Window and glass film and stickers

Browse our range of glass foil and glass stickers for porcelain and glass decorations. Glass decoration foil is used for decorating porcelain, glass, metal etc. Cut or punch out motifs and patterns and apply to glass. Pre-punched glass stickers are ready to be applied.



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Exciting glass film and stickers for personalising things like mugs

We are constantly working to expand our range, so that you never struggle to find products when you visit our webshop or physical store. For us here at Creativ Company, it is essential that you can find the things you need so that you can develop your creative skills.

As you can also be creative by combining things that you might otherwise not think of putting together, why not try putting glass foil or glass stickers on ceramics and glass, such as a drinking glasses.

There are many different stickers and foils for glass. Some variants are ready for use as they are already punched, while others you have to cut out or punch yourself. Here on our webshop, we sell several stickers and foils for glass of different types, colours and sizes.

On each product's individual page, you should be able to see whether the sticker or foil needs to be cut out or punched, or whether it is ready to be applied. Before applying foil or stickers to ceramics or other utensils, make sure that the surface is both clean and dry.

When you have found a glass sticker or glass foil that you would like to take a closer look at, just click on the product. If you know what you want, you can also simply add the item to your virtual basket.

If you have any questions, please contact us. You can call or write to us. Our contact information is available on our customer service page.

Colour changing glass stickers

Modern technology has made it possible to make very thin foils and stickers for glass that, not only decorate, but can also change colour. Here on our webshop you will find many different glass stickers and possibly foils that can change colour.

For example, you can buy a black sticker in the shape of a heart. This will personalise your own or your partner's mug, and you can both admire the heart-shaped sticker as it changes colour from black to red as it heats up. A mug is ideal for holding hot drinks. So while you’re enjoying your hot tea, coffee or cocoa, you can look at the sticker as it gradually changes colour.

We sell several other glass stickers that change colour. You can browse our webshop and then select the sticker(s) that fits your own, or a loved one's, taste. A personal mug with a colour-changing motif is also a great gift idea for family members, friends, and close colleagues.

The glass stickers and foils on our webshop usually have a black motif to start with, but you may be lucky enough to find motifs in other colours. Even though a motif is black, you can click on the product in question to see if it changes colour when heated. This means that most black motifs will have two colours. However, the other colour (typically red) will only be revealed when the sticker is heated up.

Gentle washing of items with foil and glass stickers

Regardless of whether or not the motif can change colour, it must only be hand washed. In this way, the foils and stickers are like the other motifs that are printed by the manufacturer. Many of these are not dishwasher safe either, so you would still need to wash them gently by hand. So you may as well choose an exciting, fun, beautiful, or unique motif that you can stick to your mug.

Which means you can choose the design yourself, and you have the option of making more if you have several mugs in the same colour and several stickers or foils lying around. This is useful if you accidentally drop a mug and it breaks.

Whichever motif you choose, you should check if hand washing is recommended. You can always take a chance and put the mug with the sticker or foil in the dishwasher, but then you should expect it not to keep, to become ugly, or for the colour change to stop working.

If you give someone a mug that you have made yourself, it may be a good idea to make the recipient aware that the glass foil/glass sticker cannot be put in the dishwasher.

Some people actually like to hand wash their dishes. But even if you have a dishwasher and prefer to use it, it’s not a big challenge to wash one single mug by hand from time to time.

What can you make using glass foils and stickers?

Even though we have a large catalogue of ideas, with inspiration for everything from Christmas decorations and Easter decorations to toys, there are some products for which we have no specific ideas. This may be the case with glass foil and stickers. However, an obvious choice is to use foil and glass for things like ceramics, and the most common way to use them is to stick foils on mugs and glass.

The colour changing foils and stickers are perfect for sticking on things that get hot. The most obvious example of this is a mug or thermal mug, from which you drink hot drinks. The colour change will be gradual, as the foil/glass sticker heats up. But of course, you don't have to use its colour changing qualities.

You can also stick glass foils and glass stickers on to other things, such as decorative items that lack a bit of personality. You can also stick foils on your windows.

However, please check whether it is a new or old pane because, if the pane is completely new and you would like to remove the foil, it would be a shame to find that it's difficult to completely remove. Then it might be better to stick it to an older pane, which might soon need to be replaced. This will allow you to decorate the window for a while, and allow you to test whether the sticker can be completely removed.

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