Carded wool

We carry a large selection of carded wool for hobbies such as wool felting and needle felting. Find carded wool in a consistently high quality from New Zealand here. There's a wide range of colours to choose from, and the carded wool can be purchased individually or in packs of assorted colours.



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Gorgeous, carded wool in many colours

On this page, we have gathered all our wool to inspire you. We sell carded wool in many different colours and, regardless of colour, brand and number of grams, you can expect a good quality. The colours of the carded wool range from neutral colours, such as black, white and grey, to more colourful options, such as orange, terracotta, yellow, red, pink, purple, blue and turquoise.

Our range also offers some help in the shape of starter kits for needle and wool felting. In addition to the different starter kits, which contain a wide range of products so that you or e.g. a school class can start being creative, you will also find bundle packs containing several different colours.

You can typically choose between very large packs that contain a wide range of colours, or packs with fewer wool bundles that contain colours on a specific end of the colour scale. These could, for example, be the combinations of red/orange or blue/turquoise. Of course, you also have the option of buying a single wool bundle in your preferred colour.

The weight of each individual wool bundle typically varies from 10 to 100 grams. However, you may also be lucky enough to find large bundles of wool weighing 200 to 800 grams.

What is carded wool and what can you use it for?

When wool comes from sheep, it can be lumpy and unsuitable for use in clothing or other things. Therefore, it is very useful to card the wool. Carding is a process in which the fibres in the wool are loosened, resulting in airy wool that is ready to be spun into yarn. Alternatively, you can also use the carded wool for felting or other activities that require a light and airy layer of wool fibres.

Carded wool can either be carded by hand or via a machine. If the wool is carded by hand, two tools are typically used. The attachments have handles and a flat plate with metal hooks on one side. These hooks grab the wool and tear it apart easily, thereby loosening the material.

By buying wool that is already carded, you will save time and money by not having to do it yourself.

Do you need inspiration for using wool?

Wool is a gorgeous material, as it is effective in insulating and absorbing moisture. This is also one of the reasons why it is often used for clothing. However, you can easily use wool for things other than clothes. If you look in our catalogue of ideas, you can find a lot of inspiration on how to use wool.

If you search for wool in our catalogue of ideas, you will find a lot of ideas that include wool in the final result. As the word 'woolen' might be used as an adjective to describe something, some of the ideas may have nothing to do with wool at all.

You can also just dive straight into our felting ideas, where you will find a good selection of suggestions for felting with wool. Another way to find ideas is to click on the individual products on this page. Then you will see suggestions for what that the individual products can be used for. For example, you could click on a small packet of carded wool in the colours red, white and grey. This pack can be used for everything from separated Easter eggs with a needle felt Easter chicken in them, to flowerpots and angels made from polystyrene balls that are needle felted with carded wool and cut-out felt.

Be creative through wool felting

There’s almost nothing better than being creative with your hands. When you make something practical and creative, you use both your head and hands, and you also get a finished product that you or a lucky recipient can benefit from.

In our catalogue of ideas you will find a lot of inspiration for wool felting. You can either take a closer look at each individual product to see what it is used for, or you can just buy some carded wool in different colours and throw yourself into any project you can think of on your own.

We have made it easy for you to start wool felting, because we offer you starter kits for needle felting of pictures, starter kits for needle felting, needle felting class sets, or a starter kit for wool felting. This gives you ample opportunity to easily start your DIY project. If you’re experienced or just brave enough to come up with something yourself, you should definitely buy several different individual bundles or packs containing multi-coloured carded wool.

The advantages of being creative through felting and other hobbies

Whether you want to work with felting or with carded wool in a different way, you can look forward to enjoying some cosy hours in your own creative company, or with others. If you are not going to be felting yourself, but you are responsible for a school class, you can be pleased to know that there will be plenty of entertainment and learning for your pupils when using one of the starter kits.

You are of course welcome to buy what you want. However, there may be items that you cannot purchase as a private individual. You may be able to purchase some products if you log in first, but as a starting point, there are certain products that we only sell to other companies, schools, and institutions.

Buy wool from us as a private individual or business customer

All customers are welcome to shop in our webshop. We sell to private individuals and other companies, as well as schools, after-school centres, kindergartens and institutions. You can pay with many different credit cards as a private person, as well as with MobilePay.

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