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Creativ Company offers a wide selection of good quality hard crayons, oil-based crayons and wax pastels. Our crayons are ideal for children and are available in school grade, student grade and professional qualities. Shop boxes of crayons in one colour or mixed colours.



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Add colour to your world with hard crayons

You never get too old to draw and colour in with crayons. Perhaps you feel too busy and stressed to take time to do creative things, but it is precisely when you are busy and under pressure that it can be nice to have a little breathing room, to fill up your energy reserves. Slowing down the pace also makes it easier to lower your heart rate, so you can get more energy to return to the treadmill. This applies regardless of whether you are a child, a young person, or an adult.

We sell a wide range of crayons of different types, and you can find packs with only a few crayons in certain shades, as well as large packs with many different colours. Whether you need a large or small pack depends on how much you need, and what you want to draw.

If you would like to make a simple drawing in basic colours, then a small pack with basic colours such as red, blue, green and yellow is probably enough; but if you would like to create more advanced drawings and images, you may benefit from buying a large pack with many colours in it.

Be inspired by our wide selection of crayons

If you are an adult looking through the products on this page, it is possible that you will recognise several of the products from when you were a child. It brings back memories from your childhood and youth, and you can dive into your nostalgia by drawing and colouring in together with your children.

If you are responsible for purchasing items for school classes, kindergartens, and after-school centres, as well as creative workshops, you have probably also seen these products before.

Our range is colourful, and you can choose between many different variants, packs, several different colours, and different types of crayons.

Crayons in gorgeous colours from exciting brands

Creativ Company is the name of our company, and here on our webshop you can rely on our passion for creative hobbys and DIY projects shining through in all of our product categories. This certainly also applies to the category of hard crayons.

On this page you will find products from recognized brands, such as Neocolor/Caran D'ache, Colourtime, Filia, PRIMO, Giotto be-bè, CreArte and Lyra. Certain brands, such as Giotto be-bè, are particularly suitable for young children. That’s why you can find crayons that are suitable for children as young as two years old.

Some of the brands produce both standard crayons in matte colours and exciting colours in metallic looks. Therefore, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

We sell both oil-based crayons and wax pastels

As a whole, crayons are available in many different shades, but when we specifically talk about crayons for indoor use and hobby items, there are a few different types. These types include oil-based crayons and wax pastels. As we can see the advantages of both types of crayons, we sell both.

You must be allowed to choose whether you want to draw and colour in using products that contain wax or oil. For various reasons, you may prefer one over the other, but you are free to buy a little of both if you have no preference.

The wax-containing crayons are referred to as wax crayons, wax pastels and crayons. Crayons are an overall term, and can thus also refer to crayons containing oil. Therefore, the oil-based crayons can also be called crayons, as well as oil pastels and oil-based crayons.

What is the difference between oil-based crayons and wax crayons, and what can you use them for?

The most obvious difference between oil-based crayons and wax crayons is that they contain the two different subcomponents. You may prefer oil-based crayons or wax crayons, and that’s completely ok with us.

The oil in oil-based crayons typically comes from ordinary oil, while the wax in wax crayons often comes from bees. Waxes and oils are both natural fats, but when these raw materials are mixed with the chalk products, the greasy properties become neutralised and therefore do not mess.

In both types of crayons, this oily substance is used as a binding material, which makes it possible to make crayons in sticks that can be used for drawing and colouring in.

Oil-based crayons often have a high level of pigmentation, which means that they are easy to draw and colour with, as they make clear traces on paper, or on whatever else they are used on. Wax crayons, on the other hand, are often waterproof and lightfast. Lightfast means that the colour will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

Need inspiration of what you can do with crayons?

In general, crayons can be used for colouring in and drawing. This is their basic function, but if you would like specific ideas on what you can use crayons for, you can take a look at our catalogue of ideas. There you will find a wide range of ideas for using both wax crayons and oil-based crayons.

There are several ways to access the catalogue of ideas. You can click on the main page for all of our ideas, and then select a sub-category. Alternatively, you can access the catalogue of ideas by searching for a product in the search field at the top, and then choose to display the ideas only.

One last step into the catalogue of ideas is to click on it via individual product pages. If a product is included in a specific idea, you will see pictures of the finished results, as well as the idea’s heading under the product. If there are any ideas available, they will be under the heading 'The product is included in these ideas'.

Search for ideas within either or .

Buy hard crayons, oil-based crayons and wax pastels from Creativ Company

We strive to be your preferred hobby shop, both in our physical store and here on our webshop. With us, you can expect fast delivery (within a few business days), and you can count on competitive prices, competent staff, friendly customer service, and good trading conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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