Patches of fabric and leather

Go on a discovery in our collection of patches of fabric and leather, here you will also find both Patchwork and real leather, that can be used in a lot of exciting hobby projects. Use for example our patterned patchwork fabrics (that come in fat quarters) for sewing projects or for fabric decoupage on glass, wood or cardboard

Patches of fabric and leather
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Fabric and leather pieces for all your creative hobby projects

Fabric and leather are gorgeous materials to work with, while at the same time giving a beautiful and different look to any hobby project. The are so many hobby opportunities when using pieces of fabric and leather, and therefore you can certainly also find a project to suit a beautiful and colourful piece of fabric.

One example of this is patchwork, where special patchwork fabrics allow you to create rugs and pillow cases in attractive patterns and colours.

With real leather and fabric, you also have many other opportunities to be creative, so it’s just a matter of sparking your imagination when sitting down to start a project. Pieces of fabric and leather contribute with their beautiful colours and gorgeous surfaces that are well suited for decorations, jewellery, bags, and so much more that you can use to decorate your home.

On this page you will find our large selection of fabric pieces, leather pieces and patchwork fabric, which you can use for all your creative projects. You will find fabrics and leather in a wealth of different colours and patterns, so you always have a good chance of finding the exact product that suits your project.

Make your own beautiful textiles using patchwork fabric

Patchwork is a fun activity for creative souls of all ages, and it’s a technique that you can use to make some amazing things. Patchwork is actually a simple technique that involves sewing different pieces of fabric together, and thus whole rugs can be made by sewing many small pieces of fabric together.

Patchwork can be done using many different types of fabric, and it can even be made from old fabric leftovers, as was traditionally done when patchwork was first modernised in the 1970s.

However, there is no reason to use old pieces of fabric for your patchwork, as you will have far more opportunities to make a gorgeous rug that suits your taste if you buy new pieces of fabric of a good quality.

At Creativ Hobby, we sell a wide range of patchwork fabrics in a wealth of different colours and patterns. By choosing beautiful patchwork fabric from our selection, you can bring the classic technique into the present by making rugs or pillows with beautiful and modern patterns that will add a personal, colourful and stylish touch to your home.

Patchwork fabrics offer a lot of opportunities to be creative, so you can use the small, beautiful pieces of fabric in all your creative projects that require a gorgeous piece of fabric as decoration. You can also sew patchwork fabrics together to create items other than rugs and pillows. For example, you could sew beautiful fabric bags to hold your shopping, or you could make beautiful homemade hair bands.

Our pieces of fabric can also be used for quilting, which is another fun and useful technique for anyone who loves to be creative and make beautiful things from scratch. Quilting is very similar to patchwork, so you can easily try to throw yourself into both techniques if you are curious and want to learn something new.

Our pieces of fabric are also useful for decoupage projects. In these projects, you don't sew the pieces of fabric together into a rug, for example. Decoupage is a technique that involves gluing different pieces of fabric to a surface, such as a wooden box or a glass item. Our beautiful pieces of fabric will be able to turn a boring object into something beautiful and colourful when you have add some glue, lacquer, and pieces of fabric.

Our patchwork fabric range consists of high quality pieces in soft cotton, while the fabric is also Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, which is your guarantee that the fabric pieces do not contain any harmful substances.

Choose leather pieces for a classic and stylish look

Leather is another gorgeous material that has many opportunities for those who love to be creative. Leather can be used in all hobby projects where you need a beautiful and different material that will give a very special look to the finished result.

Leather has a warm and raw look that you can use to make beautiful jewellery, or you can use the special surface to your advantage when making beautiful boxes, small animals, and much more.

Leather is a material that offers a wide range of possibilities for different types of decorations, and therefore it is always a good idea to have a pile of leather pieces at home, so you have something to choose from for your projects.

At Creativ Company, you can buy leather pieces in large batches and in different colours.

Get inspired for fun projects using fabric pieces, leather pieces and patchwork fabric

Fabric is a versatile material that offers many opportunities for creativity. With fabric and leather pieces, you can create beautiful and practical objects for your home, you can make beautiful jewellery and other accessories, and of course they can also be used to decorate and as beautiful ornaments.

There are endless options when using pieces of fabric and leather, and therefore it is always worth keeping both fabric and leather in stock at home, so you can always find some beautiful colours when starting a project.

Youcan also buy fabric and leather pieces for a specific project if you have had a good idea for one. If you need a good idea to get started, you can also take a look in our catalogue of ideas, where you will find a wide range of exciting projects that you can start on or be inspired by.

In our catalogue of ideas, you will find projects that require pieces of fabric, leather pieces, and patchwork fabrics, and there is something for everyone to get started. All projects come with a comprehensive guide on how to go about it, so it’s easy for everyone to make some beautiful things for the home using fabric and leather.

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