Make the most beautiful wreaths and decorations with our articles for flower arranging and binding. Browse rings and wreaths in polystyrene and straw. Use the wreaths for door decorations, Christmas wreaths, Advent wreaths or something else entirely.



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A wealth of opportunities with wreaths 

In our range, we have wreaths of different materials and dimensions. This gives you a wealth of opportunities to create beautiful wreaths for whatever you’re dreaming of. For example, it could be a beautiful Advent wreath for the cosy Christmas season, a pretty flower wreath to decorate your hallway, or a last farewell with a homemade wreath for the graveside.

You can find cheap wreaths here at Creativ Company. When you click around our exciting webshop, you will also quickly discover that we have all kinds of materials that can be used to decorate wreaths. These include textiles and yarns, paint and colours, as well as various basic items and tools.

In the following sections, we will provide inspirational tips and good advice on how to use the wreaths in your decor, and the like. Hopefully, at least one of the suggestions will appeal to you, and you will place a wreath or two in your virtual shopping basket.

Straw wreaths and styrofoam wreaths

Are you in doubt as to whether you should choose straw or styrofoam wreath? Below, we outline the differences between the two variants, which will probably guide you in your purchase.

  • The straw wreath is made from natural material, which gives it a rustic and raw look. Our straw wreaths come in different diameters – and not least in different thicknesses. They are made of a solid and fixed material, which provides good quality. If you need to create a wreath using moss, spruce, and the like – we recommend that you choose a straw wreath, as it will not be a big deal if the straw peeps out between branches and cones.

  • Our Styrofoam wreaths, also called polystyrene wreaths, are also available in different sizes and thicknesses. In addition, they are also available in a flat back variant, which e.g. means that they can hang more stably against the front door. The advantage of polystyrene is that it is a light material and is easy to work with. If you are going to make wreaths with your children, we therefore recommend choosing our styrofoam wreaths.

Both types of wreaths are of good quality, and can be reused. When you grow tired of your wreath's decorations, you can easily remove them and use the wreath again. The user value of our wreaths is therefore high, and you get great value for money. Doesn't that sound appealing?

Create beautiful wreaths for Christmas

Of course, it is a good idea to make wreaths for the wonderful Christmas season. Our straw wreaths and styrofoam wreaths can both be useful for this. The straw wreaths give a natural look, while the styrofoam wreaths make it easy to attach items, such as fabric and the like.

  • Make a pretty Advent wreath. Advent wreaths are an absolute necessity for Christmas. Our wreaths can help you to create the pretty, round shape and make your work much easier. In our extensive catalogue of ideas, you can find plenty of inspiration for Advent wreaths – we have some great ideas for both the classic Advent wreath and the more modern one. You can either have your Advent wreath hanging from the ceiling, or standing up and decorating the table.

  • Make a welcoming wreath for the front door. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can make your own beautiful Christmas wreath for the door, which will welcome your guests in the best possible way. Before you even step inside the home, a wonderful Christmas atmosphere will have been evoked.

Colourful wreaths for the whole year

Many people associate wreaths with the Christmas season. But wreaths can easily be used to decorate all year round. Yes, you can basically make a new wreath for each season and holiday. Below, we have outlined some suggestions for how you can use wreaths all year round – and how you can use them in your interior design.

  • Create a beautiful wreath for your summer cottage and allotment house. This will increase the romantic and harmonious atmosphere that is often present in these places. If your summer cottage is located near the water, hunt for shells and decorate the wreath using elements from the sea and the beach. For example, attach a cute little wooden sign saying “at the water” or “in the garden”, and hang the wreath on the front door.

  • Create a cosy autumn wreath. The autumn months are well-known for their beautiful colours – all those lovely red, yellow and brown shades. Find some pretty autumn leaves that you can dry – and then stick them on the wreath.

Let your children in on the creative fun

So far, we have focused on the beautiful aesthetics of the wreaths. But this does not mean that children cannot be involved in this cosy creativity.  Make it a fun activity – and buy lots of different and exciting things to decorate the wreaths with. First and foremost, we recommend using our styrofoam wreaths, as it is easy to stick things on them using e.g. straight pins, tape and glue.

You can also buy a lot of different fabrics, tulle, yarn, beads, cardboard – and whatever else your imagination desires. Let your children colour in and write their name on the wreath, which can then serve as a nice sign on their bedroom door.

A sweet idea that you can find in our catalogue of ideas is a pom-pom wreath. This colourful wreath is a great way to decorate your children’s bedroom. Not only is it unique and beautiful, but it is also super soft and pleasant to touch. This could be a perfect afternoon or weekend activity for both children and adults.

A burial wreath as a final memory

Around the country, you can buy the finest burial bouquets and burial wreaths, which can symbolise a final farewell to the deceased. But what about creating the burial wreath yourself? This gives you the opportunity to personalise the wreath and select the deceased’s favourite colours.

You can use pretty, fresh flowers for the burial wreath – but you can also take a more trendy and modern route by using dried flowers, which make the wreath extra unique and durable. Of course, you can find a large selection of the flowers here on our webshop.

In the end, it’s all about creating a beautiful burial wreath. Personalise it with materials from Creativ Company.

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