Creative summer activities for adults

The summer holidays means time for self-indulgence, quality time with family and friends and immersing ourselves in projects we don't always get around to doing otherwise. If you’re looking for creative inspiration for your summer break, we have lots of exciting Craft Kits to enjoy on your own or with loved ones – regardless of the weather or your plans for the summer. Take our Craft Kits with you to a sunny beach, a hotel in the urban jungle, a caravan, under an umbrella in your garden or pack them in your bag for your holiday road trip – or bring out our creative kits when the rain starts falling outside your summer cottage. Our kits come with all the materials and instructions you needed for the activity, so you can look forward to a well-deserved break with an exciting new hobby. Creative immersion gives a sense of joy and a positive challenge for the brain, lots of wonderful me-time or quality time with loved ones. Have a look at all our exciting Craft Kits on this page, where you’ll find creative indoor activities and plenty of inspiration for handicrafts and other creative projects, so you can easily get creative on your own or with family and friends. 


Creative activities for your summer

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Lots of creative ideas for summer

Latest trends

Looking for some creative inspiration? We’ve put together all kinds of trendy ideas for you.

Latest trends

Looking for some creative inspiration? We’ve put together all kinds of trendy ideas for you.

Summer Crafts for Adults

Do you also find yourself unsure of what to do during your summer vacation? Look no further. When the holiday season arrives in July and August, there's plenty of time to unleash your creativity. That's why we've gathered the best summer activities for creative adults. You can crochet, cast your own home decor, or create beautiful jewellery with beads. All you need is a Craft kit. We offer a variety of them, and they are super easy to take with you on your travels. Whether you're going to a summer house, on a road trip, or staying in a hotel, you can still indulge in your creative side.


Indoor Activities for the Summer Vacation

Summer weather is known for its unpredictability. One moment the sun is shining, and the next it's raining. Therefore, it's a good idea to plan activities that can also be done indoors. If you love being creative, there are plenty of options – take a look:


  • Make Your Own Jewellery

When the rain is pouring outside, making your own jewellery is a cozy way to express your creativity. Colourful bead jewellery is a big hit this summer, making it perfect to spend the summer months creating necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in all the colours of the rainbow. It might sound challenging, but jewellery making is easier than you think. You can buy beads and clasps individually, but the easiest solution is our jewellery kits, which come with both materials and instructions. Check out all our jewellery ideas here.


  • Create Beautiful Summer Flowers with Crepe Paper

Crepe paper flowers, also known as paper flowers, are especially popular in June, July, and August. They add a burst of colour to your decor, and unlike fresh flowers, they last for years. If you feel like it, you can easily make your own everlasting flowers. It's a relaxing activity that you can do both at the summer house or at home when the weather is gloomy. You can immerse yourself in the process and later arrange the finished flowers into a beautiful, colourful bouquet. Try making lovely summer flowers like roses, lilies, cosmos, and poppies. See all for crepe paper flowers here and choose one of our Craft kits, which include both materials and instructions.


  • Make Your Own Home Decor

If you have plenty of "me-time" during the summer vacation, pamper yourself with luxurious, new home decor. You can buy most items in stores, but you can also cast your own in resin. It's fun, creative, and the casting process is easier than you think. Quickly create beautiful items for your home, such as stylish candle holders and elegant trays. If you prefer working with air-dry clay, you can also create beautiful trays for jewellery and small items. Regardless of your choice, both activities invite calmness and immersion – many also experience a stress-relieving effect. That's why modelling and casting are the perfect holiday activity. If the summer weather is grey, it can be a cozy indoor activity at the summer house.


  • Create Paper Art for the Wall

If, like many others, you're trying to reduce your screen time during the holidays, paper art might be the perfect solution. When you cut, trim, and fold the paper, it requires full immersion. Paper art is, therefore, a great activity if you seek creative self-indulgence. Once you're done, you'll have beautiful artworks for the wall. Use them as a focal point on your gallery wall or for decorating the summer house.


Relaxing Handicrafts

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a cozy and relaxing way to spend your time, handicrafts are the perfect choice. If you're a crochet or knitting enthusiast, you can use the summer months to explore these exciting projects:


  • Crochet Your Own Beanie

The beanie is the ultimate summer hat. It's trendy, comfortable, and goes well with many summer outfits. So, if you're inclined, you can crochet your very own beanie in thick yarn. All you need is our DIY crochet kit, which provides all the materials you need. When you're done, you'll have the perfect hat for beach trips, festivals, and shopping sprees.


  • Knot Your Own Beach Bag

Tired of using the same old beach bag? Why not make your own? Using the knotting technique, macramé, you can create a stylish and durable beach bag that perfectly suits your personal style. Fill it with sunglasses, sunscreen, and tasty snacks, and take it on the many beach trips of the summer.


  • Delicate Embroidery on a Clutch

If you prefer embroidery, you can enhance a simple clutch with delicate details. Embroider small butterflies and create a unique bag that complements summer parties perfectly. Embroidery is also a calm activity that can be enjoyed in the shade on the terrace.


Easy Holiday Fun with Craft kits

Have you ever wished to bring your own creative fun on vacation? With Craft kits, it's now super easy! Whether you're at home, in a summer house, or on an exciting international journey, you can create your own little masterpieces. Let's explore why Craft kits are fantastic for the holiday:


  • Easy to Bring Along

Craft kits can easily be packed into your suitcase or bag. They don't take up much space, so you can have them with you everywhere. Whether you're in a hotel room or enjoying the summer house life, there's always room for fun and creativity.


  • Variety of Options

Craft kits come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from jewellery, crochet, embroidery, or even create your own home decor. There's something for every taste, and you can always find something that suits your interests.


  • Relaxing Self-Indulgence

Creating something with your hands can be incredibly relaxing. It's like therapy, helping to alleviate stress and giving you time to unwind. Whether you're at the beach or at home on the couch, Craft kits bring tranquillity to your vacation.


  • Time Passes During Travel

Long journeys can be a bit boring, but with a Craft kit, you can turn waiting time into creative "me-time." Whether you're in the car, on a plane, or on a train, you can create something unique and make the journey more entertaining.


So, the next time you go on vacation, consider packing a small Craft kit. It will provide you with hours of immersion and creativity. Choose your favourite activity and start creating your own unique artworks.

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