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Forget the sewing! We have a large selection of ready-made items, most of which are ideal for textile decoration. Ready-made textiles include T-shirts, caps and hats, kitchen textiles (eg kitchen towels), bags, mugs and purses etc. - Some with printed motifs, others without.

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We’ve made it easy for you – colour and decorate to your heart's content

Here at Creativ Company, we have a wealth of ready-made items. Explore the wide range and find your favourite items. When you buy one of the products in your virtual shopping basket, it will be delivered within a few working days so that you can start your creative project quickly.

We’ve made it easy for you with our wide range of ready-made textiles, so you only have to worry about the fun and entertaining task of decorating them exactly as you'd like. When you’ve stocked up your shopping basket with your favourite finished items, then continue to our selection of paints and colours to decorate your textiles.

This is the perfect activity for all ages, as you choose your own level of difficulty. A cosy thing for the whole family to do in the afternoons or on weekends.

Of course, you can also just use the textiles and items as they are, without painting and decorating them. In the section below, we will inspire you with our smart tips and tricks on how to decorate the finished items.

Create your own personal clothing style

In our range of ready-made textiles, we have a wide range of different garments to freshen up your wardrobe. These include stockings, hats, bags, T-shirts, and much more. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of the perfect T-shirt motif for a long time, but you can't find it in any physical stores or webshops. Then what about making that T-shirt all by yourself? Explore our T-shirt selection, where you’ll find something in every size in black, white and blue.

When you’ve found the T-shirt (hat, etc.) that you want to decorate – then click on our range of textile decoration. Here you can find textile markers that are excellent for writing on fabric. For example, you could add a cool quote or a motivational saying that you want to showcase across your chest. You can also jump on a popular fashion or trend. Use Batik paint for the popular tie-dye effect. Tie-dye is an effect where the colour is strongest at the top and slowly fades out to a lighter colour – or in some cases a completely different colour. This gives a completely unique look that will suit any wardrobe.

The creative garments can also be created with others. It has become incredibly popular to make personal T-shirts, handbags, and other fabric items with friends that you have shared an experience with, for example boarding school, a course, or a round-the-world trip. Everyone can write a final greeting with textile markers, and you will have a memory for life.

Nothing beats homemade gifts

Homemade gifts warm the heart in a special way. As a recipient, you know that both thought and time have been spent on the beautiful homemade gift. Anyone can buy something from a wish list. But the great pleasure (from both the recipient and the giver) lies in creating something personal and unique that the recipient did not know they wanted. Below we have given some suggestions for potentially perfect Christmas or birthday gifts.

  • A mouse pad for the gamer. Paint and decorate a mouse pad based on their favourite game.

  • Socks for dad. Many dads wish for new socks year after year – but what about giving upping the socks' creative level this year? For example, you could write “world’s best dad” on the socks, or write some classic dad-jokes that will make him laugh.

  • A pencil case for the student. Put some textile markers in the pencil case so that all your child’s classmates can write a personal message on the neutral pencil case.

  • A tote bag for the shopper. A tote bag is basically a must-have for any shopping enthusiast, for putting their latest purchases into. Add some cool stickers as textile decorations, such as sparkling stars or letters.

There are so many opportunities – and you can personalise the gifts greatly. Of course, you can also refrain from pre-decorating things, e.g. the pencil case, and let the recipient roll up their sleeves and do the creative work themselves. A different gift that covers so many things – not only the joy of receiving things, but also the creative experience itself.

Add your own personality to your interior

People’s homes can quickly resemble the homes and interior styles found in the home magazines. What really adds the finishing touch to your home decor is personality and uniqueness. You can make these things yourself using materials from Creativ Company.

In our range, we have a large selection of ready-made items that can be used for home furnishings. This includes mouse pads, pillow cases, fabric baskets, storage bags, and much more. Common to all the items is that they are available in neutral shades, so you can colour and decorate them to your heart's content.

For the kitchen, we have ready-made tea towels, sponge cloths, and pot holders. This allows you to create a matching set of kitchen textiles that add a little colour to a room that is otherwise relatively neutral in terms of interior design.

Creative projects for all ages and levels

As you may have already gathered, we have a huge selection of ready-made items. So no matter your age or creative skills, you will be able to find a project to from our range to suit you.

If creative expression is a new hobby for you, then start small. For example, you could make a key ring with your own name or address. Or perhaps a silk scarf that you dye your favourite colour. Once you’ve started trying out creative projects, you’ll find it hard to let go of them. Remember that we have an extensive catalogue of ideas that you can explore and get inspired by.

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