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Wooden Decorations for Hanging


Paint the wooden shapes with diluted Plus Color Acrylic paint in pastel colours. Decorate on top with black/white stamp prints using a silicone stamp. Attach cotton cord for hanging (decorated with painted wooden beads) if one is not already attached.

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Wooden Decorations for Hanging
Wooden Decorations for Hanging

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    How to do it
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    Paint the wooden decoration with Plus Color Acrylic paint diluted with water. This highlights the delicate pastel colour.
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    Two sizes of the heart shape are available. Paint the small heart with undiluted white Plus Color Acrylic paint. NB! Avoid painting the jagged, brown edges on the wooden decorations.
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    Use the end of the brush handle for dabbing white dots onto the pastel coloured heart.
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    Place the silicone stamp onto the acrylic block. Carefully dab a coat of black Plus Color Acrylic paint onto the stamp with a foam brush.
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    Press the silicone stamp onto the wooden decoration – preferably off-center, so only part of the stamped design appears on the wooden decoration. This gives a good effect.
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    Glue the small wooden heart onto the big wooden heart using a glue gun. Apply glue onto both the small and the big heart.
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    Thread a piece of cotton cord through the hole at the top of the wooden decoration. Thread a painted wooden bead onto both cord ends for decoration and tie a knot.
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    On some of the wooden decorations which have stained edges, you may use the silicone stamp for making stamp printing in two colours. Use black first and then white – preferably slightly staggered.
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