Shrink plastic sheets

Shrink plastic sheets can be used to make fun designs for key rings, bags, etc. Browse our wide range of shrink plastic sheets, shrink plastic with preprinted motifs and shrink plastic kits. All of the sheets can be coloured in using coloured pencils or felt-tip pens.



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Shrink plastic sheets in different variants and patterns

Have you tried working and playing with shrink plastic sheets before? If the answer is no, then it’s time to jump head first into this funky and creative project that is very popular right now. Shrink plastic sheets are an incredibly entertaining and cosy activity, and suitable for all ages.

At Creativ Company, we have everything you need to achieve your shrink plastic sheets project. And the possibilities are endless with this quirky material. For example, you can make your own jewellery, key rings, interior decorations, and much more.

On this page we have compiled a range of shrink plastic sheets, which are available in different versions and variants. You will find both the neutral sheets without motifs, and sheets with lots of pretty and fun shapes. All sheets can be coloured using coloured pencils and markers.

How shrink plastic sheets work

Shrink plastic sheets require a bit more of an introduction, if this is the first time you're hearing about them. As the name suggests, this product is a case of plastic sheets that shrink. This reduction of the sheet occurs when you place it in the oven. When the plastic is heated, it shrinks to about half its size (often smaller). Shrink plastic sheets are completely unique, which is probably also why they are so incredibly popular.

The process of manufacturing shrink plastic sheets is as follows:

  • First, the shrink plastic sheets are decorated, e.g. using markers, coloured pencils, and crayons. When you receive your sheets, it will state which materials you can use for decorating the sheets.

  • Then let the colour dry and cut out (if you have drawn using a stencil).

  • Then put the shrink plastic sheets in a normal, preheated oven on baking paper for just a few seconds. Keep an eye on the oven door and see how the shrink plate curls up and then straightens again. (It is often a very fun and unique process to watch)

  • Then, shrink plastic sheets need to cool down – and can be adjusted a bit using light pressure.

  • When the shrink plastic sheets have cooled down, find out what your shrinkable plastic should be used for (if you have not already done so). For example, it might be perfect for a nice key ring, or just a small piece of art in itself that can be used to decorate your home. Read this page for inspiration on what you can create using shrink plastic sheets. The options are endless.

Shrink plastic sheets are available in different variants. Whichever version you choose, it will shrink to about 40% of its original size when finished in the oven. This crimping process is fun to watch from the other side of the oven.

A fun activity for both children and adults

Shrink plastic sheets are an incredibly entertaining material that can be used by both adults and children. If you are doing the activity with children, please be aware of the heat that can come from the oven. 

In our extensive catalogue of ideas, we have instructions for both adults and children. Some of them are more complicated than others, but they all come with a comprehensive guide that makes the process easier and simpler.

Of course, the obvious choice is to use shrink plastic sheets to create beautiful jewellery. However, remember to make a hole in the shrink plastic sheets with  e.g. a hole puncher, so that you can insert looms for string, chains, and other jewellery pieces. However, be aware that the holes also shrink – so remember to make them a little larger than you normally would.

Another fun idea is to use shrink plastic sheets for party decorations and table decorations. For example, make small, sweet personal place cards, on which you write your guests’ names using pretty, colourful markers in a distinctive and unique font. This will decorate the table beautifully, and the place cards can be placed e.g. on top of a glass or be tied around a napkin. Not only does it decorate the party itself, but it also becomes a small souvenir that the guest can take home to remember the great party.

Choose shrink plastic sheets with or without motifs

In our range, we also have shrink plastic sheets with motifs, which are especially aimed at beginners or children who are just starting to play with this whimsical paper for the first time. If you want a specific motif and figure, like a unicorn, elephant, or something else entirely, it may be a good idea to select a sheet containing motifs to make sure that you get all the details.

Shrink plastic sheets have both a glossy and a matte side. As a rule, you can see the difference between these two sides with the naked eye. However, if this is not the case, the matte side will often also feel more rough. Draw and paint on the rough/matte side, as this side is susceptible to coloured pencils.

If we don't have your favourite motif on the page, you can also place a transparent shrink plastic sheet on top of a magazine, newspaper, or a book and trace your desired motif.

Give shrink plastic sheets as a gift

Of course, it’s a great idea to give a cute keyring made from shrink plastic sheets to friends and family. One idea of a thoughtful gift for grandparents could be e.g. a motif of their grandchild’s hand, which they can hang from their set of keys. A dream gift that grandparents didn't even know they wanted.

But not only can you give gifts made from shrink plastic sheets, but you can also give the actual shrink plastic sheets and markers themselves as a gift, so that the recipient can start their own creative project. It is a project that you can immerse yourself in – and spend countless numbers of hours on. A great gift for both adults and children.

In the case of shrink plastic sheets, there is also a fun creation process that the children in particular will find very fun. Thus, it is a creative activity that differs from other classic hobby activities in several ways. Once you’ve tried shrink plastic sheets once, you’ll soon be back for more.

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