Home-made jewellery

Find inspiration for making jewellery here, not only do we provide all you need, we also show in detail how you do it. That's why we claim that anyone can make jewellery! See our many ideas for bracelets, necklaces, brooches and earrings, that you can make yourself.



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Get started making your own beautiful jewellery

Jewellery making is a fun activity that you can easily do with the whole family. It’s great to get to work with something between your hands, and there’s nothing better than creating something beautiful from scratch that you can gift to a good friend or keep to wear yourself, whether for   everyday or for a party.

There are many good reasons to try making your own jewellery, and with the right techniques, a bit of practice and some lovely materials, you can actually easily make some jewellery pieces that look just as professional as the ones you can find at your local jewellery store.

You can make your own jewellery of all types, whether you want to fashion a homemade bracelet, necklace, earrings or something else.

All kinds of homemade jewellery can be used to create a more personal style for yourself, especially if you're the type who can't always find suitable jewellery in the stores. By making your own jewellery, you can design it just the way you want it to perfectly match your personal style. Jewellery making is also a cheap alternative to buying expensive pieces, and you can save a lot of money by making your own jewellery.

To get started on jewellery making however, and so that you end up with some jewellery pieces that are really beautiful and professional, it's worth knowing a little about the techniques used in jewellery making.

That’s why we’ve put together a number of different guides for you on this page, so you can quickly and simply learn some popular jewellery making techniques. At Creativ Company, we've made it easy for you to start your own professional jewellery production. Our guides cover everything from sliding knots to pretzel knots and much more in between, and are sure to lead you well on your way to making some really beautiful jewellery pieces.

If you'd like to start making your own jewellery, then we recommend that you take a look at this page. Here, you'll find guides to many different jewellery making techniques, and once you've mastered a few of the techniques, you'll discover just how many beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery you can create yourself.

Find everything you need for jewellery making

At Creativ Company, we have a wide range of jewellery materials. To get started with jewellery making, you'll need some beautiful materials, because in the end, it's these materials that determine how beautiful your jewellery will be.

When you want to make beautiful earrings, for example, then it's the pendant that gives the jewellery its final expression, and the same can be said of many other jewellery pieces.

That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to select a wealth of beautiful jewellery materials, which you can buy at affordable prices to get your jewellery project started.

We sell materials for all types of jewellery, and this does not only apply to charms and pendants. You’ll also find all the small pieces you need to make your jewellery function properly and look professional. Our range includes jewellery clasps, end caps, chains, tools and many more items that make jewellery making possible.

Our jewellery materials also come in a wealth of different designs and shapes, so you always have ample opportunity to find materials that serve a function and fit perfectly into the design of your jewellery.

With our range of jewellery materials, you’ll find that there’s virtually no limit to the type of jewellery you can make. So it’s just a matter of exploring our range of jewellery materials if you want to get started with your own uniquely crafted jewellery.

Jewellery making with your kids

If you love to make jewellery yourself, you can be sure that your kids will love it too. Children love to be creative, which makes jewellery making a big hit with most children – plus, they get to dress up in the jewellery they've just made themselves.

Jewellery making is an ideal activity for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Many of our techniques on this page are easy for children to try themselves, and we've made it easy for you to select a project with a level of difficulty suited to your child's age.

We also stock plenty of materials for jewellery making that are ideal for smaller hands, so you have plenty of opportunity to start a child-friendly jewellery project with your own kids.

Be inspired for your next jewellery project

Once you've learned some of the different techniques on this page, a world of unique jewellery making opportunities will open up. Armed with some solid techniques, you can create many different pieces. When it comes to making jewellery, you really can get as imaginative, and as wild, as you like.

Once you've learned about the different jewellery-making techniques, try browsing through our idea catalogue. We're sure that you'll find some inspiration for your next jewellery project here if you're not sure where to start.

Our idea catalogue offers a wealth of different creative ideas for jewellery making, so you can always dive into the catalogue for some inspiration when you want to make some beautiful jewellery for yourself or someone you love.

Here, you'll find detailed guides for each project, so that you can easily start making professional-looking necklaces, bracelets and more. You can also find a shopping list for each project, so it’s really easy for everyone to get started.

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