Velour paper

Velvet paper is special paper with a velvety, coloured surface on one side. Velvet paper can be used for paper art, cards, hobby projects and much more. Choose from a selection of packs of assorted colours of velvet paper.



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Make beautiful velvet paper creations

Looking for a new creative project to immerse yourself in? Then you should consider making creations with velvet paper. In general, velvet paper is ideal for making everything from paper art, cards, hanging decorations and much more. And because the paper also comes in a wide range of colours, you can create eye-catching artworks that are sure to attract attention. 

When you're holding velvet paper in your hand, you'll immediately notice how velvety the paper's surface is. Even though it’s soft, you can still use it to make figures, so don't be afraid to throw yourself into any kind of project you might be considering. 

Getting started with velvet paper 

If you're interested in working with velvet paper, but could you use some extra input on to work with it, then you're in the best hands with us. We can help you and offer good advice if you contact us online or over the phone. Otherwise, don't hesitate to tap one of our employees on the shoulder if you visit our physical store in Holstebro.

A good tip is to look for templates online that you might like to create. And then just print them out. It can be much easier working from a template when you have it physically in your hands than on a screen. If you use our website to find ideas, you’ll discover everything from angels, animals and much more that you can work from. This can give you something specific to follow when cutting out your new velvet paper figures . And you can also be extra confident that the figures will turn out exactly as you'd hoped. 

You can also find inspiration by clicking on our catalogue of ideas. You can find this here, e.g. by clicking on 'Creative ideas'. This is a section we've made especially for those of you who are interested in inspiration and creative input for various hobby projects. Of course, you can also enter velvet paper in the search field. Then a couple of suggestions will appear from the idea catalogue, which you can click on. Then it’s just up to you to choose what you want to try your hand at.

With our 20 years of experience with creative tasks and projects, we have found some fun and creative projects that you can be inspired by. If you've made something exciting or fun yourself, we would of course love to see that too. Please feel free to send it to us at 

Make lovely personal greetings with velvet paper 

You can use velvet paper to make really lovely and personal greetings. It gives you ample opportunity to draw and decorate the paper exactly as you like. If you happen to have a glue stick at home, you can cut out beautiful shapes and patterns that you can stick on afterwards. When you buy a pack of paper from Creativ Company, you get a variety of colours – so just let yourself go mixing all the different colours. 

Are you looking for a fun activity with your children or grandchildren? Then a cut-and-glueing day with velvet paper can provide some quality time that's extra cosy.. And afterwards, you can proudly show your work to each other. It is a fun activity you can do all year round, or if you want to make some cards for Christmas or birthdays. 

If you need a place card, you can also use velvet paper. Of course, this is a bit more fun if you start by making a figure out of the paper and then add your guests’ names afterwards. 

Find velvet paper in many different colours 

Whether you need velvet paper for paper art, cards or something else, it can be difficult to decide which colours to use. Luckily, we’ve made sure you can velvet paper in a wealth of different colours. The combination of colours has a major impact on the final look of the finished product. That’s why you should play around and experiment with the different colours that you can choose your velvet paper in. You might discover a new colour combination that creates the exact look you have imagined. 

If you can't find the exact colour you're looking for, you can write or call our skilled and service-minded customer service. We’re here to help you find just the colour you’re looking for. If we don't have it in stock or in our assortment, we might be able to order it especially for you.

Get velvet paper at competitive prices from Creativ Company  

At Creativ Company, we have made it as easy as possible for you to purchase items for creative projects. That's why you can always find competitive prices for velvet paper, both when shopping online here or in our physical hobby store. The low prices give you some extra opportunities to put some more fun stuff in your shopping basket to try at home. 

The great thing about our creative universe, both online and in our store, is that we have thousands of hobby items. Therefore, you can also find lots of other things to embellish and decorate your velvet paper with. Have a look at our collection and see if you can find some accessories that would be great to decorate with.

Get updated on new types of velvet paper in our range

We regularly update our range of velvet paper and hobby items in general. Fun and exciting products often appear that you might be able to include in your creative project. So please keep an eye on what products we have in our assortment or sign up for our newsletter. Here we regularly send creative suggestions and offers that might be relevant to you. These are especially relevant for those of you who love to take on fun and difficult challenges in the creative universe. 

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