Adorn yourself with pretty beads

Have you also fallen in love with all the beautiful bead jewellery that's on sale in fashion clothing stores at the moment? It's easy to make your own bead earrings, necklaces and bracelets – in the colours you like the most. You can use glass beads, rocaille seed beads, plastic beads and freshwater pearls – all kinds of beads and pearls are allowed when making jewellery. Mix and match as you like to create your own unique bead jewellery – and capture current trends and moods. If you’re a beginner or want to learn a new technique, start with one of our Starter Craft Kits or Mini Craft Kits, where you get all the materials, ideas and instructions you need to make your own beautiful jewellery quickly and easily. We have Starter Craft Kits and Mini Craft Kits with both classic beads and beads in on-trend colours – while for younger children, we have lots of new ideas for lovely bead jewellery that they can easily make themselves.

Combine your favourite beads to create your own unique beaded jewellery.

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Want to mix and match to make your own unique jewellery?

We have plenty of kits, beads and other jewellery supplies, so you can design your new favourite jewellery.

Want to mix and match to make your own unique jewellery?

We have plenty of kits, beads and other jewellery supplies, so you can design your new favourite jewellery.

Personalized jewellery with crystals and glass beads

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Check out our latest ideas

Make your own jewellery

Have you been drawn to all the fine jewellery that seems to be everywhere right now? You can easily make your own – both the classic bead styles and those in fresh modern colours. Everything is possible when you design your own necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can make unique jewellery that matches your personality – or you can try making some of the designs that are currently so much on-trend. In other words, the creative possibilities are endless when it comes to jewellery. If you still need a little inspiration, we have a universe of ideas with lots of jewellery designs – here, you can always find the right incentive for your next jewellery set.


Bead jewellery

Bead jewellery is a big hit right now – but did you know that you can easily make many of these fashionable designs yourself? It’s not hard – once you’ve mastered the techniques, you can create your very own jewellery set with the most beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all made from beads. You can combine all the colours and materials you love – e.g. green, transparent glass beads and natural, raw wooden beads. Whichever mix you choose, you can create a completely unique jewellery set for your jewellery box.

For example, get inspired by these jewellery ideas:

You can also try making the colourful and popular fruit jewellery. They’re cute, creative and add a fresh touch to any outfit. For example, make bracelets with lemons and cherries or earrings with cherries made from rocaille seed beads.

Visit our universe of ideas and find plenty of inspiration for your bead jewellery – from bead necklaces and bracelets to the finest bead earrings.


Beads for jewellery

Beads equal jewellery – from necklaces to bracelets and earrings. But what kind of beads should you go for when making your own DIY jewellery? We have a large selection with many different types, so it can be hard to know which ones to choose. If you’re dreaming of a jewellery set in delicate, soft colours, you can't go wrong with freshwater pearls – while if you’re looking for colourful jewellery, then rocaille seed beads or wax beads will make the perfect match. Most importantly, you should look for beads that match the size of your project – and which you think are attractive. Fortunately, you don't have to settle for just one type of bead. Of course, you can also mix two or more types of beads to create your very own look.

Discover our wide selection of beads you can use to make jewellery with. Here, you'll find wooden beads, glass beads, wax beads, rocaille seed beads, freshwater pearls and shaped beads.


Jewellery making for beginners and more advanced crafters alike

It might look a bit complicated, but jewellery making is actually easier than you think – especially if you buy one of our Craft Kits. With our Starter Craft Kits, you get the perfect start to your jewellery adventure. It gives you all the guidance and all the materials you need. This makes it incredibly easy to succeed with homemade jewellery – especially if you’re a beginner. Afterwards, you can expand with our smaller kits – which we call Mini Craft Kits. For example, you can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings – and you can make them with beads, yarn, elastic and much more.

See all our jewellery-making craft kits right here – and you'll find it much easier to make jewellery-making your new favourite hobby.

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