wide range of products in both natural and artificial materials.

Things made from natural materials include everything from pine cones, flowers and leaves to wood and cinnamon sticks, and we also sell products made from plastic, rubber, cardboard, metal, floral foam, cork, wire, polystyrene and glass. This gives you endless combination possibilities, and you can make a wide range of creative things to celebrate all the year's special occasions and holidays.

You can give your creativity free rein, and we hope that our products enable you to work on your arts and crafts projects the way you imagined them. Some things look better in your imagination than they do in reality, but everyone has to start somewhere, whether you're embarking on a new hobby in earnest or simply wish to practice your skills.

Inspiration for things to make with products from our webshop

With a wide range of different products to choose from, we hope that you can bring your creative visions to life. - Whether you want to make a Christmas wreath or a candle decoration for Advent, an Easter decoration, wicker basket or something else entirely. Although Christmas is the most traditional time to make decorations and other craft pieces, you can easily find many products that are ideal for other times of the year.

Bring some brightness to autumn's cold, dark evenings by making a decoration out of faded leaves, cones and ribbons, or try decorating your Easter candle display by placing dried orange slices and flowers around the base of the candle or candlestick.

In December, you can prepare yourself for Christmas and help yourself relax by making all kinds of decorations. You could also try a different kind of craft project by making wooden baubles which you can then paint with metallic paint, or buy some special wooden branches with a pre-cut slant at the end. These are great for painting a family of Christmas elves on. You can then find a cosy spot for your elf family somewhere in your home.

Dive into the subcategories to see a specific selection of items

As our range of floristry tools and wicker baskets is so extensive, it can be an advantage to focus on a specific type of product or items for a particular purpose. To make it easier for you to click on the subcategories, we have divided the items on this page into smaller groups.

To narrow your search down to a more limited product selection, click on one of the categories above all the products displayed at the top of the page. For example, tools for basket weaving, floristry supplies and homemade decorations each have their own category with their own products. You’ll also find DIY kits that are perfect for making things like small Christmas figures.

The number of products in each subcategory varies. Some subsets of items within floristry supplies, decorations and basket making tools are quite extensive, will others have only a few products. Our selection changes from season to season, so you'll see different items on our website and in the individual subcategories depending on the time of year.

Our passion for DIY projects and creative expression

Being able to slow things down for a while is no doubt something that most people will appreciate. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s nice to be able to focus on the present for a moment and spend quality time either by yourself or with friends or family.

As you browse our webshop, we hope that you can find plenty of things that are perfect for your own creative projects. We know that a project can start to become unmanageable if it gets too big, so you're welcome to start small and work your way up to creating bigger things. If a creative hobby becomes too time-consuming, it can stop feeling like a hobby.

This is why we focus on helping you with both ideas and instructions, and you can easily get started on a project such as making homemade decorations simply by browsing through the suggested projects in our big idea catalogue.

Store your natural materials correctly

Many of the products we sell here on our webshop are made of natural materials. All products can break, including metal and plastic products. Natural products are especially vulnerable, however.

Anything organic is at risk of spoiling in one way or another. There can be several reasons for this, but generally it's because the natural material has got damp and/or been exposed to bacteria.

In order to prevent your natural materials getting exposed to moisture, make sure you keep things at an optimal temperature and be careful it doesn't get too humid. If your natural materials get wet or damp, make sure they are completely dry before you put them away.

Bacteria is difficult to avoid, but to reduce the risk of natural materials getting spoiled by bacteria, you should wash your hands before handling them. For example, you can wear gloves to make a decoration with clay and then remove the gloves before adding any natural materials to your decoration.

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