Need some inspiration for creative projects?

On this page, we provide plenty of inspiration for fun, creative projects and activities for children and adults alike. We have lots of fun kits that contain all the materials you need for the creative project – and that can be enjoyed both at home and on the go. Our ideas for creative projects for both children and adults can be done all year round – whether you want to get creative in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Whether you like to draw or paint, knot or crochet, do macramé or model – or want the challenge of trying a completely new creative craft – we have plenty of ideas for your next project. Perhaps you’re looking for creative activities as a break from your daily routine – look no further than our numerous creative kits that offer plenty of fun, relaxing and creative crafts and projects that can be done alone or with family and friends. Look forward to immersing yourself in creativity and enjoying a well-deserved break from everyday life. And remember, our kits are also easy to take with you during school holidays or breaks from work – whether you’re going to your summer cottage, on a road or plane trip, or enjoying a city break. Our kits offer lots of creative fun – both when you want a project to pass the time or to enjoy quality family time doing lots of fun and creative activities. We have creative ideas for young children, older children, teens and adults, so use this page as inspiration for all the fun craft projects you can do alone or together. 

Creative fun for children

Creative fun for adults

Creative breaks with craft kits

Here on this page, we have gathered a variety of creative activities that the whole family can participate in. Whether you're an adult, teenager, or child, we offer a wide range of craft kits that will make creativity bloom throughout the year. Do you enjoy crocheting, painting, knitting, or making your own jewelry? Then choose from one of our many craft kits, which contain a variety of hobby projects. Some of them are particularly well-suited for specific seasons, such as summer, autumn, winter, or spring, while others can be easily used year-round. However, all our kits share the feature that you can easily take them anywhere. Take them, for example, on the go when you're off work, and the kids are off school and daycare. Whether you have planned a trip to a summer house, a road trip, a city break, or a car vacation, wherever the holiday takes you, you can create memorable and enjoyable moments with our craft kits. Choose your favorites here and get ready for your next creative break.


Creative activities for adults

It's important to be creative when you have free time, be it during holidays, weekends, or special occasions. Creativity allows you to break free from the stressful routines that often characterize daily life. Being creative also makes it easier to open up to new thoughts and ideas, creating a sense of freedom and joy.

Furthermore, creativity helps you explore your interests. When you're off from work, you have more time to try new activities and hobbies. For example, try a creative craft through one of our many craft kits. Here, you can crochet, knit, and try your hand at knotting techniques like macramé. Choose the kit that sounds most exciting and start your creative hobby right away. Everything you need is included in the kit, making it easy to take with you wherever your summer or winter travels may lead.


Creative activities for children

Many children love craft projects, and as soon as they are off from school or daycare, they start shaping, decorating, and cutting and pasting. That's why we have gathered our best kits for children's holidays. They are easy to take on the go when the family is off and about. During the summer break, DIY jewelry is a fantastic idea for your kids. They can create unique bead jewelry, such as colorful necklaces and bracelets. In the fall, they can sew their own stuffed animals, and when winter comes, they can start on Christmas decorations. If you're looking for a super fun summer activity, you can also try decorating stones. The activity is a true classic and is always popular among children. If you want, collect different stones at the beach and paint them with our creative multi markers. If the sun is out, you can easily paint the stones outside in the garden or on the terrace or enjoy it indoors.

If you take a closer look at our selection of craft kits, you'll also see that many of them can be used year-round. Drawing and coloring are always popular, and most children love the creative break where they can immerse themselves in lines, shapes, and coloring. If you feel like it, you can also surprise the kids with modeling. We have many kits with Silk Clay and Foam Clay, perfect for homemade fantasy figures. The activity strengthens fine motor skills and imagination and is sure to be a hit in both rainy and sunny weather.


Time for relaxation and creativity

Holidays mean relaxation, coziness, and time to unwind for the whole family. Whether it's summer vacation or winter break just around the corner, our craft kits are the perfect solution. Each kit contains all the necessary materials and instructions to easily get started. But there are also other advantages to choosing a craft kit for the holiday:

  • Easy and straightforward: Craft kits come with all the necessary components and instructions. You don't have to worry about buying separate materials or spend time planning. You can simply dive into the creative process right away. Unpack the kit and get started!


  • Plenty of options: We have many craft kits for different hobbies, such as drawing, crocheting, jewelry making, or macramé. The wide range allows you to choose a kit that suits your interests and try something new and exciting.
  • Lots of learning: Many craft kits include elements that can help you learn new skills or understand new techniques. It's a fun way to cultivate your curiosity and broaden your horizons.

So yes, our craft kits are an excellent way to create cozy breaks when the whole family is free.

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