Wooden beads

Wooden beads are suitable for bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewellery. Browse our extensive selection of wooden beads in a wide range of shapes and colours. Shop colours individually or as a bead mix with assorted colours. Wooden beads are also available in their natural colour.

Take good care of your jewellery

  • Store jewellery in a jewellery box
  • Remove jewellery when playing sports, taking a bath, sleeping and cleaning
  • Avoid getting hairspray, perfume, lotion, etc. on jewellery



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Wooden beads for all your creative projects

Beads have been around for millennia, and they continue to be popular among hobby enthusiasts all over the world for various creative projects. Beads in all kinds of materials can be used in both jewellery-making and home decor, but there is nothing that beats the classic wooden beads when it comes to creating a lovely warm expression with lots of style and colour.

That’s why we’ve put together our wide selection of wooden beads right here on this page, for you to use as part of your creative projects. It might be jewellery-making and decorations for Christmas and other holidays, or a wealth of other projects that could use some beautiful beads in a suitable colour.

With wooden beads, it’s all about being creative, and with our wide range of beads in different shapes, colours and sizes, you can surely find some wooden beads to match your project.

For example, you can buy a large bucket with a wood bead mix: a wealth of beads in different colours and shapes. You can also buy the classic round beads without colour, which are decorative as they are, while they are also easy to paint on and decorate on their own.

We have a large selection of beads for your creative projects, artworks or making homemade jewellery. 

If you love to make your own jewellery, wooden beads can be used in a multitude of projects. Our wooden beads, like other beads, have a hole in the centre so you can easily attach them to a string or thread.

Thus, you can make a whole necklace with wooden beads, or you can use a few to create decorative colourful elements in combination to add to a necklace. You may choose to use our raw uncoloured wooden beads to create a natural look, or you may choose some beads in a beautiful colour such as red. The raw, colour-free beads also allow you to decorate them yourself if you have a very special colour that you would like to add to your jewellery.

We also sell wooden bead mixes with beads in many different shapes and colours. So you don't need to make a necklace from the same round beads in the same colour all the way around. With a wooden bead mix, you can vary the beads on your necklace, decorating the chain with round, triangular, oblong and grooved beads and much more, while you can also vary the beads' size and colour. 

You thus have plenty of great options for creative your jewellery-making when you buy wooden beads from our selection on this page. The beads are ideal for wearing on a beautiful necklace, but they can also be used as beautiful components of a bracelet or even an earring.

Wooden beads are also a fun way for children to make their own jewellery. Wooden beads are very child-friendly, because most older children will easily be able to put the beads on a jewellery string. Kids will love to make their own jewellery with beads in a variety of colours, and love to wear their own beautiful handmade jewellery when the project is complete. A jewellery project with the beautiful multi-coloured wooden beads is an obvious choice for a Sunday activity with all children who love to be creative.

The possibilities with wooden beads are many, and it’s a great way to make some personal and beautiful jewellery that will add lots of edge and style the daily outfit of both you and your child.

Many options with wooden beads and awood bead mix in different colours

Wooden beads and mixes are ideal for jewellery, but this doesn't mean you can't use them for many other things. The beads' beautiful shapes and colours are ideal to use in various decorations and other creative projects.

For example, you can create a beautiful bead-decorated mobile for a child’s room, or you can use the wooden beads to make a unique hanging piece for your home. Beads can be hung on different strings with other decorative elements to create lovely decorations that can be hung from cupboards, hooks and much more.

The small round shapes don't have to hang on a string, either. You can also use wooden beads as eyes on your small figurines, or they can be glued to other projects where they fit in and contribute their beautiful shapes and colours.

With a bucket of mixed wooden bead mix in the cupboard, the possibilities are endless when it comes to being creative, and you will quickly discover how many things you can actually use wood beads for once you have started using them in your projects.

Find plenty of inspiration for your next wooden bead project

A good selection of wooden beads is a must for any creative soul who loves to make homemade jewellery and make other beautiful items on their own. With wooden beads, you have a wealth of options, and it’s all about getting started with all the beautiful colours and shapes.

You may also choose to check out our idea catalogue before you get started. It contains a wealth of different ideas for exciting projects to take on when you get the creative urge. There you will find ideas for jewellery-making with wooden beads, and ideas for creative decorations for Christmas, other holidays and the rest of the year.

In our idea catalogue, you can always find a new idea when you need a little inspiration to get started. All projects also come with detailed written instructions, so everyone has the chance to participate, regardless of experience.

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