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A sustainable, colourful working day with a beautiful tote bag

If you love to be creative, and if you can't get enough of surrounding yourself with beautiful homemade things, you must of course also make your own tote bag. Tote bags can be used for a wealth of different things in everyday life, so it is a good idea to have a nice tote bag in the drawer to avoid buying a new plastic bag every time you go shopping.

There is already plenty of plastic in the world, and by using your own tote bag for shopping, you can do a small part to reduce the world’s plastic consumption. That’s why a tote bag is also a cheaper alternative, as you don't have to buy a new bag every time you shop.

A tote bag can also be used in other contexts, so it is always nice to have a practical tote bag on hand. But is there any reason you should be walking around with a dull, colourless tote bag? Not necessarily, because tote bags are one of the things that are very easy to decorate on your own,

especially if you buy one from our selection on this page, where you will find a wide selection of tote bags without colours or motifs, so that you can exercise your creativity. A tote bag lets you create your own artwork from scratch, so it suddenly makes it much more appealing to use it for daily purchases.

You have a lot of creative options when it comes to decorating your tote bag, so it’s just a matter of unleashing your imagination and getting started. For example, you can write your name or an appropriate slogan with a textile marker, or you can decorate the bag with patterns and figures with textile markers in different colours.

You can do the same with textile paint or you can make textile prints to create some beautiful shapes with sharp lines. Embroideries, knitwear and much more are also possible for decorating your tote bags, and you therefore have every opportunity to customise the bag to suit you and your personal style.

Make your own beautiful bags for everyday use

Bags are another practical item that you can use for many different things in everyday life. For example, if you need something that provides a little more protection for your things than does a tote bag, a leather bag is a good choice that will keep rain and wind away from your computer, tablet or important papers.

If you need a beautiful bag, we have made sure that you can use your creative skills to make something very special. We sell a wide range of different types of bags in different materials, shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find a bag that suits your needs.

Our bags are designed to be easy to decorate for those who want to personalise their bag. With bags you have almost the same opportunities as you have with tote bags; it is just a matter of being creative.

For example, you can choose one of our bags in heavy-duty faux leather paper, which perfectly accommodate a tablet and come with a plain, light surface that will be the perfect canvas for your creative fingers.

For example, you can sew directly onto the bag with beautiful colourful thread if you want to write your name, or just want to decorate the bag with a beautiful butterfly or similar. You can also sew different fabric figures onto the bag, or you can use some of the smart rub-on stickers to write text or decorate.

The options with bags from our selection are many, so you have plenty of options for freeing your creativity and creating a beautiful, personal bag for everyday use.

Wallet with personality and style

Wallets are a third thing most people use on a daily basis. Your wallet is one thing you always carry with you, so it is even more important than a tote bag or handbag. A wallet should be a practical item with plenty of room for money and cards, but of course it should also be stylish and attractive at the same time.

If you need a nice practical wallet, you might choose one from the assortment on this page. The logic is the same as with our bags and tote bags, i.e, to give you many options for decorating your wallet precisely according to yourvision.

For example, you can choose a wallet in heavy-duty faux leather paper, which you can decorate by sewing it, sewing figures onto it or by using the smart rub-on stickers, which are a quick and easy way to make your wallet stylish and personal.

You might also choose a cotton wallet that you can decorate with fabric yarn, or enliven with lots of beautiful colours using textile paint or textile markers. The creative possibilities open to you will make it more fun to pull your wallet out of your pocket when it’s time to spend money.

Get good ideas for decorating decorate bags, tote bags and wallets

If you need a good idea for decorating a bag, tote bag or wallet, you are always welcome to take a look at our idea catalogue, where you will find a wealth of exciting projects that you can freely start with.

You will find good ideas on how to make beautiful, personal bags, tote bags and wallets, and you can always look in our idea catalogue when you need some inspiration to get started.

All projects in the idea catalogue come with detailed guides and a shopping list, so it is easy and quick for everyone to get started.

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