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Vellum paper is a special type of paper that can be used for both art and hobby projects. Vellum paper is slightly transparent and can be torn, cut and painted for paper art. Choose from several colours of vellum paper or buy packs of assorted colours.



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Create elegant home decorations with vellum paper

If you like working on creative projects, you may already be familiar with vellum paper. It can be used for a wide range of craft projects that involve using very thin pieces of paper. The paper can be torn as well as cut and used for a lot of different purposes.

For example, you can make homemade cards as well as different types of decorative pieces. The thin texture of vellum paper will make your creations look especially elegant. This makes it especially suited to making beautiful paper flowers. The thinness of the paper allows you to make flowers with lots of layers. This means you can get them to look vivid and realistic. You can create flowers to attach to cards or boxes as decorations. Vellum paper can also look great when used to make a floral wreath. If you want to make your decorations more robust, you can combine the vellum paper with some thicker paper or card. For example, try making a flower stem out of sturdy card and then make the flower itself from vellum paper. You can make flowers in lots of different colours and use them to decorate your home.

Besides floral displays, you can also make Christmas decorations for the home and the tree. Hobby-grade vellum paper allows you to create beautiful and elegant decorations that will look great in any home.

Homemade gift bags made from vellum paper

Homemade gift wrap is an obvious practical way to present gifts that you've made yourself. You can make some really nice gift bags using vellum paper. Simply fold the paper into bags and decorate them. For example, you can glue glitter or small cut-outs onto the bag. You can also decorate it with ribbon or string in beautiful colours. Feel free to adapt the gift bag to the season or event. For example Christmas, Easter, Halloween or a birthday. Add some extra holiday sparkle to your bag with some Christmas stars or hearts, for instance. You can make your decorations out of vellum paper too or use some sheets of patterned paper. If you want to make a Halloween goodie bag, try cutting out a pumpkin shape from the paper and gluing it on. It’s just a matter of using your imagination and letting the ideas come naturally. A homemade gift is always fun to make and special to give, and is usually very well received.

Let loose in your art workshop and create lots of beautiful decorative objects with vellum paper.

Make eye-catching and original greetings cards with vellum paper

If you make your own Christmas and birthday cards but haven't tried using vellum paper before, it can be fun to throw yourself into something new. You can make a wealth of beautiful creations using vellum paper, including cards for various events.

If you want to make a card, first find a piece of cardboard in the size you want the card to be. Make a background out of vellum paper in a colour that you like and make some decorations from other types of paper to use to decorate the card with. The transparency of vellum paper, combined with other types of paper such as patterned paper, can create a really nice look. For instance, make beautiful cut-outs like hearts, stars or figures depending on what the card will be for. You can create festive cards as well as simpler greetings, depending on who the card is to be given to.

A wedding card or invitation can look really nice with some elegant cut-outs and patterns. You can also decorate it with ribbons and string, for example in the form of bows. There are so many possibilities for fun, original and beautiful greetings cards, so let your imagination run wild.

Make your own table decorations with vellum paper

If you’re throwing a party, you'll want to have a beautifully decorated table. For example, you can decorate with place cards, menus, flowers and much more. You can make most of the table decorations yourself if you like. That way, you can get exactly the table decoration you’re been dreaming of.

Vellum paper lets you make a wide array of beautiful table decorations that are bound to impress your guests. You can make beautiful flowers to decorate the table. You can also make creative place cards out of vellum paper. Use sheets of paper in a colour that matches your party's theme. If you're planning a Christmas dinner, you might want to use red and green colours for your decorations. You can achieve many fun and quirky details using vellum paper creatively. For example, make a little bag out of vellum paper, fill it with some glitter or small cut-outs and glue it onto the place card. Try using other types of paper along with vellum paper to give your decorations a really special look.

Get vellum paper in beautiful colours

Vellum paper is available in many different colours and packs. If you need a lot of vellum paper to use in a number of different projects, then you can get big packs with many sheets of vellum paper in a variety of colours.

You can get vellum paper in a wide range of colours. - We stock red, blue, yellow, white and many more. So there’s definitely a colour to match the project you’re about to start, whether you’re making cards or flowers.

If you're doing craft projects where you use hobby vellum paper, then it can be great to try combining it with other craft materials. For example sheets of card, cardboard, ribbon, string or glitter. There are so many possibilities if you think creatively. For instance, you can use card cut-outs or bows made from ribbons to decorate a card where you've used vellum.

If you need inspiration for how to get started on a craft project, you can check out our idea catalogue. You'll find plenty of ideas to inspire you for your next craft project. This includes ideas on getting started making decorations using vellum paper as well as other materials. There are many different craft projects you can throw yourself into, many of which are ideal for doing with the whole family, for those of you who enjoy being creative together.

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