Our asbestos-free soapstone is ideal for sculpturing, figures and jewelry pendants or for free fantasy. You can both chop, grind and drill until you are satisfied with the result. Feel free to use our tool set that includes for example rasp and chisel for soapstone. Finally, the figure is polished with beeswax.

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Soapstone for everyone

You probably know them well. Those small, shiny stone figures depicting a bear, an eagle, or just an imaginative sculpture, that stand out on the shelf next to a vase or flower. You can buy them in many small souvenir shops, and you can actually make them yourself at home very affordably.

The beauty of grinding soapstone is also that it is an activity suitable for a cosy adults night in, a children’s birthday party, as well as some well-deserved me time. With a pile of soapstone, a rasp, and some sandpaper, you can get a lot done. Read more on this page, where we share good tips on what you can do, where to find inspiration, and what you need to consider before getting started.

Here at Creativ Company, we love soapstone. We would love to help spread awareness of these soft stones and the old craftsmanship of making soapstone stone sculptures, which can be shaped and filed to fit your imagination.

Fact: Soapstone is a soft natural material that you need tools to work with. Soapstone is a pure natural stone, consisting primarily of the mineral talc. They can be bluish, greenish or brownish. In reality, soapstone is a heavy rock, but it is so soft that it is relatively easy to process by hand. All soapstone that you find in our shop is asbestos-free. We offer soapstone in various sizes, hardnesses, quantities and colours. Of course, we also have all the tools you need.

What can be made using soapstone?

Try to organise working with soapstone the next time you are responsible for an activity including either other adults or children. It will certainly cause excitement, as many have not tried it before.

Drill a hole, make a groove using your rasp, file down a patterned surface, until you achieve the shape you want.

There are many fun things to do with soapstone. The classic thing is to make pendants for leather necklaces, as well as small decorative figures that can be displayed on your shelf. Some people also make a small, ultra-soft figure that they can carry around in their pocket, to bring them happiness and peace on their way.

One of the most popular soapstone ornaments to is various animals, such as bears, owls, fish, eagles, etc. The combination of natural materials and animal shapes work really well together. We will now share some information with you about how to emboss soapstone to a satisfactory result.

In addition, you can use fat like they do in the Arctic areas like Greenland, where soapstone is used to produce cookware and cod liver oil lamps. Here, the people also made their historic tupilaqs from soapstone, bones, hide, etc. According to their beliefs, a tupilaq was an effective weapon against an enemy. The little figurine was simply thought to carry bad luck. This is contrary to a talisman, which can also be a soapstone figure and is said to bring luck to the person wearing it.
Soapstone is currently used in industry. It is a raw material for the production of talcum powder, and is used to a limited extent for cladding wood-burning stoves, both due to its properties and its beautiful appearance.

Making soapstone

Soapstone figures are for everyone. Everyone can join in. There are no creative ability or age requirements. Make them with your partner, your children, your school class, or alone. Soapstone is an activity that promotes concentration and encourages contemplation.

See an example of how a soapstone can be processed . You can find many more of these inspiring guides in our online catalogue of ideas.

When you want to start using soapstone, you can approach it in different ways. Some people become unschackled and follow their creative hearts.

As with many other things that need sanding, you start with the most coarse grinding tool, and then continue going finer and finer, so that it first has a groove which is then softened.

Remember this before you start sculpting stone figures

It is not a great science to make all kinds of pretty, realistic and imaginative stone sculptures from soapstone, but there are still a number of different services and preparations you can do when starting to use soapstone, in order to achieve the best possible result.

As a rule, it will take some time before you can begin to start making soapstone figures. However, there are some basic tools that are very good to have, so that you can experiment with edges, curves, grooves, etc. For example, we recommend that you have rasps of different sizes, as well as coarse-grained and fine-grained sandpaper and beeswax to polish the stone with.

Remember, when you start making your soapstone sculpture, you have to cut a larger piece than you think is necessary. A lot of the stone disappears when it is processed. If you don't want the piece to end up being too small, cut it extra large from the start. Then you can also worry less if you make a mistake that needs to be corrected, and which might cost you some of the soapstone.

In addition, it is a good idea to have a tub with some water in it nearby, or to place the stone you are working with on top of a damp cloth. This makes it easy to free the soapstone from the dust that loosens when you sand it. So you won't get soapstone dust everywhere. You can also moisten the sandpaper for precise sanding.

Be inspired by our large archive of ideas

Need inspiration for a creative project and maybe a little help to get started? Don't forget that you that you are always welcome to seek inspiration here at Creativ Company from our large catalogue of ideas with accompanying and easy step-by-step instructions.

Each manual is printable, and you are welcome to print as many as you like. There are more than three thousand ideas to choose from for all kinds of seasonal holidays and events. Everything is adapted to a very broad target group of children and adults, and we are constantly developing new ideas. Here you will also find ideas for soapstone projects for your creative workshop.

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