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Large selection of scrap pictures. Buy sheets with punched, classic motifs on glossy paper. Browse scrap pictures with a Christmas theme as well as motifs of animals, people and flowers.



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Elevate your DIY projects with scrap pictures

Scrap pictures aren't just a thing of the past. As a child, you may have collected some scrap pictures, and as an adult you may still have them. But scrap pictures are more than just collectibles. You can let your collection be passed down to your children, but you could also just use the scrap pictures to make you happy.

Here at Creativ Company, we love to be creative with many different things, and this also applies to scrap pictures. Small, sweet pictures with cute, exciting and beautiful motifs can decorate any home, and they can be used for anything from decorations in mirror's frame to decorations on plastic balls.

We take pride in having a wide range of scrap pictures, so there is always a suitable selection and you can hopefully find the exact motifs you want for your DIY project.

Here on our webshop, you can choose from many different types of scrap pictures. In addition to choosing the motif itself, you can also choose whether you want to purchase a single sheet of it, or whether you would rather purchase a pack of assorted sheets in a specific theme.

Hopefully you will find exactly the scrap pictures you want to use for your project. You might even find some scrap pictures that are so pretty or cute that you just want them without a specific project in mind. There is definitely nothing wrong with buying scrap pictures just for the sake of having scrap pictures. A collection of these beautiful, sparkling little pictures is a valuable treasure in itself.

Dive into our wide range of scap pictures

Our range of scrap pictures fluctuates from time to time, as items may be discontinued and new scrap pictures are added. Regardless of the time of year that you browse our webshop, we hope you will find some motifs that are suitable for what you want to make.

We mainly sell scrap pictures for every event of the year, and you can especially find sheets with motifs of angels, Santas, flowers, horses, cute children, dogs, cats, birds, butterflies, and other animals. Depending on the season that you visit our webshop, there may be thematic sheets featuring seasonal holidays.

You can go crazy and buy lots of different sheets of scrap pictures, but you can also buy a single sheet or two, or maybe a bundle with e.g. 30 sheets of 'Christmas’ or 'Adventure and Angels’ as a theme.

The typical size of the sheets is 16.5x23.5 cm, but you can also find other sizes. When it comes to the number of scrap pictures per sheet, it all depends on the size of the individual scrap pictures, but typically there will be anywhere from around 8-10 pieces up to around 20 on a sheet.

What can you use scrap pictures for?

Only your imagination can limit what you use scrap pictures for. But if you need inspiration, we hope we can help you. It is important to us that you enjoy creative things, so that you can have peace and quiet to immerse yourself in your hobbies. When you relax by doing something creative, you can put your stress and to the side and enjoy being in the moment instead.

Scrap pictures aren't just cute little images with glitter on them. They are also versatile motifs that can be used for many different purposes. For example, you could make a jewellery box with scrap pictures on it, or you could decorate glasses with decoupage.

In the list below, you will see more specific ideas on what you can do with scrap pictures:

  • Glass or plastic hearts with scrap pictures glued to them featuring angels or other Christmas motifs – these are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree.
  • Christmas baubles with angels are also a great idea for decorating the Christmas tree.
  • A notebook with a collage of scrap pictures (decorate the front of the notebook).
  • Hanging goose eggs decorations with scrap pictures glued to them.
  • Decorated box with cute motifs on the lid.
  • Spring decorations in wooden figures.

Find more inspiration in our catalogue of ideas

Being creative is our passion, so if we can help you to get started by giving you creative ideas, so that you can also make pretty things with scrap pictures, then our mission is complete. If you need more inspiration than the examples mentioned above, you are more than welcome to take a look at our extensive catalogue of ideas.

You will find plenty . You can find the ideas manually by searching for 'scrap pictures’ here on our website, and by then unchecking products to show only the ideas. Then you are freely able to look through the ideas. It often helps to get a visual impression of what the finished DIY project might look like.

Reasons to buy scrap pictures from Creativ Company

You should choose to purchase your products from Creativ Company, as we are more than just a good business. For us, it is very important that we focus on our customers, our employees, the environment, and our products.

Our passion for good products at the right prices is reflected in the fact that we travel the world ourselves, to ensure that we order the right products. You get favourable prices from us, as we buy very large quantities and can thus get a good price from our suppliers.

Other reasons for shopping with us are that you can expect to get your goods within a few working days, and that you can get free delivery when you buy for a certain amount. If you buy for less, you can still shop with us without being ruined by shipping costs. You can get it for less than DKK 50.

If you buy your scrap pictures, as well as all your other products from us, you will always have a 14-day return period and a 24-month warranty that will cover you if something is wrong with the product.

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