Piggy banks and money boxes

Keep control of your money with our piggy banks and money boxes. Use them as they are – or even better, decorate them so they become beautiful and personal. Here you will find both piggy banks and money boxes shaped like different animals and figures.

Piggy banks and money boxes
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Make your own piggy bank and money box

Even though we don't deal with cash as much as we used to, there is something magical about a piggy bank or money box. It's special to hear the coins rattle around inside and know that it is your savings money that you can hear.

A money box is even more fun if you have made it yourself. Then you can design your own “home bank” and make it look just the way you want it. If you don't have the courage to build your own money box from scratch, don't be discouraged. At Creativ Company, we have a large selection of money boxes, piggy banks, and animal banks in different shapes, sizes and materials. One thing they all have in common is that they are just waiting for you to decorate them, so that they become pretty and fun to display.

Piggy banks animal banks for children and adults

If you have no coins to put in a piggy bank, don't despair. It is also possible to display a money box without anything inside it. Then it’s just a pretty little decorative item that you can display. If you’ve decorated it yourself, or received it from someone who wanted you to feel good, then there may even be a lot of good memories linked to it. And suddenly it’s much more than just a money box.

Children are usually happy to receive a money box. Then they can collect their pocket money in it, and feel how it gets heavier and heavier. And children also find it fun and cosy to decorate their own money box or animal bank. Then it suddenly means something very special.

At Creativ Company, we have a large selection of money boxes that you and your children can decorate. You can find money boxes shaped like pigs, birds, chests, and all kinds of other animals. Our money boxes are available in different materials. For example, you can find money boxes in wood and porcelain, or you can find one in untreated terracotta. Remember to be aware of which material your money box is made of, if you wish to decorate it. For the best results, the paints and glue used may vary according to material. 

Give a personal gift

There’s nothing like getting a personal gift. A gift that someone has made with you in mind. It warms the heart in a very special way. If you would also like to delight someone with a homemade gift, all you need to do is find the right piggy bank and start decorating it. Remember to base your selection on what the gift recipient would like in terms of colours and materials. Then it’s sure to be a hit with the recipient.

Remember that if you give a wallet or a money box as a gift, it is good practice to insert a coin. It doesn't have to be a big coin, just a small one. But old custom dictates that it means good luck, and that the wallet or money box will never be empty. And it’s a sweet wish to have for the one you're gifting it to. 

Decorate it with anything your heart desires

When it comes to decorating your money box or piggy bank, only your imagination limits what you can decorate it with. Finally, remember to take into account which material your piggy bank is made of. Some materials do not absorb paint very well, while others absorb paint far too well. Therefore, it is important that you double check before you start. It would be so sad to destroy a project before you’ve really even started.

Once you have found the right paint, the right or the right glue, all you need to do is get started. Perhaps you have devised a pattern that will look good on your money box. Or perhaps you want it to be one colour only. Maybe you want to decorate it with sequins or beads. Or maybe cover it with leaves and twigs from the forest. You can also try gluing a nice piece of fabric to your animal bank. Just imagine, a bunny of pink .

You can also add hair to your piggy bank. Take some yarn and wrap it around a few fingers. Knot one end and cut the other end to create lots of threads. Now you can glue the hair to your piggy bank. Maybe you want it to be completely covered in Or maybe you would prefer a completely white and clean surface. Then you just don't decorate it.

Remember to take a look at our exciting inspiration catalogue

If you need any ideas for decorating your money box, you can take a look at our huge inspiration catalogue. Here you will find a wealth of ideas and guides to help you find the right idea for your project. Remember that no one says you have to copy the ideas identically to how they appear in the catalogue. These are just ideas, and you can easily combine some of them, or use part of an idea and leave the rest. It’s entirely up to you.  

Our money boxes and animal banks are sold both individually and in bulk packs. In this way, you can easily buy more money boxes if, for example, you are going to conduct a hobby activity at an institution. Perhaps you are hosting a children’s birthday party and would like to give the children a fun activity, which will also give them something nice to take home to remember the day. There are so many options with the pretty money boxes and piggy banks.

Remember that if you want to get the money out of the money box again, most of our money boxes have a rubber plug at the bottom. In this way, you avoid having to smash the piggy bank to get the money out of it again. Because it would be a terrible shame to destroy your small work of art.

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