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We stock a wide selection of decorative items shaped like natural objects. Here, you’ll find flowers, leaves, mushrooms and pumpkins in wood and papier-mâché. They're all ideal for creative decoration and display.



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Make beautiful things with artificial flowers and other decorative items

If you're wild about making figures from natural materials such as wood, this page is a great place to look for decorative items to add to your creations. Many of the products on this page are made of wood, but you can also find products in other materials such as papier-mâché. Some of the items are made from a number of materials, for example a wooden hanging decoration with a linen string attached.

If it's not immediately clear what material a specific product is made of, you can usually find out by clicking on the individual item. Information such as size, material and how many per pack can typically be found under product specifications.

We love nature and creativity here in our webshop, so it's only natural for us (sorry, we couldn't resist!) to sell a large selection of figures and decorative items that imitate natural things. You can find all sorts of decorative items, both large and small, in the form of decorative flowers, pumpkins, mushrooms, leaves, pine cones and other shapes.

It's possible to see the size of the individual product without clicking on it first, as the dimensions are indicated in the line under the product name. This line will also show the number of items. Then you know how many you're getting as well as how big they are.

The benefits of having artificial flowers and other things

Many of the things on this page are made in such a way that they can stand freely. This means that you can use most of our products separately and place them somewhere where they'll look decorative, or you can use them in combination with other things to make an entire decorative display.

The clear advantages of buying artificial flowers made of wood or papier-mâché, for example, is that you can let your creativity loose and use the decorative pieces exactly as you would like.

A good example of letting creativity run wild is painting mushrooms made of wood or papier-mâché and placing a whole pile of them on a beautiful tray. You could then decorate the bottom of the tray with moss, faded leaves and pretty ribbons. The striking combination of natural and artificial materials reflects your personal style, and you can enjoy the sight of mushrooms in your living room without having to use real ones, which could be poisonous.

Another advantage of ornaments made from papier-mâché, wood and so on is that they're relatively cheap to acquire. And because these items are made from materials such as wood, they last much longer than if you used natural products such as real mushrooms, leaves and pumpkin.

Make a beautiful decoration with artificial flowers

You can find real flowers in the form of dried flowers to use for your floral arrangments, but you can also try using decorative flowers and flower shapes made from hard materials like wood or semi-solid products made from papier-mâché. There's no rule that says you can't use shapes that look like flowers, leaves and so on to build your amazing creations.

If you choose some of the small figures, you can easily buy more and then scatter them around in an autumn decoration or as a bright addition to an Easter table. There are many possibilities for using flowers and other figures as decorations, and you can either mix 'n' match them or place several of the same type around your home.

The bigger the decoration you decide to make, the bigger the objects you can use for it. For example, a wooden mushroom measuring 8.5 cm sounds huge, but this would fit perfectly in a large decoration or as a free-standing ornament on the shelving unit.

If you're partial to more muted natural colours, then products from this category are perfect, because the colours often vary from white/yellow to orange/brown. The surfaces of the materials on the items we sell here on this page are perfect for painting on, so you can add a little colour to your ornaments so that they match your decoration.

If you typically restrict your decorations to shades of blue and green, you can paint flower shapes or mushrooms in colours to match – or you can opt to paint them in contrasting colours that will make them stand out. This gives you the freedom to create colour combinations.

Can't find what you're looking for?

The focus on this page is on figures made from materials like wood and papier-maché, but if you're looking for decorative flowers in the form of genuine, dried flowers and the like, you can search for flowers here on our website, and you'll find a comprehensive range of everything to do with flowers.

By searching for anything that has the word 'flower' in it, you'll find many different products, but some of the typical items that appear when you search in this way are dried flowers, flower stickers, decorative flowers, paper flowers, floral picks and lots more.

There are many things that the products on this page can be used for however, and if you'd like inspiration for what you can do with the individual decorative items then you can either take a look at our idea catalogue or click on the individual product. Further down on the product pages, you can find specific examples of which creative things the product can be used for.

A good example of such a specific idea is a wooden tulip, which can be painted with hobby paint. On the idea page, you can read instructions for how to make the piece as well as a list of the products that you'll need to create the finished result. There are typically more options than those listed in the instructions, but items in stock that are included will have a check mark in the small square next to each item.

Buy all your decorations from us

Creativity and hobbies mean a lot to us, which is why we're pleased to be able to offer such a wide range of craft products. We hope that you can find, or have already found, some items that you'd like to buy, otherwise we're happy to help.

We also offer fast delivery, so you can expect to have your items within a week. This allows you to start working on your creative hobbies without too much delay.

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