Good moulds are the make it or break it item for moulding projects. Here you will find for example silicone moulds that can be used for concrete, gauze and soapmoulding. On top of that there is also plastic moulds, where some are for moulding sand. All of which can be found with different motifs.

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Cast your own beautiful shapes using concrete moulds

If you love to be creative and make beautiful figures and shapes, you have a lot of options when it comes to materials. There are many materials that are aimed at hobbyists, and you may also have tried to make figures and shapes out of decorative clay, plaster, cheese wax, and others.

But have you ever thought about making beautiful concrete figurines? You may be familiar with concrete as something that is used in construction, where the material’s many properties provide great advantages in various building projects.

Concrete is easy to work with, because it comes in a liquid form, after which it dries within a relatively short time and becomes hard as rock.

As a creative soul, you can also use these qualities when you want to get started on a fun project. For creative projects, concrete has the advantage that it can easily be formed into any shape, after which it quickly dries and becomes super hard, and thereby extremely resistant.

This is why it is so popular among hobbyists to buy concrete moulds. Concrete is easy to mix and pour into a mould, and when the concrete is dry, you’ll be left with a figure that can withstand a little bit of everything, and that can easily withstand the harsh Danish climate.

Concrete is therefore an obvious choice when you want to make something for outdoors. Unlike plaster, concrete has no problem being exposed to water, and a concrete figure can therefore easily stand outside all year round.

Finally, concrete has the advantage that it gives a raw but attractive look that you won't find in other materials. In fact, concrete is extremely modern in interior design, so you can easily make some beautiful and stylish candlesticks or pots for your plants using concrete and a mould.

There are so many possibilities with concrete, and therefore it is a fun material to work with for everyone who loves to be creative and create beautiful things from scratch.

Create your own beautiful decorative objects using concrete moulds

On this page we have put together our range of concrete moulds. With a mould from our selection, you can easily make some beautiful decorations for your home because, as mentioned, concrete is a modern material that is popular within interior design. This is why many new homes are being furnished with polished concrete floors or bare concrete walls, because the raw and natural look creates a very special atmosphere in a room.

However, you don't have to go as far as making brand new concrete floors for your home, because a decorative object made moulded from concrete will also give your home some of that raw and natural look.

For example, you could make some beautiful small bowls using concrete moulds. Concrete moulds are also ideal for homemade tea light holders and candlesticks.

You can also make your own small concrete figurines for the window, or you can make something beautiful for the garden because, as mentioned above, concrete can withstand both rain and frost.

If you would like to add a bit more colour to your concrete figures, you can also choose to paint them. Concrete is easy to paint on, so you can use normal craft paint to create a beautiful and colourful surface on your concrete items.

In other words, there are so many possibilities when working with concrete and concrete moulds, which is why you just need to roll up your sleeves and unleash your creativity. 

How to use concrete moulds

Concrete moulds are easy to use, which is why everyone can participate in the project. This applies to those who have no experience in working with concrete, including children, who are probably curious to try out this fun material.

Specifically, you just use your concrete moulds by filling them with mixed concrete, and then you wait for them to dry and become hard. For example, if you want to make a bowl using a concrete mould, you first pour concrete into a concrete mould that is shaped like the bowl you want to create. Then press a smaller bowl into the concrete, so that the bowl will be hollow when the concrete is dry.

When the concrete is dry, you can remove your concrete moulds, and stand back to gaze at your hard and waterproof bowl, which is extremely decorative. Concrete moulds have smooth surfaces, so they are easy to separate from the concrete and clean again, so they can quickly be ready for your next project.

Find plenty of inspiration for your next DIY project using concrete moulds.

If you have concrete and concrete moulds in your hobby workshop, you can create beautiful and modern decorative accessories that will add style and edge to your home. Concrete moulds allow you to create a wealth of different shapes, and therefore you have ample opportunity to create some decorative artwork that fits your own taste.

It’s easy to use concrete and moulds, which is why it’s an obvious choice for creating decorative accessories for anyone who wants to make something unique and loves to do things themselves. For example, when you make a tea light holder, you will end up with a product that looks extremely professional, and which can therefore easily look like something bought in an expensive art shop.

But what if you need a good idea to get you started on using moulds to create beautiful projects? Then you can take a look at our catalogue of ideas, where you will always find plenty of inspiration for things to make when you are feeling creative.

Here you will find great ideas on how you can use your moulds, and with our large selection of ideas you will definitely find a project that suits you.

All projects come with detailed guides, so everyone can easily participate and get great results.

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